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I absolutely love these! They’re actually really puffy and hold a lot of soap when you’re washing. They don’t get smelly, but I still pour boiling water on it every other day (just a habit from using regular sponges to avoid odor). It works amazing on getting food, even crusty food, off your dishes/utensils/pots, etc., without scratching them. They also last forever, so I feel like these three will last me like three years. I’ve had a couple in the past that I ended up tossing out because my husband decided to use it to scrub the BBQ grill (eye-roll) and got covered in grease, but other than that they do last for a really long time and they never smell. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
– Verified Review
I purchased these just to see how they would match up against normal sponges. I have to say, they’re pretty awesome. Not only are they adorable, which just makes washing dishes a little less dreary, but they’re also very effective. They scrub the dishes very well, no matter what those dishes may be. Plus, you can rinse them clean, and if they get dingy or stained, a simple soak in some warm water with powder oxi bleach brightens them right up. I’m still using the first one I grabbed from the pack, and I’ve been using it for months. As you can tell by now, these last a pretty long time and will say money compared to regular dish sponges. They scrub way better than simple dish rags, so they’re worth purchasing in my opinion. I’ll definitely reorder when or if the ones I currently have worn out.
– Verified Review
We have been using these for 3 years. Threw out our sponges. We order a new set of three every Christmas and they last the whole year. Sponges used to last us a week or two. I could probably go longer the ones we have are still in good shape but after 12 months of daily use are showing some wear (the start to tear slightly) and that is expected.
They don’t work like a sponge on soaking up spills. We use reusable towels for that. They do hold soap very well and for a long time. We rotate the 3 we have. When one goes in the dishwasher another takes it place. No mold issues ever. They don’t hold water and dry in a few hours. Mold needs moisture over a long time. Not sure how people are getting mold? Do you wring them out or leave them in a dirty dish of water?
Honest Joe
– Verified Review
no more smelly sponges square

How Dish Scrubbie Started

Our founder, Hanna hated washing the dishes – like most normal people. One of the reasons being how unsanitary and stinky a kitchen sponge gets. Sour, mildewy, and slimy.

She didn’t want to touch the thing. One day while visiting her mom, she found a crocheted scrubber and was blown away by how good it cleaned and didn’t build odors. With the initial prototype in hand, she set out to create her masterpiece.

Colorful Fruit Scrubbies

With kitchen chores being a “chore”, Hanna wanted to create something fun. Something that would be bright and cute to bring some life to boring dish washing.

From there a strawberry was born along with his little friends- blueberry, eggplant, watermelon, and lemon.

Dish Scrubbie is more than a no smell sponge alternative

We believe that the best kitchen dish scrubbie should smell fresh while actually doing the job it’s supposed to do.

Clean and no smell.

Sounds simple enough?

We’ve found that this is not always the case for cheap kitchen sponges.

  1. They either scrub efficiently but they’re hard to clean and they smell.
  2. Or they don’t smell as bad, but they can’t clean that well.

Even the big brands with the best cellulose sponge for the kitchen are the same. They’re just expensive but for some reason, they’re not very good.

That’s the reason why we created a no-compromise sponge alternative dish scrubbie.

It lasts longer than smelly sponges, it’s easy to clean and it’s built to scrub and clean which makes it the best kitchen sponge alternative.

Are there ways to minimize that stinky sponge aroma?

Yes. There are a few things that can help deodorize sponges.

Daily sponge deodorizing routine

  1. Remove food particles from it
  2. Wash it thoroughly after use
  3. Air dry

As needed or weekly deodorizing routine

  1. Remove food particles
  2. Wash it thoroughly
  3. Air dry
  4. Wet it with clean water again
  5. Put in the microwave for 2 minutes on high settings

That’s it. You’ve cleaned it and it should be smell free for at least a day. Then you have to do it again the next time it smells.

The microwave technique kills 99% of disease-causing germs.

Most people would just throw away sponges when they smell. In my opinion, this is a good but very impractical approach.

On the other hand, the microwave technique, while not hard to do is just time-consuming and it’s not 100% effective.

According to the Seattle Times, “…researchers discovered more of the potentially pathogenic bacteria, like Moraxella osloensis…” from sponges that’s been microwaved.

So essentially you’ve just killed off the weaker germs. But the stronger and adaptable bacteria are left in your microwaved sponge.

What does this really mean for parents?

It means adults with a stronger immune system will probably be safe from infection. But kids from age zero to 5 might not be so lucky.

It’s the reason why pediatricians will tell new parents to use brushes to clean baby bottles. Same with your toddler’s pacifiers and training cups.

Sponges, especially the smelly ones that you microwave, will make people with a weak immune system sick.

Markus Egert, a microbiologist at the University of Furtwangen in Germany said that “When people at home try to clean their sponges, they make it worse…”

It’s similar to giving germs antibiotic resistance by using too much than that required by your prescription.