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best air freshener indian verbena
  • Our best air freshener
  • Lemongrass verbena scent
  • Deodorizes and eliminates odors
lemon zest air freshener non toxic natural
  • NEW: Lemon rosemary scent
  • Delicious crisp citrusy scent
  • Brighten any room or linen
spanish citrus best natural room freshener
  • Fan fav: lemon verbena vetiver
  • Quality Spanish essential oils
  • Rooms, bathrooms, after the toilet

Experience why people love air fresheners from us

Made with essential oils. No gases, fillers, toxic chemicals.


Within 48 contiguous states


30 day no question money back guarantee


Simple pleasures in everyday products

The best natural air fresheners


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Within 48 contiguous states


30 day no question money back guarantee


Simple pleasures in everyday products

Natural vs synthetic air fresheners

If you are looking for the best natural smelling air fresheners, without the chemicals and toxic stuff you shouldn’t be breathing in, you have come to the right place. It’s time you try our air fresheners.

The problem with big name brands is that they contain more filler ingredients than the true ingredients like essential oils. If you are looking for the best air freshener, then you need something better.

The fragrance is synthetic, which you may find irritating up close. It could cause reactions and allergies among some people. Keep in mind that many pets are very sensitive to such man-made scents and chemicals.

Ultimately, although the price is cheap for big name brands, there is a reason for that low cost. The stuff that goes into it are worth mere pennies, but they still have to make a profit.

Why natural air fresheners?

Although the upfront cost of The Crown Choice air fresheners are higher than that commercial brands, our value cannot be beat. Rather than paying $4.99 for an aerosol can mostly filled with gas, you are paying $9.99 or less for a a full 4oz of essential oils.

The bang for your buck with our room fresheners are literally 10x what you get with a regular air freshener can from the store.

It’s so natural, you can spray your pillow and sleep for aromatherapeutic reasons. Use it as a body spray, refresh your children’s room, spray your dog. It’s that safe.

The best thing is that the scents are truly delicious. You’ll believe you are in a field of oranges or daisies when you experience our masterful blends.

It’s why our reviews are so high compared to other products and brands. No one comes close to our relentless pursuit of crafting perfume like scents with natural essential oils.

Where to use our natural air fresheners?

The secret to essential oils is that it naturally deodorizes and eliminates odors.

It does not mask it like synthetic fragrances. That is the power of nature and quality ingredients.

Here are ways you can use essential oil natural sprays.

deodorize smelly socks and shoes

spray the dog bed

bathroom freshener that eliminates poop odors

eliminate smoke smells

spray your entryway for an investing burst of freshness

keep it in your car and spray as needed

natural vegan air fresheners

Refresh your home, office, linens today

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