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Natural Body Wash - pH Balance Soap for Men & Women

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  • ✔️ MOISTURIZING BODY WASH: Best for women and men. Cleans without stripping.
  • ✔️ ALL NATURAL PH BALANCED: Crafted for dry and sensitive skin. Stay moisturized.
  • ✔️ MADE IN TEXAS: 100% natural. No triclosan, sulfates, formaldehyde and other junk.


sweet peppermint 3
Natural Body Wash - pH Balance Soap for Men & Women 1

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Natural Body Wash - pH Balance Soap for Men & Women 2

For Dry & Oily Skin

People with oily or dry skin can use our natural body wash without worrying about stripping away too much oil and leaving their skin feeling tight.

Moms send us messages of how they finally found a product their daughter can use daily.

Natural Body Wash - pH Balance Soap for Men & Women 3
ph balanced body wash

Best pH Balanced Body Wash

Soaps with too high pH damage the skin and is the cause of dry, tight and uncomfortable skin.

Our body wash is specially formulated to have a pH of 5.5 making it so gentle and soothing.

Combine this with our all natural ingredients and this is a wonderful body wash that will leave your skin silky smooth, hydrated and supple.


Why do people rave about us?

Try our best natural body wash and experience the difference. Quality you can trust to solve your needs.


Average Customer Rating

 I like how it’s pH balanced, so I can use it all over my body. I even use it as my shampoo. Hoping they continue manufacturing this soap!
– Verified Review
This body wash is so light and natural feeling! It makes your skin so soft and not irritated. Ph balanced so its great for your skin.
– Verified Review
This soap actually does a really good job of it. I have the peppermint scent and it actually smells pretty good for being a feminine-ish scent. Not overbearing.
– Verified Review

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      Amazing !!

Love your product and would definitely recommend... gives a cool fresh feeling to the skin

By Moose on August/15/2022


      Very nice. Great smell and gentle.

Wonderful product. Smells great and is very gentle but gets you clean.

By Wendy Mae Owens on July/05/2022


      Absolutely love!

This soap is wonderful especially if you have sensitive skin like me. I break out or I burn in almost every soap,lotion, and deodorant even the stuff for sensitive skin but this soap great! Gentle and great smelling to. I absolutely love it

By Tamilka Caston on April/14/2022


      Ph balanced everything!!!!

Can literally feel impurity’s washing away

By Sarah on April/13/2022


      100% Natrual

I would 100% recommend this product if you’re someone who has dry skin & also sensitive to other soaps. I purchased this in hopes I could finally leave behind dove & head & shoulders… sure enough I’m 2 months into this product and it works very well. My skin is no longer irritated or dry. I will now be buying this product from now on! I also bought a natural loofa, as I am trying to use as much natural for my body from now on (tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant). Please leave behind all those name brand items that use only chemicals to damage your body people!!!

By Roberto Albino-Torres on March/01/2022


      Reasonably satisfied

I wanted to try it for the PH balance quality, it seems to feel pretty good after showering

By Pamela A. Marchlewski on February/19/2022


      So far so good!

I buy a ridiculous amount of body washes trying to find one that I love.. So far , I’m liking this a lot! Time will tell if I truly love it but my skin feels so much better! It’s not as dry, I feel fresh and moisturized, I do follow with the Naked Bee lotion. I no longer feel like a desert lizard creature . Apparently there are a lot of drying agents in all of those “extra moisturizing” ingredients in most body washes... Seems counterintuitive! I will update in a month!

By Mr & Mrs. Weber on January/24/2022


      My new go to

Really love this body wash. It does not dry my skin out and makes my skin soft. I love that it made in the USA and I will be purchasing again.

By Joy R. on December/24/2021


      This soap is what I was looking for

I recently was inspired earlier in the year of 2021 to take a hard look at many areas of my life that could use improvement. It happened while I was set on this journey for self improvement, that many advertisements bombarded me with regard to the soap industry, which caused me to wonder, am I using the best kind of soap? After all, most people take on blind faith that all soap is good, only that what is required is trying out a few to see what works best for the individual. But I wanted the truth and to really know exactly through and through what was needed when purchasing soap. So, I reached out to a few of my friends who I knew had sensitive skin to see what they knew since they had been on a similar journey in their time. A certain quality that people tend to not find charming of me, however, is how I am not easily persuaded even when asking for advice or knowledge. I wanted scientific, peer reviewed studies to legitimize the soap that I was currently using, or to point me in the right direction. As it turns out, my friends and I learned that we could all use better soap. I do not want to share the research I have looked at on here, as it would make this review very long. Rather, I encourage you to put in the work yourself and to go about it in earnest. What makes this soap special, is the fact that it has a pH balance of 5.5, making it the ideal soap for maintaining a healthy pH on the human skin, unlike what most soaps provide conventional or not! The soap also contains no harmful chemicals that disrupt the hormones. I would like to remain objective and say that there are no perfect soaps out there. But The Crown Choice does get close. Most soaps that go the route to not contain toxic chemicals decide to go completely natural. This is too bad because it usually means that the soap is not a detergent soap, making the soap literally as thin as water, or solid as with a bar of soap, and having a pH balance that is very high, bad for the skin. Things that I wish the Crown choice had: I miss my old soaps to a degree since my change. Why? Well, even though they were much worse for me, the fragrance was much more pungent and longer lasting. Not that The Crown Choice fails to make me clean smelling. The soap works to make me smell clean again after every bathing. But to that extent alone. I recommend that you wear Cologne or perfume if you'd like to smell good to the extent as with most conventional soaps provide if you use this soap too. The soap isn't as hydrating as my old conventional soaps. Don't get me wrong, though! I've tried other soaps that are supposed to be healthier than conventional soaps, and they arguably are! But the Crown Choice soap tops the others by being more moisturizing than healthier soap competitors. When compared with my old soaps which are bad for you like Dove or Old Spice, then, yes, they aren't as deeply moisturizing as they are. But they do get close. One thing I regret more so with the world at large than with anything else is that the bottle comes in a plastic one. After all, one of the main reasons I went with this soap was to get away from all the hormone disrupters that are in soaps. Plastics contain BPAs and other nasties that leach into anything that makes contact with it, chemicals which act as hormone disrupters aswell. I can't really be upset with Crown Choice on this one because it probably doesn't even make much a difference anyway in the grander scheme of things since plastic is literally everywhere and there's no way of avoiding it from it getting into the body. All we can do is to do what we can, which is why I changed my soap. I would appreciate it if one day the bottle was metallic, glass or even wood. I would pay more for the product. And perhaps one day my customer demographic will be large enough for the world to change in that direction and we can start to do a thing about the plastic pollution everywhere.

By King Harkinian on December/06/2021


      So far I love it and plan to buy again!

Seems great so far but only used it for a few days. I love this brand. lovely stuff

By Sunny Olsen on December/02/2021


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Natural Body Wash - pH Balance Soap for Men & Women

sweet peppermint 3

  • ✔️ MOISTURIZING BODY WASH: Cleans without stripping.
  • ✔️ PH BALANCED: Crafted for dry and sensitive skin.
  • ✔️ MADE IN TEXAS: No junk like triclosan or sulfates.

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136 review 
sweet peppermint 3

Frequently Asked Questions

Our pH balance soap has a natural refreshing spearmint scent. No artificial fragrance. Check our other scents in Lemon Zest. We also have an unscented version for people with easily irritated skin.

5.5-5.6 pH balanced all-in-one body soap for all skin types. Sensitive, dry, chaffed, scarred, damaged skin types.

Whether you have dry skin, damaged, chaffed, sensitive, eczema, redness, The Crown Choice body wash is gentle and kind on your skin.

Yes. This is made from natural ingredients. No animal by-products and animal friendly. Hope that helps. 

Our pH balance soap has No triclosan, sulfates (SLS, SLES, SCS, ALS, ALES), formaldehyde, salicylates, parabens, phosphates, MEA, DEA, TEA, BHT, PEGs, petroleum-based ingredients, animal by-products, perfumes, dyes or caustics.

One of the best and cleanest body shower gel you will find on the market.

This product is made in Texas. It’s naturally-derived, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, vegan, gluten-free, biodegradable, never tested on animals.

Yes. It’s for men, women, kids. Moisturize and hydrate your skin, hair, face without stripping your skin of its natural oils

It lathers very well. This is on the slightly more runny side as we did not want to fill it up with glycerin or other non-essential fillers.

We have a proprietary blend of safe plant-based, biodegradable & sustainable ingredients.

We take it up a notch, by NOT diluting with added water. Our body wash is made of Aloe leaf juice and a blend of quality essential oils from spearmint, lavender, peppermint and New Zealand Manuka.

We have loyal customers who personally use this shower gel for both body and hair.

Our organic body washes are truly natural. Formulated (pH balanced, mild and great for any skin type) with high quality ingredients. The downside is, the viscosity is slightly thicker than water so I am not sure what your experience would be using this product as a shampoo.

Technically, dish soap = body soap = shampoo = hand soap. Some companies use exactly the same formulation and use different labels to sell more. Hope this helps =)

Our pH Balanced Natural Body Wash

Many people come to us looking for the best body soap that is also pH balanced. They find us because they have sensitive skin or dry skin issues and cheaper drugstore body wash products contain harsh chemicals causing their skin to break out.

The last thing you want to do is worsen your skin condition or dry out your body from over washing.

Buying a body wash should be simple, but with so many choices, how do you choose the best one?

But what is pH?

pH stands for “power of hydrogen” and it measures how acidic or alkaline a solution is. The pH range is from 0-14 and the lower the pH, the more acidic a solution is. The higher the pH, the more alkaline a solution is. The pH of water is 7, and it is a neutral pH. The skin’s natural pH, interestingly enough, is slightly acidic at around 5.5. So when we says it is “pH balanced”, it is within the same range as the skin’s pH, 5.5.

Why is PH Balance Important?

The skin has a protective film that the body naturally produces on the top layer of the skin. This film creates a barrier and keeps bacteria and other pathogens from entering or thriving on the skin. When we use cleansers or products that are pH balanced, the protective lipid barrier is kept intact, keeping bad bacteria at bay, while supporting the skin’s natural, healthy, slightly acidic state. 

The acid mantle

The acid mantle is a very fine, slightly acidic film on the surface of human skin acting as a barrier to bacteria, viruses and other potential contaminants that might penetrate the skin. Sebum is secreted by the sebaceous gland and when mixed with sweat becomes the acid mantle. The pH of the skin is between 4.5 and 6.2, slightly acidic. Since blood is alkaline (7.4), pathogenic bacteria that become adapted to the pH of the skin and are able to reach internal tissues will encounter an environment to which they are less well adapted. This combination of acidic exterior and alkaline interior is one of the body’s non-specific host defenses against bacterial pathogens.

natural body wash
natural body wash

What happens if you use harsh soap?

When we use soaps on our skin that are alkaline, the skin’s barrier is stripped away, disrupting the skin’s natural, healthy state, making it more susceptible to pathogens and other environmental elements. Typical side effects of a skin with a disrupted lipid barrier is dry skin, irritation, and dermatitis.

Your acid mantle can be washed or scrubbed away and it can also be neutralized by alkaline soaps and body washes that raise the pH of your skin above 6. If you get that tight squeaky clean feeling after washing, you’ve probably just stripped away your acid mantle which increases your chances of skin damage and infection.

Once damaged, the acid mantle can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 14 hours to restore itself, depending on how much its been disrupted or damaged which you can measure by how tight and dry your skin’s feeling.

So if you shower and wash twice a day with harsh soap it’s going not going to be great for your acid mantle.

This is most often the case if you use bar soap. The formulations and requirements to use bar soap creates a very harsh pH that will dry out your skin and leave it feeling tight and uncomfortable.

Anytime you use a product and your skin feels like it is pulling, you’ve used a soap that is not pH balanced and too harsh and hard for your skin. This will make skin conditions worse and cause reactions if you are sensitive to certain conditions.

tcc ph body wash

Why we don’t like homemade soaps

The idea of homemade soaps and cleaners are great. You can control what ingredient you use, how much to use, what quality to use.

The problem with homemade products for personal care is that you do not have the equipment to test and make sure the pH levels are correct, consistent and stable.

You could buy pH test strips, but unless you are a chemist, you won’t know how to increase or decrease the pH level to get it balanced.

The other problem is that homemade soaps are not stable. It has to be used in 1-2 days otherwise it will go bad and you will be potentially using rotting soap. Just because it’s homemade, does not mean it is safe. This means you may have to make your own soap in small batches every 2-3 days.

That will make it expensive, inconvenient, messy. Another reason why it’s cheaper to get quality items direct from a source like The Crown Choice.

Our ph Balanced Body wash comes in 3 varieties. Get our body wash for sensitive skin and our unscented body wash.

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