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How Dish Scrubbie started

No More Smelly Sponges fruit

My wife hates washing the dishes – like most normal people.

One of the reasons is because our kitchen sponge stank of dirty socks and underwear.

She didn’t want to touch the thing. One day while visiting her mom, she found a crocheted scrubber and was won over by how good it cleaned and didn’t build odors.

With the initial prototype in hand, she set out to create her masterpiece.

Eggplant Dish Scrubbie | Vegetable Crocheted Scrubber

Colorful, fruit scrubbies

With kitchen chores being a “chore”, she wanted to create something fun. Something that would be bright and somewhat fun to bring some life to washing dishes.

From there a strawberry was born along with his little friends- blueberry, eggplant, watermelon and lemon.

Other friends like orange and lime left for college 🙂

dish scrubbie booth no smell fruit scrubbies

Find a Dish Scrubbie near you

Now you can bring some of that cute fruity life to your own kitchen.

Find one that matches your personality and take the chore out of dish washing.

You can find people who sell our products at shows, fairs and events near you.

Dish Scrubbie is more than a no smell sponge alternative

Why did we create a sponge alternative dish scrubbie?

Because we believe that the best kitchen dish scrubbie should smell fresh while actually doing the job it’s supposed to do.

Clean and no smell.

Sounds simple enough?

We’ve found that this is not always the case for cheap kitchen sponges.

1. They either scrub efficiently but they’re hard to clean and they smell.

2. Or they don’t smell as bad, but they can’t clean that well.

Even the big brands with the best cellulose sponge for the kitchen is the same. They’re just expensive but for some reason, they’re not very good.

That’s the reason why we created a no-compromise sponge alternative dish scrubbie.

It lasts longer than smelly sponges, it’s easy to clean and it’s built to scrub and clean which makes it the best kitchen sponge alternative.

Are there ways to minimize that stinky sponge aroma?

Yes. There are a few things that can help deodorize sponges.

Daily sponge deodorizing routine

1. Remove food particles from it

2. Wash it thoroughly after use

3. Air dry

As needed or weekly deodorizing routine

1. Remove food particles

2. Wash it thoroughly

3. Air dry

4. Wet it with clean water again

5. Put in the microwave for 2 minutes on high settings

That’s it. You’ve cleaned it and it should be smell free for at least a day. Then you have to do it again the next time it smells.

The microwave technique kills 99% of disease-causing germs.

Most people would just throw away sponges when they smell. In my opinion, this is a good but very impractical approach.

On the other hand, the microwave technique, while not hard to do is just time-consuming and it’s not 100% effective.

According to the Seattle Times, “…researchers discovered more of the potentially pathogenic bacteria, like Moraxella osloensis…” from sponges that’s been microwaved.

So essentially you’ve just killed off the weaker germs. But the stronger and adaptable bacteria are left in your microwaved sponge.

What does this really mean for parents?

It means adults with a stronger immune system will probably be safe from infection. But kids from age zero to 5 might not be so lucky.

It’s the reason why pediatricians will tell new parents to use brushes to clean baby bottles. Same with your toddler’s pacifiers and training cups.

Sponges, especially the smelly ones that you microwave, will make people with a weak immune system sick.

Markus Egert, a microbiologist at the University of Furtwangen in Germany said that “When people at home try to clean their sponges, they make it worse…”

It’s similar to giving germs antibiotic resistance by using too much than that required by your prescription.

I’ll just make my own non-smell dish scrubbie

DIY dish scrubbie sponges are better than regular sponges. You’ll have a REAL sense of ownership when you’re using something that you made.

More important than that, they’re easier to clean and de-stink. And they’re cheaper.

Transform old socks into a tawashi scrubber

Old sock? I know, it sounds kinda disgusting. But we are going to make a Japanese tawashi scrubber using this tutorial.

But of course, you need to wash the socks first.

We need:

1. Old socks (same color if you want for aesthetic purposes

2. 7 inches square board

3. Scissors

4. Nails & hammer



1. Put in 5 nails on each side of the square board using the hammer. Make sure the distance of the nails is consistent from each side.

2. Make 10 rings by cutting your socks at about 3 inches thick

3. Attach the cut sock rings vertically from one end of the nail to the next

4. There should be 5 vertical sock rings when this is done

First weave

1. Now put the other sock rings horizontally from one end of the nail to the other

2. This time put the first horizontal sock ring from the under then over until you reach the adjacent horizontal nail. This is exactly what basic weaving looks like.

Second weave

1. Unhook one ring from a nail

2. Unhook another ring next to the ring you’ve just unhooked

3. Shoot ring two inside ring one

4. Let go of ring one

5. Do the same to the next rings until all sock rings are removed from the nails

6. Tighten the rings as you see fit

7. Leave one ring to stick out. It can serve as a hook for your sponge

Now you have a sponge scrubber made from socks.

Is this sponge alternative the right one for you?

This DIY Japanese tawashi scrubber is good enough for most people. But as you can see, it’s not a viable solution for busy people.

And remember, this is made from cloth so it will absorb water. You need to wash this with soap and water, wring the water out and air dry this one.

If not — it will stink just as bad as sponges.

This is where Dish Scrubbie comes in.

1. If you can’t afford to spend time to create a smell-free kitchen sponge

2. If you don’t trust that microwaved sponge

Our eggplant dish scrubbie is the best alternative if you want to use a smell-free and sanitary dish cleaner and scrubber.

This one is made from 100% polyester.

It means it’s a no-compromise dish scrubber that’s sanitary, sturdy, cleans efficiently & has no mildewy sponge smell.

Does it sound too good to be true?

If you look at the surface, you’ll see that it can sound like it. But it’s just as advertised if you investigate deeper.

The eggplant dish scrubbie is made from non-absorbent material. Unlike sponges, this one doesn’t absorb water and thus doesn’t attract germs that cause sickness and stink.

If you’re the type that can scrub a sponge into dust with muscle power. This dish scrubbie lasts 7 times longer than sponges so you don’t have to replace it every 3 days.

Don’t risk your health by using sponges. It’s more expensive when you get sick. Try our durable, no smell Dish Scrubbie now.


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