non scratch scourer nss

Scouring Pad and Pot Scrubber – Tough nylon scourer, non-scratch

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      4.6 of 5 2007 REVIEWS
  • ✔️ BEST SCOURING PAD AND POT SCRUBBER: Nylon scourer scrubs away tough stains.
  • ✔️ TOUGH SCRUBBER: Our nylon & plastic scourer pad will outlast any sponge or scouring pad.
  • ✔️ SAFE FOR SURFACES:  Non-scratch scouring pad for all common surfaces.


non scratch scourer nss
Scouring Pad and Pot Scrubber – Tough nylon scourer, non-scratch 1

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Scouring Pad and Pot Scrubber – Tough nylon scourer, non-scratch 2

Useful & Cost-Saving

A bulk pack of 12 sponges costs $15. One pack of our pot scrubbers start from $6.99.

Huge cost savings.

The open mesh design means that all the gunk washes right out and does not get stuck inside like a typical stainless steel scourer or sponge.

There’s no leftover food you have to pick out with your fingernails. Wash it underwater and it is ready to go again.

non scratch scouring pad
non scratch scouring pad

Multi-use non-scratch scourer

You can use our scouring pad on Teflon and other non-stick pots and pans. Won’t scratch the surface. Also works on enamel.

It has many uses in the kitchen. Clean pots, pans, plates, utensils, kitchen tiles, and kitchen sink.

It’s non-scratch, has no smell, and is easy to clean. Put under running water, clean with your fingers, and air dry for next use.


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Average Customer Rating

This cloth works well to scrub pots and is very attractive too.
Linda Kurtz
– Verified Review
Love it. Food does not stick in it and it does a great job scrubbing.
– Verified Review
Run through dishwasher lasts forever. What more can you ask?
C. Sparks
– Verified Review

Customer Reviews



2007 reviews

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      5.0 out of 5 stars Best scrubber ever

I love everything. Cleans my stainless pans. Never collects food in fabric. Just a bit of Batenders Friend and pans are like new

By Amazon Customer on September/02/2023


      5.0 out of 5 stars Works

These are amazing..clean well but don't scratch non stick pans.

By dsloan on July/21/2023


      5.0 out of 5 stars Good product

Good product. I recommend.

By Phillip A Lacoste on July/15/2023


      1.0 out of 5 stars Definitely scratches

Left a bunch of swirl scratches on my stainless steel pan. wasn't even effective in getting residue off either.

By J. Mann on July/15/2023


      5.0 out of 5 stars Clean well without scratching

These scrubbers are excellent because they clean well without scratching even sensitive surfaces, dry quickly, and are easy to wash, so they don’t retain the germs like other scrubbers.

By Anonymous on July/12/2023


      5.0 out of 5 stars Best pot scrubber ever

I am 73 years old and have been washing pots and pans for over 50 years. When you buy a new pot and it says dishwasher safe.....don't believe it. Never put pots and pans in the dishwasher unless you want to buy new ones every 6 months or so. Buy this little scrubber and it gets even the hardest burnt on food there is. If it takes too long, soak it in hot soapy water for awhile, it will come right off. My kids are adults and I put these in my kids stockings for Christmas. A month later they were raving about how great they are and where did I get them. Trust me, you'll never have to buy another brillo or scrub pad again, and they last forever.

By Anonymous on July/11/2023


      5.0 out of 5 stars Just what I needed

These are so great! Glad I finally found something that works for what I need.

By MamawLife on June/27/2023


      5.0 out of 5 stars Holds soap

These things are amazing! Hold soap really well and have lasted 4 months so far quite well

By Todd Delvecchio on June/25/2023


      5.0 out of 5 stars Super scrubbers

These are great! Nearly as effective as steel wool but safe on non-scratch surfaces. Best of all this type scrubber.

By Amazon Customer on June/17/2023


      Love these things

They clean anything as good as Brillo without scratching. They last forever and they don’t stink like sponges or dish clothes. Highly recommend!!!!

By Paul Williams on May/25/2023


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Scouring Pad and Pot Scrubber – Tough nylon scourer, non-scratch

non scratch scourer nss

  • ✔️ BEST SCOURING PAD CLOTH: All-purpose scouring pad and pot scrubber.
  • ✔️ EASY TO CLEAN: Easily rinses with water and air dries.
  • ✔️ SAFE FOR SURFACES:  Non-scratch scouring pad for all common surfaces.
  • ✔️ DURABLE: Plastic scouring pad outlasts any sponge or regular scourer pad.

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2007 review 
non scratch scourer nss

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Since this one is a nylon mesh cloth. You need a soft cloth like our all purpose dish cloth if you only want to remove finger prints.

Yes. This nylon scrub pad is heavy duty but it’s still non scratch if used properly. But of course anyone can scratch oven glass doors with a scourer if people use too much force.

Yes! Customers report that this is the best pot-scrubbing sponge they’ve ever used. They own ovens and range tops with induction and they tell us this works well on both.

This nylon scrub pad is designed not to scratch stainless steel or glass.

To make sure it does not scratch, use it a couple of times first to soften the initial cloth. Then use it as needed

Careful and proper means, be prudent and test the product first on a small surface of your appliance just to check 😉

If the food is heavily burned, you will need some sort of chemical to loosen it up first. Then use this scouring pad to get the cooked mess off.

There are two non scratch nylon scrub pads per pack. Get bulk discounts the more you buy.

No. The pot-scrubbing sponge is not absorbent and won’t take in the liquid. All you need is to put it under running water and air dry.

Looking for the best non-scratch nylon scrub pad?

We know you’re tired of scouring pads that wear out and quit working or start stinking.

We try to answer all the questions in our FAQ, but we’ve dedicated this space for more detail and behind-the-scenes information that many people want to know about.

What is a scouring pad

scouring pad is a small pad of metal or plastic mesh used for scouring a surface. Some scouring pads have one side made of a soft sponge-like material and the other is the aforementioned mesh.

The structure of scouring pads is created by a sparse unwoven polymer such as Cellulose, Nylon or spun polypropylene fiber. Products use several variations of hardening and abrasive materials, such as Aluminum oxide (alumina), Titanium dioxide and resins. Although the base polymers may be considered benignly soft, the composition with other materials greatly enhances their abrasive powers; to the extent that a heavy-duty scouring pads (which contains both Aluminum oxide and Titanium oxide) will actually scratch glass.

How to clean different kitchen surfaces and items

Knowing what kind of scouring pad to use is important so you don’t damage your cookware. Even if you choose not to use our non scratch scouring pot scrubber pads, we hope the following information is useful.

Cleaning and scrubbing China:

  • Reduce staining and build up by cleaning immediately after use.
  • If even there is heavy build up, use only light duty scouring to avoid stripping the glaze off
  • Only use light-duty, non-abrasive scouring pads that won’t leave scratches or scuffs.
  • Rinse with hot water and air-dry.

More uses…

Cleaning Plasticware:

  • Handle like any glassware to avoid cracking.
  • Wash drinkware immediately to maintain clarity and quality.
  • Pre-soak to remove build-up and cloudiness by using detergent.
  • To avoid scratching, use only non-abrasive sponges and pads.

Cleaning Glass Cookware:

  • Reduce staining and build up by cleaning immediately after use.
  • Use light-duty, non-abrasive scouring pads that won’t leave scratches or scuffs.
  • Rinse with hot water and air-dry in a drying rack.
non scratch scouring pad
non scratch scouring pad

Cleaning Non-stick Cookware:

  • Reduce staining and build up by cleaning immediately after use.
  • Interior of pan should be scoured with a non-abrasive pad to prevent scratching of non stick coating.
  • Exterior of pan can be scoured with an abrasive pad.
  • Non-stick pans can be soaked and run in the dishwasher.
  • Check the non-stick coating on your pan before each use.

Cleaning Pots & Pans:

  • Pots & pans without non-stick coating can be scoured with heavy-duty pads.
  • Always check before you use a new scourer that it will not leave scratches.

That’s a lot to keep track of, if you had our non scratch scouring pad, you wouldn’t have to worry.

It can tackle of all those no problem. No keeping tracking of several different types of scouring pads and sponges.

non scratch scouring pad
non scratch scouring pad

Why is our pot scrubber different?

Our non scratch scourer doesn’t use harsh abrasives that can scratch delicate surfaces.

Our open weave mesh net works like a series of hooks, to catch and pull away food particles without scratching the underlying surface. Just fold and begin scrubbing, and food will come right off. The open design means you can then rinse it out afterwards with no problem.

Plus since it doesn’t come with any sponge backing you avoid the problems associated with that:

A sponge that holds a large amount of water is also a sponge that stays wet on your counter after you’re done using it. A wet sponge can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

A sponge dotted with flecks of food sitting out on the sink is unsightly and unhygienic. Bacteria thrive on the food particles and residue left behind on a sponge. Additionally, these particles break down a cellulose sponge and can create odors, so you’ll have to toss it. 

Does it still work as well as a regular scouring pad?

Of course, otherwise we wouldn’t have one of the best selling and highest rated pot scrubbers on Amazon!

Our durable open weave is tough enough the scrape off eggs and cheese, but the open weave lets you rinse out food residue easily, making cleaning AND clean up easy.

Since these scrubbers do not absorb water, they dry off quickly and prevent foul odors.

Check out some of our best sellers. Get our multi purpose non scratch dish cloth now.

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