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Lavender Spray – Natural Essential Oils - Relaxing Aromatherapy

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  • ✔️ BEST LAVENDER SPRAY: 100% safe and natural ingredients.
  • ✔️ RELAXING AROMATHERAPY: Essential oil room spray helps you relax and sleep.
  • ✔️ FRESHENER SPRAY: Use on linens, bedding, pillows, carpets, upholstery, curtains.


af lavender
Lavender Spray – Natural Essential Oils - Relaxing Aromatherapy 1

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Lavender Spray – Natural Essential Oils - Relaxing Aromatherapy 2


Learn why we offer the best lavender spray

lavender spray
The Crown Choice Lavender Spray

SCENT: Fresh Natural Lavender

This air freshener and odor eliminator is 100% lavender. If you want to liven up any space with real lavender scent, use our spray to give the area a burst of freshness.

Spray this air freshener in a sweeping motion to get that calming and relaxing effect. As this is essential oil-based, you can also use this as a bathroom air freshener.

The scent is gentle but long-lasting. It’s safe to use even around sensitive people. Use the spray bottle a couple of times. A little goes a long way.

Pure Lavender Essential Oil

Created with lavender-derived essentials oils as well as natural deodorizers and natural preservatives. 

Our active ingredients are pure and natural essential oils that safely attract and neutralize even the strongest odors like pet smells and smoke.

Hypoallergenic, Phthalate-free, vegan, environment-friendly natural home spray.

lavender spray
Our lavender spray is safe around children and pets

Relaxing Lavender Fragrance

Lavender scent helps people relax and sleep. Just spray once or twice, a little goes a long way. The scent is blended to delight not overwhelm. The perfect lavender scent lingers but is not too strong.

Use on beddings, pillows, carpets, upholstery, curtains. Use in the house – bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, garage.


Why do people rave about us?

Try our lavender spray and experience the difference. Quality you can trust to solve your needs.


Average Customer Rating

I like that it’s so fresh that you have to shake it before you spray. The scent is strong and lasts a good while, not as long as the chemical sprays but who wants that anyway? It eliminates odors very well and it isn’t heavy to smell. I recommend this Lavendar scented spray.
Denise Allawas
– Verified Review
Right now we have three people using the guest bathroom right off the living room, as you can imagine we need a fresh smell. Your product works great and is not overpowering. We do not have a window! Fans are ok but not.
– Verified Review
I will stick with this line of essentials from this point forward. Perfect for any area and long-lasting, the perfect balance. Use at night on my pillow and to give me a lift!
Mary Sunshine
– Verified Review

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      Lovely Scent for your Home

This lemon spray is not cloying or unpleasant. It is a nice soft scent. Very enjoyable, and I will definitely order other scents in the future.

By Jerseybellechelle on August/07/2022


      Great Spray, Needs Better Spray Bottle

I love the deodorizing smell of this product. It’s an amazing odor killer. The spray bottle, however, makes a grand mess when you spray. I have to wrap a paper towel around the bottle to catch the dripping.

By Monique on July/14/2022


      I cannot spray it because the spray cap does not work, therefore I really don't know how it works

Spray cap does not work, I was going to send it back, but I did not feel like dealing with the hassle.

By christin ferguson on July/12/2022


      Don't need to hide. Lol


By Lynn Halaby on July/05/2022


      It's pretty good but bottle needs tweaking

I lost about 1/4 th of the product during shipping and I opened it up to find a pretty messy situation. The bottle leaks pretty bad. It may be the lid/bottle combo, because even when I spray, it leaks all over my hand. I do NOT like buying those chemical based scented sprays...I'm not sure I'll buy this product again. It does smell great, but I wish it lasted a little longer.

By KP on July/02/2022


      Fresh and Clean

I've order this spray several times. It's light and clean smelling and not at all heavy or overly fragrant. Just right. Eliminates odors and leaves rooms/toilet smelling fresh.

By Heidi Duncan on June/22/2022


      Smells amazing

Smells really nice and lasts long!

By Anonymous on June/21/2022


      the clean smell of Lemon

This is a GREAT smell - so clean and i put it on me as well as it acts as a mosquito deterrent!!!

By Elizabeth E. on June/19/2022


      Room Deodorizer Spray

This spray is perfect! Not too strong,not too weak!

By Mich on June/15/2022


      My only problem was that one bottle leaked. Other than that, I absolutely love this product

I ordered 2 but one bottle leaked out. Other than that, I absolutely love this product and will be buying it again. Hopefully it won't leak next time

By Michele on June/06/2022


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Lavender Spray – Natural Essential Oils - Relaxing Aromatherapy

af lavender

  • ✔️ BEST NATURAL LAVENDER SPRAY: Lavender spray is safe to use around sensitive people, children and pets.
  • ✔️ CALMING LAVENDER SCENT: Lavender essential oil room spray helps you relax and sleep.
  • ✔️ FRESHENER SPRAY: Use on linens, bedding, pillows, carpets, upholstery, curtain.

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804 review 
af lavender

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, these are non-toxic air fresheners. It’s made of natural ingredients, gentle and free of harsh chemicals like phthalates. it’s even safe to use when pets and children are around.

For us, the best aromatherapy air freshener is gentle but effective.

We have a proprietary blend of essential oils combined with a fermented product of yeast that neutralizes most odors and is safe to use on a person or around your home/office/car. We want to be the best and we believe that the best air freshener should be made from natural ingredients.

Our non-toxic air freshener products are preserved with coconut-derived ingredients. For preservatives, we have a blend of naturally derived ingredients for keeping products microbial-free and stable while providing additional conditioning properties.

Contains natural caprylic acid and lauric acid (made from coconut oil fatty acids) and propanediol (made from renewable corn sugar fermentation which is natural, skin-friendly preservative-boosting humectant for all kinds of formulations).

Yes. We believe the best air freshener should be animal friendly and earth-friendly. We’ve been advocating for nature-friendly products through our brand for more than 7 years now.

We formulated the best air freshener for different types of people.

People are different so there are different responses. For some, it’s just a nice gentle fragrance while for others the scent can last all day.

It’s a plastic spray container.

Yes. Poo-pourri is basically essential oil. You can do the same thing with our spray. Spray it about 4-5 times to give it a good coating on the top of the water. 

Yes, it’s fine. You’ll love the smell of our best natural air freshener.

Yes. You can refill the bottle with water or some liquid fragrance that you have at home.

No. The liquid contains cassia, vanilla, litsea, natural deodorizers, and natural preservatives. It also non-toxic and has no contaminants. 

Absolutely! People use this on their curtain sheets so it shouldn’t be a problem with this.

It’s 4 fluid ounces. It’s about one-inch diameter and 5 inches tall.

It’s natural and made from plant-derived ingredients!


Lavender scent helps people relax and sleep. Just spray once or twice, a little goes a long way. The scent is blended to delight not overwhelm. Perfect scent lingers but is not too strong.

Use on beddings, pillows, carpets, upholstery, curtains. Use in the house – bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, garage.

Aromatherapy lavender oil spray

Our aromatherapy lavender oil spray is safe for people, pets, and the environment. ALSO, no harsh aerosol that can harm the environment.

The lavender air freshener aromatherapy mist spray is made from the highest-grade natural ingredients. No artificial color or dyes. No artificial fragrance. Just the natural deodorizing effects that will neutralize odor.

It’s non-toxic you can spray it on you or your pet. It’s safe to use because the spray is derived from natural ingredients and free from harmful chemicals like SLS, parabens & sulfates.

Why is our natural liquid freshener better?

Natural essential oil-based lavender aromatherapy mist spray will help deodorize your house by neutralizing odor-causing particles in the air. This non-aerosol natural spray is chemical-free, gentle on pets and people with asthma. No SLS, parabens, or sulfates.

Natural ingredients are important to us. If this is important to you then our lavender aromatherapy mist spray is the right choice for you.

The fragrance is relaxing, gentle but long-lasting. Natural lavender scent helps people relax and fall asleep. The essential oil-based fragrance is gentle but lasts for a long time.

Great scent is gentle you can use it on clothes, on pets, on you! Pet spray, body spray & home spray. Use in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or living room.

This gentle lavender oil spray will not harm your skin and will certainly not harm upholstery, curtains or carpets.

Try our range of aroma therapy air fresheners. These natural air freshener deluxe set will give you a sense of spa in your own home.

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