Dishwashing Gloves - Long Sleeve Rubber Gloves for Dish Washing - Latex 1

Dishwashing Gloves - Long Sleeve Rubber Gloves for Dish Washing - Latex

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  • ✔️ BEST DISHWASHING GLOVES: Thick, long, fitted cuffs.
  • ✔️ THICK LATEX RUBBER: 3x thicker than supermarket gloves.
  • ✔️ PROTECT YOUR HANDS: Highly resistant to hot & cold.


Dishwashing Gloves - Long Sleeve Rubber Gloves for Dish Washing - Latex 1
Dishwashing Gloves - Long Sleeve Rubber Gloves for Dish Washing - Latex 3

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Dishwashing Gloves - Long Sleeve Rubber Gloves for Dish Washing - Latex 4


Thick, Durable, Protection

Protect your hands

These are the best dishwashing gloves to protect your hands. Use our rubber gloves for different chores.

Soft rubber glove for dishwashing is gentle on the hands. It protects your hands while performing different tasks around your home.

These special rubber gloves are safe to use you don’t have to worry about allergies.

Dishwashing Gloves - Long Sleeve Rubber Gloves for Dish Washing - Latex 6

Non-irritating latex

Do you always get irritated when you wear cleaning gloves?

It must be the materials used in the gloves. The best dishwashing gloves will not irritate your hands even if you have sensitive skin.

Its soft rubber is hypoallergenic latex. It covers the hand and just about below the elbows.

Ideal to use for washing dishes but can be used for different chores.


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Average Customer Rating

I was looking for something biodegradeable and while I ‘m happy with that feature, I’m equally as please about the thick quality (do not rip like typical dishwashing gloves) and they smell incredible (almost like subtle real vanilla?)
– Verified Review
The grip is surprisingly good on these, I have nearly perfect range of motion and fine motor control with these gloves on. No punctures in the gloves yet as well. I can’t comment on how well these gloves handle with heavy grease but for light food grease these gloves have a good grip.
Justin Simms
– Verified Review
It is the best gloves I have ever had!
I will definitely buy more. I work as a dishwasher. It is the most durable gloves. Easy to take on and off. Love them!
Dana Wilson
– Verified Review

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134 reviews

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      Next best thing to my dream opra-length dish gloves.....

these were long and stay up, but not powdered much. NBD. I am fussy so I always have some for my gloves. These are thicker than reg dish gloves. Love the color.

By 1 on September/16/2022


      Very Strong Rubber Odor

The fit and grip of these gloves was OK but they have a very strong rubber smell that remained on my hands after I removed the gloves.

By CMax on September/13/2022


      Only one glove per order

The product shows two pairs of gloves… I ordered two sets only got two gloves… Each in a separate package. The description was not clear Just make sure you know what you’re getting. I think $13 for a single Glove is too much. The product info should be a little more specific and what you’re getting.

By Zoe Bunnens on September/13/2022


      Pretty good

I ordered these immediately once I saw they were specifically designed to be durable. I go through dish gloves on a regular basis and I was at my wits end. I'd buy these brand name dish gloves that would pop while I was washing forks. FORKS. Buying dish gloves was such as pain in the neck and a waste of money. I have several skin conditions that are agitated by water so I don't have any real choice. I got so fed up I decided to check try shopping online and I found, THESE. I bought them immediately. So far I love them. I bought a large because I figured they might run a little small. I'm glad I did. They're comfortable, I have a good grip on all my dishes, and so far they haven't popped. The only caveat is that they make my arms SWEAT.

By Cherry on September/10/2022


      Good Value for money but Dissapointed..

I bought these as replacements gloves to help me wash dishes for a large hotel on my island. I tried ordering them once but they got lost in transit, I tried again and was so excited to try them out when they finally arrived. Putting them on felt great although a little tight! (The last ones I had were chemical gloves so fingers were kind of bulky/ fat when washing the dishes). So I was very happy to finally be able to feel my fingers and get inside the dishes easier. About 4 days into using them I realized my left hand was feeling wet/ cold after each wash so I finally checked them and imagine my surprise when I saw the hole.. I bought them because the tag lines in the pictures were like "strong/ extra durable" they even had a tool trying to bore through it. That really depressed me but luckily I have a second pair to use but when those are done, unfortunately I have to look to someone else to buy gloves

By Jasmine Herbert on August/11/2022


      They seem nice but not for an adult male

It took a lot of effort to get these “large” gloves onto my hands and then it turns out the length of them was pointless since they were so tight they only reached less than halfway up my forearm. Unfortunately these gloves will not suit my needs so it’s back to the drawing board.

By Eric C. Paulsen on August/01/2022


      Good for a dishwashing gloves

Was looking for long dish washing gloves and found these, while using them it feels like the water is getting to you (but it really is not), they are still not as long as I need them to be. Otherwise they are good

By Vabanuelos on July/30/2022


      Size not accurate

The small size was not really small and its extremely uncomfortable.

By Shree Priya on July/20/2022



Love the length and durability

By Lisa G. on July/08/2022


      Works fine enough but the smell...

I used a pair to wash dishes for around half an hour and for the next 5 hours my fingers still smelled super strongly of latex. I think it might help if you take special care to wash under your fingernails after using them but still, part of the point of using gloves in the first place is to not nasty up my hands so much

By Amazon Customer on June/09/2022


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Dishwashing Gloves - Long Sleeve Rubber Gloves for Dish Washing - Latex

Dishwashing Gloves - Long Sleeve Rubber Gloves for Dish Washing - Latex 14

  • ✔️ BEST DISHWASHING GLOVES: Thick, long sleeves, fitted cuffs.
  • ✔️ THICK LATEX RUBBER: 3x thicker than cheap supermarket dishwashing gloves.
  • ✔️ PROTECT YOUR HANDS: Highly resistant to hot and cold temperatures.

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134 review 
Dishwashing Gloves - Long Sleeve Rubber Gloves for Dish Washing - Latex 14

Frequently Asked Questions

These long rubber gloves are made in Vietnam.

It’s quite long, it can cover the arm just below the elbow to help protect your hands while you wash dishes.

The soft rubber gloves are latex. It’s soft, gentle on the skin but it’s tough and won’t break easily like other gloves.

No. These soft rubber gloves for washing dishes are designed with small grooves to help with grip so you can wash dishes with ease.

No. The soft rubber gloves for washing dishes are designed not to smell like plastic or rubber.

Yes. The soft rubber gloves for washing dishes are biodegradable.

There is a pair of soft rubber gloves in 1 pack.

Total size is 13.8 inches.

If your size is at the border, choose a size up or down based on your fit preference or body weight.

General-purpose rubber gloves

These are the best rubber gloves for dishwashing but they can also be used everywhere in your house.

Use this to clean in your kitchen, bathroom, or garage.

Durable rubber gloves

Ever punctured a cheap rubber glove before making it useless?

These rubber gloves are specifically designed to be more durable than ordinary rubber gloves for dishwashing. It stays intact no matter how much you use it.

These premium quality reusable rubber gloves are affordable but will not break or disintegrate like disposable rubber gloves.

It’s made in Vietnam and meets all strict quality standards.

Aside from our dishwashing gloves, get The Crown Choice Home Cleaning Set to make cleaning your home fast and easy!

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