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Scrubber Pad for Dishwashing, Cleaning, Scrubbing

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  • BEST SCRUBBER PAD: Easy to hold, use and scrub. Feel the difference.
  • DURABLE NYLON SCRUBBER PAD: Outlasts any kitchen sponge.
  • SCRUBBING MADE EASY: Nylon threads remove stains without scratching.


home scrubber 2
Scrubber Pad for Dishwashing, Cleaning, Scrubbing 1

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Scrubber Pad for Dishwashing, Cleaning, Scrubbing 2

All surface scrubber cloth

Our dish cloth is a non scratch, all surface scrubber pad. Use it to clean inside and outside your home.

Use it in your kitchen to wash or dry dishes and scrub the sink.

Use it to scrub tiles and floors, shower & tub, toilets, vanities & counters, outdoor furniture, and more.

Scrub all you want

This scrubber pad is made of non-abrasive material. It’s durable and a powerful cleaner but will not scratch surfaces. Scrub as much as you want.

The scrubber pad is textured to scrub stains effectively. It’s super durable as it can outlast 7 sponges easily.

Our scrubber pad is also easy to clean. Just wash under running water, remove residues with your fingers, and air dry it for the next use.

5 Reasons to Buy Our Scrubber Pad


Quick dry

There is no sponge that sucks up moisture. It is a great little dish scrubber without retaining any moisture.


Easy to clean

Food rinses out super easy. Even eggs and cheese. Just wash under running water and air dry.


Super durable

One scrubber pad will outlast 7-10 sponges. That’s why we call it the best kitchen sponge alternative.


Truly non-scratch

Safe for stainless, Tupperware, cast iron, non-stick coated, glass, china, porcelain, plastic.


Premium product

This product has been tested thousands of times and designed to outlast the competition.


Why do people rave about us?

Read why people rave about our scrubber pad and experience the difference.


Average Customer Rating

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
These items were delivered quickly and I anticipate their use with great expectations. I’m sure they will perform extremely well.
– Verified Review
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
With a paste of baking soda and 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and a little rubbing, the Le Creuset looks like new. The coffee mug wiped clean easily with this scrubber. 
Elvis Lives!
– Verified Review
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Works like a sponge but way better. I used it clean walls, tub, countertops, as well as dishes. Durable, effective cleaning, and still gentle.
M. Reese
– Verified Review

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471 reviews

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      5.0 out of 5 stars Terrific kitchen tool!

This cute little flexible kitchen tool is a cross between a light-duty scrubber washcloth and a sponge. The size is perfect! Not too big, just the right size. Dries quickly, no smell! Has the right amount of light, gentle "scrub" power. It does not absorb much of any water, which is the whole point of it not getting stinky, so I'd not advise wiping the counter with it unless you need to scrub up some bits and don't mind a slick surface that will takes a few more minutes to dry. I mostly rely on this flexible spongecloth for doing dishes here and there, but I also keep a Swedish dish cloth item for wiping counters (or drying up excess water, if I've used this spongecloth first). LOVE!! Planning to order more to have on hand. I imagine it will hold out for months. Fun colors, too. I lay mine across the sink divider, like a little saddle to dry.

By Anonymous on April/08/2024


      1.0 out of 5 stars Material comes apart

After washing dishes this material eventually comes apart in pieces the size of a Q-tip head. I hate when things are designed to break down so customers are pushed to buy more of them. It is plastic so this will contaminate your environment with micro-plastics. We gotta avoid plastics at all cost.

By MAM on March/15/2024


      5.0 out of 5 stars $6.00 a pop, but effective

We wash them in the washing machine with Lysol laundry sanitizer in the rinse cycle. They come out odor free. Typically they last months before degrading and needing to be replaced. I think they are the best scrubbers we have ever used.

By Michael Guerra on September/08/2023


      2.0 out of 5 stars "No odor" should mean No odor

I purchased 2 packs of 3 because I was excited about being able to Wash and reuse them and because the description says No Odor. That's not true!! They work great using them on my dishes. I rinse it thoroughly and hang it up after every time I wash dishes with a clip so it dries evenly. After 1 week, it started to smell funky. I washed it in the washing machine but the stink was still there. The kind of stink that transfers to your hand. It's really gross. I'm really not happy with this product because of it. I would never recommend this product because the untruthfulness about not stinking. If the smell came out when washed, this review would be very different.

By Charles Plumlee on September/04/2023


      5.0 out of 5 stars Original bought in 2015!

I still have the original one and it still works but it’s gotten pretty gross. I highly recommend these cloths and bought multiples this time.

By Cadance Renene on June/23/2023


      Good product

Price is kind of expensive for the quality

By ali raghian on March/13/2023


      Great sponge or rag replacement

We’ve been using this scrubber for 2 months now and love it! As great as a normal sponge but doesn’t smell and dries quick. We pop it in the dishwasher and it comes out great. Definitely meets our needs and we’re ordering more.

By Guzzigirl on January/07/2023


      Did not absorb water well. The counter remained wet. Threw the first one in trash.

Because the pads left he counter very wet, I didn’t like them

By Anonymous on December/11/2022



There's no smell. You just wash and reuse. The BEST scrubber I've ever used. Has scrubber on one side and softer on the other.

By Doreen on November/01/2022


      Great Little Pads

I use these for washing dishes, and pots, and pans. I also use a different one to scour sinks. They do a great job. When finished I rinse it, and let it air dry, and they never get stinky. Been using them for several years now…

By NenaRoxy on October/09/2022


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Scrubber Pad for Dishwashing, Cleaning, Scrubbing

home scrubber 2

  • KITCHEN SCRUBBER PAD: Use for dishwashing, cleaning, scrubbing all around the home.
  • NYLON SCRUBBER PAD: Nylon threads remove stains without scratching.
  • SCRUBBING MADE EASY: Non-scratch scrubber makes work easy.

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471 review 
home scrubber 2

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s made from 100% nylon and It’s made in Korea.

No. We want to provide the best kitchen sponge alternative so we made this non-scratch.

This is a kitchen sponge alternative, but it is not for wiping or absorbing spills. Only for scrubbing.

Yes, it’s just like a soft cloth but it doesn’t absorb much liquid.

The scrubber pads should be washed after use. While it doesn’t absorb much liquid and doesn’t attract smells, stuff do add up if it’s not washed frequently.

If it’s hygienic to wash stinky sponges after use then it’s also good practice to wash this one regularly.

This lasts 7-10 times longer than an ordinary sponge. We have customers reporting that they bought there’s on December and they’re still using it until May or June without any issues.


No. Just a porous rough-textured cloth. Good on dishes. Can’t be used to wipe countertops.

No. This is not designed to absorb liquid or to scrape. We do have a heavy-duty scouring scrubber.

We have loyal customers who personally use this for both body and hair.

It’s a great formulation (pH balanced, mild and great for sensitive skin) with high-quality ingredients. The downside is, the viscosity is slightly thicker than water so I am not sure what your experience would be using this product as a shampoo.

Technically, dish soap = body wash = shampoo = hand soap. Some companies use exactly the same formulation and use different labels to sell more. Hope this helps =)

You can put it under running water and air dry. Dishwasher safe and also safe in the washing machine.

No. It is made of nylon and safe for all surfaces.

No. It’s made of material that’s tough but non-scratch. Some of our customers use this on their Copper Chef coated surface pans with ease.

Why use a kitchen sponge alternative

Nobody likes stinky kitchen sponges.

But why is it that the kitchen sponges and scrubbers that you get from stores, start to smell after a few uses?

If you are like most people, you probably buy sponges in bulk, and then when it starts to smell, throw it out. This actually costs more.

1. Because they break often in less than two weeks

2. Because they reek and it needs to be thrown immediately

3. Because they get dirty so fast

Replacing sponges every 1-2 weeks gets expensive over the course of 1 year.

And all of us do this. People overuse sponges sometimes because they’re too busy to buy new ones – and it’s not something at the top of your mind.

You need a better sponge

You have better things to think about.

People don’t put “kitchen sponges” at the top of their shopping list. But you need a better dish sponge, remember, the smellier a sponge gets, the more germs it has.

Overusing sponges is not just a filthy habit but it can cause illnesses too.

This is where sponges become more harmful than helpful in the kitchen. This is why this old technology should be replaced.

How to make a Homemade kitchen dish scrubber

There are no smell kitchen sponges made from polyester or no smell nylon mesh scrubbers out there. They’re cleaner sponge alternatives but you can’t easily make them at home.

This is not ideal for busy people. But if you have time then you can make your own no smell sponge scrubber pad alternative.

There is a thriving YouTube maker and DIY community that can help instruct you to make your own home scrubbing pad. There’s a term that they call it – un-sponges.

A fitting name since all people really hate sponges in secret if not overt. 🙂

What you need.

1. Sewing machine
2. Sewing kit
3. Nylon netting 
4. Bits of cotton
5. Cloth (like from an old towel)
6. Another piece of cloth (that’s not a towel cloth)
7. Cellulose sponge

Directions for the dishcloth.

Step 1: Cut the towel cloth, the other cloth piece, and the nylon netting into a square piece
Step 2: Stitch the towel and the other cloth on 3 sides leaving one side open
Step 3: Optional – you can fold the cloth and then stitch the closed sides and again leaving one side open
Step 4: Fill it with the bits of cotton cloth using the opening you left on one side
Step 5: Tuck the opening in and close it with a top stitch

Directions for the scrubbing pad.

Step 1: Sandwich the nylon netting using 2 square cloths
Step 2: Again stitch the 3 sides of the cloths along with the netting inside
Step 3: Using the open side put the nylon out by turning it inside out
Step 4: Close the opening by tucking it in and closing it with a top stitch

You need at least 5 minutes each for the project. I find this a fascinating and worthwhile project if you have the time to do it.

What to look for in a kitchen sponge alternative

The best sponge replacement should:

1. Be able to properly clean or scrub your plates, pots & pans

2. Without scratching your kitchenware

3. Without disintegrating after a week or two

4. Without keeping the yucky mildewy smell of a sponge

Introducing The Crown Choice Dish Scrubber

The Crown Choice scrubber pad is the best kitchen sponge alternative precisely because it air dries very quickly and is not meant to absorb liquids.

This means it doesn’t give bacteria a home to grow and expand.

Our patented and unique nylon weave is tough but scratch-free, it has good scrubbing power, gets into corners easily, and makes cleaning and scrubbing a breeze.

Best thing?

It won’t smell like your current kitchen sponge if you wash it properly after use.

We chose the material to be non-absorbent, durable, non-scratch & no smell to do one thing to perfection. Clean and scrub with the highest efficiency. It’s designed to be that way from the start.

It sounds too good to be true but all you have to do is try it out and see for yourself.

Check out some of our best seller scrubbers. Get our multi purpose non scratch scouring pad and dish washing cloth here.

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