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Grout Cleaner Tool - Complete Set to Brighten & Whiten Dirty Grout

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  • ✔️ BEST GROUT CLEANER TOOL:  Complete set to whiten and brighten dirty grout.
  • ✔️ DEEP CLEAN GROUT AND TILES: Bring back the sparkle to your floors.
  • ✔️ EASY TO USE: Includes everything you need to get clean grout.
Grout Cleaner Tool - Complete Set to Brighten & Whiten Dirty Grout 2

Grout Cleaner Tool - Complete Set to Brighten & Whiten Dirty Grout 3

Included: Power grout brush

This power grout brush is great for power scrubbing grout lines. This one also fits the grout lines perfectly and can be used with the left or right hand.

Our brush handle is comfortable and will not hurt your hand. Thick handle is ergonomic so your hands will not cramp up.

Durable bristles are tough but will not damage surfaces of tiles and grout. Angled bristles at both ends make it easier to cleaner corners and edges.

Included: Detail brush set

This detail brush set has the long handle brush, the medium edge brush and the small detail brush.

The long handle brush can clean hard-to-reach places you normally can’t clean with a normal brush.

The edge brush is great to get into edges and corners. Great cleaning brush for grout and it fits grout perfectly.

The small detail brush can deep clean forgotten areas. The silicone scraper is a dirt magnet but is easy to clean.

All our brushes have tough brustles but are non scratch.

Grout Cleaner Tool - Complete Set to Brighten & Whiten Dirty Grout 4

Included: Scourer & microfiber cloth

Also included are the microfiber cloths and non scratch scourer. Both cleaning cloths are non scratch and durable.

The microfiber cloth is super absorbent and can be used to wipe spills, dusting, absorbing and cleaning.

The non srctah scourer is a great sponge replacement. Use it to scrub surfaces and for dishwashing.

Non scratch scourer will not smell no matter how much you use because it’s quick dry and easy to clean.


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Needed a gentle cleaner that would clean my copper sink. If anything sits in one place in my sink very long, it discolors the finish or stains it. This cleaned it well.
Linda M.
– Verified Review
Used this to clean the grout in my shower and it worked, removed the black and dark brown stains. I will buy this again.
– Verified Review
So far this seems to be working exceedingly well. Only had time to cover one small area but will work on others today. Brushes are definitely helpful!
Rob Neal
– Verified Review

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      5.0 out of 5 stars Product healthy for you and the environment

I used this product to clean grout on my tile kitchen floor,hallway and bathroom floors.It was safe for me to you because it did not create fumes or bad smell.I am allergic to certain odors but this was great and cleaned wonderfully.I would highly recommend it.Great brushes also.

By Diane on February/09/2024


      Works like a charm!

Given that I don't like scrubbing by hand, I ordered the 7-piece set as it comes with attachments for my drill/driver. I'd recently had a shoddy painter do some work in the bathroom, and left the floor in a mess. This set worked like a charm, took me about 15 minutes to clean up the tiles. Just needed a mop to wipe up the floor, and a rag to clean up the spray from the walls. Very happy with the result!

By Stephen B. on November/18/2022


      Terrible!!! Do not buy!!!!!

This is ridiculous!!! I should have listened to the terrible reviews first. Me thinking that the “great” reviews were better and being all positive and trusting. I was soooo wrong!!!!! Do not buy!!! Does nothing!!!!

By Z on January/21/2022


      It works

Very pleased with the cleaner and the really works and without to much effort. I will purchase this again when needed.

By Coastaljan on December/31/2021


      Does not clean all that good but smell great

It does not clean as well smell great

By Terona Taylor on December/20/2021


      Sorry….I scrubbed….no change to speak of. Will hire a professional.

No success.

By Gayle on December/03/2021


      Works great!


By Ailin Martinez on September/18/2021


      It works

Used this to clean the grout in my shower and it worked, removed the black and dark brown stains. I will buy this again.

By Bstnwhaler on August/31/2021


      Tile Floor Grout Cleaner

The only thing I can say about this product is that it smells nice. I tired it on my bathroom floor with the special tile grout brush I bought and it did nothing to clean the grout. I am so disappointed in this product.

By Barbara Raia-Curto on July/17/2021


      Excited with results so far!

So far this seems to be working exceedingly well. Only had time to cover one small area but will work on others today. Brushes are definitely helpful!

By Rob Neal on July/09/2021


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Grout Cleaner Tool - Complete Set to Brighten & Whiten Dirty Grout

Grout cleaner

  • ✔️ BEST GROUT CLEANER TOOL:  Grout cleaner spray, microfiber, grout brush, detailing brush, scouring cloth.
  • ✔️ DEEP CLEAN GROUT AND TILES: Bring back the sparkle to your floors.
  • ✔️ COMPLETE CLEANING BUNDLE: Complete set to scrub, polish, shine, wipe.

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13 review 
Grout cleaner

Frequently Asked Questions

Our best tile floor cleaner is 99.7% natural and biodegradable.

It’s just like other cleaning solutions but our best tile floor cleaner doesn’t emit nasty fumes. It’s septic safe and safe to aquatic life.

Yes. You can use this in confined spaces. You can use our best tile floor cleaner for cleaning shower tiles. This is a versatile floor cleaning toolkit.

As long as you wipe grout solution with a damp towel afterwards there is no residue. Definitely worth the buy!

It can be used on all surfaces to clean years of accumulated dirt, grime, oil, and grease. Clean grout tiles, finished floors, granite, marble, limstone, glass, metal, painted surfaces, ceramic, porcelain, chrome, and more.

This is best for cleaning shower tiles because we have a secret and super powerful surfactant that’s best used for heavy-duty cleaning. Clean floor easily.

1 powerful grout, floor cleanser spray. 1 power grout brush. The 3-in-1 detail brush set. A microfiber cloth set. 1 pack non scratch scourer.

Certainly! But if you really need deep cleaning then you can use the included power grout brush.

These are the complete cleaning tools for grout

Clean grease, oil, dirt & grime with ease. Cleaning grout has never been this easy.

Safe to use in confined spaces. Septic safe and safe to aquatic life.

The detail brush set is a versatile cleaning tool set. Brush any tile and grout surfaces without scratching.

All brushes have tough bristles that will last for a long time. It’s the toughest brush for grout and tile cleaning.

Microfiber cloth is highly absorbent and can wipe any liquid. Wipe any tile and grout surfaces.

Non scratch scourer is for heavy-duty scrubbing but will not scratch surfaces.

Grout cleaning set

Our brushes can clean floor tile, grout, tub, glass without scratching. You need a grout polishing bundle for your next home improvement project.

This is the best product for cleaning shower tiles. Destroy years of accumulated dirt and grime using our powerful cleanser. This grout liquid solution is gentle on the nose but packs awesome cleaning power.

Our cleaning cloth can polish, shine, wipe, scrub any surface also without scratching surfaces.

What’s included in this bundle

The super absorbent microfiber cloth and non scratch scourer for wiping, polishing and scrubbing.

Grout brush and detail brush set works best with the liquid cleanser to clean any grout without scratching the tiles.

The liquid cleaner solution is powerful and can break down tough stains like soap scum. Clean any floor, grout, and tiles with ease.

All surface cleaning tools

All tools included in this bundle are non scratch. They are powerful floor tile cleaning tools but they’re designed not to scratch surfaces.

Our best tile floor cleaner kit is versatile. Use this on tiles, ceramic tiles, stone floors, and glass. Clean any surface in any part of the house. Tough stains beware!

This bundle has the grout liquid solution, power grout brush, 3-in-1 detail brush, microfiber cloth, and non-scratch scourer. This is our best tile floor cleaner bundle.

This bundle can be used for cleaning shower tiles or floor tile grout. It’s the most complete grout toolkit bundle that we have.

Grout Cleaner Tool - Complete Set to Brighten & Whiten Dirty Grout 7
best natural grout cleaner

Grout Liquid Solution

Grout solution is an efficient and effective liquid cleaner that really goes in deep into the soap scum, dirt or any stain. It doesn’t just eliminate loose dirt from the grout but it polishes the tiles and grout.

Our grout cleaners bundle includes this liquid cleanser to make your tiles and grout look new and shiny.

Power Grout Brush

The power grout brush is extremely comfortable to hold. It’s designed to be gripped whether you’re left-handed or right-handed.

The comfortable handle will allow you to apply more force without hurting your hand. A great way to power scrub tiles and grout.

3-in-1 Detail Brush Set

The detail brush set includes the long detail brush, the short detail brush, and the small detail brush with a silicone scraper. This detail brush set is great for deep cleaning floors in your home.

The long detail brush and short detail brush are great for deep cleaning and power scrubbing. Don’t miss cleaning that soap scum in corners or hard-to-reach areas in your bathroom.

The small detail brush will clean nooks and crannies and the silicone tip cleans like a dirt magnet.

Microfiber Cloth and Non-Scratch Scourer

The microfiber cloth is great for polishing and drying surfaces, while the non-scratch scourer cloth can scrub and clean surfaces. Both cleaning cloths are non-scratch. They can be used in the kitchen to clean dishes, absorb water, wipe your table, and more.

But the cleaning cloths can also be used to apply the grout liquid or to wipe it away and polish tile floor grout.

The non sctatch scrubbing cloth is a heavy duty scourer that can be used to wash dishes. It has a durable nylon mesh cloth that will not unravel, will scrape sticky food, but is easy to clean.

If you love our grout cleaner toolset, you’ll also love our hard water stain remover. Buy them now and make cleaning hard water a breeze!

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