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I am absolutely IN LOVE with this product! While I am very sensitive to a lot of scents and most of them cause me to feel ill or have migraines, this spray does neither! If you are looking for something non-toxic, not overpowering, but good at eliminating odors, this here is it! A little goes a long way, and the Indian Verbena: lemongrass geranium smells UH-mazing!
Tatiana Braithwaite
– Verified Review
My husband is ill and embarrassed by his smelly poops. this solves it. And my VERY reactive skin is not affected. I don’t know how it works, but it does, eliminates odors, natural scent which dissipates quickly. I spray it downwards so it doesn’t fall on me.
– Verified Review
I love the scent. I use it in a bathroom with only a ceiling fan and it helps a lot. My only complaint is the nozzle. It shoots spray out not very far and is a bit difficult to use. Improve the dispenser and I will buy more regularly.
Michael Weinstein
– Verified Review