Customer Service


    Select a product on our website and click on the locate button. You can also go to the “Where to Buy” page and enter your postal code/zipcode in the locator to find retailers near you.
    We are a wholesaler and so we do not sell to individuals. To purchase one of our products, use the map feature to find a store nearest you.
    You can reach us easily by phone, email, mail or via the contact form. See the bottom of each page for contact details.
    Absolutely. All of products are created to be dishwasher safe for ease of sanitizing. Place it on the top rack.
    Absolutely. We do not use any sort of abrasive material in the product. No metal or sharp plastics. You can scrub as hard as you want and your fine china, stainless steel, copperware and other expensive kitchenware will not be ruined.
    We wish to make our customers happy and so we will do whatever it takes to do so.Please visit the returns, exchanges and claims page for detailed information.
    Yes. If you place your mouse above the "products" link you will see a drop down list with one option being catalog. The catalog is in PDF form for you to download and print.If you are interested in being a retailer, go to our parent company retailer page to register and get pricing information and other materials.
    Head over to the retailer registration page at our parent company's website, Strategic Asian Imports.Simply register your company name and contact information.Our representative will contact you shortly and when your account is approved, you can view all product related information, pricing, photos and related material only for retailers.
    A retailer login page is currently being built where you can log in to download forms, communicate with us and send us purchase orders. In the meantime, you can contact us directly at [email protected] to start the ordering process which is very quick and easy.