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I clean houses for a living and am constantly on the lookout for products that will make my job easier these scrubbing pads ROCK THE HOUSE!!! Not only did they clean that stovetop in no time flat, with NO scratches, but I have used them on just about all imaginable surfaces and they TOTALLY WORK! no, I did not receive these as a promotion or for a lower price for a review. I paid full price, just like everyone else, but I just happen to think that these little no-scratch wonders are worth a great review!
P. E. C.
– Verified Review
I’ve been searching for a natural body wash without chemical ingredients for a long time, finally, I found this 100% Natural Liquid Bath Soap. It really helps my skin to feel smooth and clean after wash. The small has a little bit strong, but I don’t mind because it’s natural scents. If you are looking for a truly natural body wash, I highly recommend this one.
T Shu
– Verified Review
It works amazingly on getting food, even crusty food, off your dishes/utensils/pots, etc., without scratching them. They also last forever, so I feel like these three will last me like three years. I’ve had a couple in the past that I ended up tossing out because my husband decided to use it to scrub the BBQ grill (eye-roll) and got covered in grease, but other than that they do last for a really long time and they never smell. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
– Verified Review