indian verbena

Home Air Freshener - Indian Verbena - Best Natural Essential Oils

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  • ✔️ AIR FRESHENER FOR HOME: All natural, plant-based air freshener for home.
  • ✔️ NATURAL HOME AIR FRESHENER: Made with essential oils. Safe around children and pets.
  • ✔️ NON-AEROSOL SPRAY: No aerosols, alcohol or gases. Clean, refreshing scent.


indian verbena
Home Air Freshener - Indian Verbena - Best Natural Essential Oils 1

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Home Air Freshener - Indian Verbena - Best Natural Essential Oils 2


Learn why we offer the best home air freshener

indian verbena lemongrass air freshener
indian verbena lemongrass air freshener

Fresh Scent: Lemongrass Geranium

Indian verbena lemongrass smells zesty, floral, and refreshing.

Indian verbena is an herb. It’s also called vervain. It’s been used in traditional medicine as a tonic.

It was used in the past to lower fever. It has no actual therapeutic effect but its smell can make people relax and focus.

The lemony scent also makes you feel alert and awake. It makes a clean and calm ambiance for your home.

All-natural Ingredients

Created with Lemongrass and Geranium plant-derived essentials oils as well as natural deodorizers and natural preservatives. 

No harsh chemicals, no SLS, parabens, or harmful surfactants.

best air freshener
best air freshener

Natural Room Freshener

NO synthetic colors or contaminants in our Indian Verbena fresheners. Specially formulated with essential oils to absorb, neutralize and dissolve or eliminate odors naturally instead of masking like chemicals and synthetics like most big box names.

Natural room freshener is safe. Hypoallergenic, Phthalate-free, vegan, environment-friendly natural home spray.

We bring our decades of experience as perfumists to create the best and most delightful scent. We bottle it up for you as our house freshener.


Why do people rave about us?

Try our products and experience the difference. Quality you can trust to solve your needs.


Average Customer Rating

I love the scent overall.
It seems to last for a bit.
old house girls
– Verified Review
Smells good.
Got it for my stinky 12-year-old niece’s room.
– Verified Review
Would recommend.
Third time buying it – love it.
– Verified Review

Customer Reviews



830 reviews

5 Stars
4 Stars
3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Stars
      2.0 out of 5 stars It doesn’t spray

The scent is okay, but the product comes out in big, wet glops - not even close to an aerosol dispenser. I found it unusable.

By Expert Books on September/17/2023


      1.0 out of 5 stars Defective!

I bought two bottles of this. Both did not spray correctly. This does not always happen but it did this time. The scents are nice though.

By Patti Wilkerson on September/10/2023


      4.0 out of 5 stars Refreshing


By David W. Blair on August/28/2023


      5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect scent

First of all, my kids are allergic to life…. This air freshener doesn’t cause any breathing or skin problems whatsoever and smells amazing! I absolutely love that it smells like fresh lemons and nothing artificial. Very pleased!!!

By jennifer breland on August/17/2023


      1.0 out of 5 stars stains you clothes, floor& sink

The media could not be loaded.  The nozzle didn't work properly either🤔 do not purchase!!!!

By boo Jay on August/16/2023


      1.0 out of 5 stars Did not work for our kitties

Our 3mth old kitten and 3yr old cat were not deterred at all. And my son and i were not fond of the scent. Nothing wrong with the product itself. Just our kitties are apparently different and everyone's sense of smell os different

By T.Boo on July/03/2023


      3.0 out of 5 stars Spray Tip Fix Needed

Overall rating is 3 stars due to the sprayers. The scent works really well, but the delivery mechanism fails inside of a week. The spray tip on both bottles purchased just squirt out large drops that fall straight to the floor after a few days each. We resorted to a drug store bought spray bottle to pour the contents into. Definitely need to change the spray head for this product. If so this would be a 5 star purchase as far as we're concerned.

By V. Mcclelland on June/30/2023


      5.0 out of 5 stars Lovely scent!

A light floral scent...not overpowering!

By Theresa Ranieri on June/21/2023


      No es lo q esperaba

No tiene olor.

By Claudia C. on June/12/2023


      The scent is fabulous!

Love this product!

By Anonymous on June/10/2023


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Home Air Freshener - Indian Verbena - Best Natural Essential Oils

indian verbena

  • ✔️ BEST AIR FRESHENER FOR HOME: All natural, plant-based air freshener made with natural essentials oils.
  • ✔️ ALL NATURAL FRESHENER: Made with essential oils. Spray anywhere. Safe around children and pets.
  • ✔️ WORKS FOR WHOLE HOME: Baby room, large room, living room, dorm room, bedrooms.

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830 review 
indian verbena

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, these are non-toxic home fresheners. It’s made of natural ingredients, gentle and free of harsh chemicals like phthalates. it’s even safe to use when pets and children are around.

For us, the best home freshener is gentle but effective.

We have a proprietary blend of essential oils combined with a fermented product of yeast that neutralizes most odors and is safe to use on a person or around your home/office/car. We want to be the best and we believe that the best house freshener should be made from natural ingredients.

Our non-toxic freshener products are preserved with coconut-derived ingredients. For preservatives, we have a blend of naturally derived ingredients for keeping products microbial-free and stable while providing additional conditioning properties.

Contains natural caprylic acid and lauric acid (made from coconut oil fatty acids) and propanediol (made from renewable corn sugar fermentation which is natural, skin-friendly preservative-boosting humectant for all kinds of formulations).

Yes. We believe the best home freshener should be animal friendly and earth-friendly. We’ve been advocating for nature-friendly products through our brand for more than 7 years now.

We formulated the best house freshener for different types of people.

People are different so there are different responses. For some, it’s just a nice gentle fragrance while for others the scent can last all day.

It’s a plastic spray container.

Yes. Poo-pourri is basically essential oil. You can do the same thing with our room spray. Spray it about 4-5 times to give it a good coating on the top of the water. This will get rid of bathroom smells.

Yes, it’s fine. You’ll love the smell of our best natural house freshener.

Yes. You can refill the bottle with water or some liquid fragrance that you have at home.

No. The liquid contains cassia, vanilla, litsea, natural deodorizers, and natural preservatives. It also non-toxic and has no contaminants. 

Absolutely! People use this on their curtain sheets so it shouldn’t be a problem with this.

It’s 4 fluid ounces. It’s about one-inch diameter and 5 inches tall.

It’s one natural, green freshener bottle. The more you buy, the more you save.

Why we have the best air fresheners

We have one of the highest-rated reviews for non-toxic, best air fresheners. Especially in the natural category.

Our natural air freshener sprays are better even when to compared to other natural best air fresheners because our formulation actually works to neutralize odors rather than mask them.

We never use fillers just to make our products heavier and seem fuller.

That’s the reason why our natural air freshener is a little bit more expensive than other air fresheners.


Here’s the truth that everyone pretend not to know. Most air fresheners you can buy in the store just masks the smell.

That’s essentially what you’re doing when you spray other chemical air freshener mists. The room spray will mask the odor for a few minutes then it’s back.

The insidious thing is that you don’t know that the smell is back because the strong, fake fragrance of your air freshener has numb your nose.

The Crown Choice natural spray air freshener absorbs and eliminates odors.

Odor Neutralizer

Don’t hide the smell.

Eliminate the odor using our natural air freshener products.

Our spray air freshener removes the odor using a proprietary blend of essential oils and fermented product of yeast that neutralizes most odors and is safe to use on a person or around your home/office/car.

We want to produce the best and we believe that the best home freshener should be made from natural ingredients that really work. Buy all the best air fresheners online.

We have a wide range of home air freshener to keep your room smelling fresh all day! Get this amazing home air freshener deluxe set here.

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