About Us

Who Are We?


Hanna Jun: Captain of The Crown Choice
Helping you find simple pleasures in everyday chores

Founder and Managing Partner wearing a truckload of hats in day to day activities

I love to drag my husband to Starbucks every night (Yes, I am a Seattleite), reading, traveling around the world, cruising and doing summer and winter outdoor activities


Jae Jun: Handyman of The Crown Choice
Kicks and punches his way out of trouble

Managing Partner busy at fixing all the troubles that come and go on a daily basis

I love to help people work efficiently.
Engineer by trade and entrepreneur at night.


Marshmallow: Cheerleader of The Crown Choice
Gimme a S, gimme an A, gimme an I

I love to cheer my captain and co-captain by giving them a kiss.
No slacking off while I'm cheerleading.



Bubble: Head of Security
Everything must go through me

I oversea and protect all of our inventories. I also maintain my portfolio of expensive men's and women's shoes to chew on. Everything has to pass my sniff test too. For now.. sooo.. sleepy.. snore