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I’ve been trying periodically for the past 5 years to get a 20+ year build up pig funk out of the grout in the kitchen counter — tile cleaner, scouring powder, stubbies, toothbrushes, baking soda based products, … I thinned the gunk a bit but the worst didn’t budge. Then I bought these brushes and some grout cleaner. With relatively little effort, the grout cleaned up to a nearly new state. I’m really, really impressed!
– Verified Review
If you need a stiff, thin brush for cleaning grout, this is the one I found most effective. The brush does not lose its stiffness and the difference in the grout color is remarkable. You do need to use some muscle, but you are rewarded with much cleaner grout
Bryce Cooper
– Verified Review
These are what you need for those tight spaces in your showers and in the corners to be able to really scrub. The bristles are nice and strong too. I used the really been one to clean all of the cracks out of the console in my husband’s car where he spilled a protein shake. Great Value very wide variety of uses for these.
– Verified Review

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