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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you disclose the ingredients? Is this natural/organic?

Yes this body wash is all naturl and organic. It’s made from extracts of spearment, lavender, aloe vera juice & manuka.

I have sensitive skin. Is it okay to use this?

Yes. This pH balanced body wash has natural mild ingredients made for all skin types but is especially great for people with sensitive skin. Our natural body wash is pH balanced and it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals like artificial preservatives or artificial colors.

This is great for:

  • dry skin,
  • damaged skin,
  • chaffed skin,
  • sensitive skin,
  • skin with eczema,
  • tender skin with redness
I have bad skin reaction even when using harsh “gentle” liquid bath soaps. Can I use this?

Yes. If your skin is having a bad reaction to chemical laden soaps, this one will not do that to you because it’s 100% plant based, it’s FREE of harsh chemicals , it’s Child and pet safe and it’s biodegradable because it was made using sustainable ingredients.

Why is this not lathering as much as regular liquid bath soaps?

Too much bubbles is caused by a chemical reaction in harsh body soaps. This makes people think and feel they are squeaky clean.

Our liquid bath soap is pure and honest, we don’t even use water as filler! We have the finest high grade extracts packed inside this bottle.

If you want more bubbles using a bath sponge should help.

How natural is this liquid bath soap?

It’s vegan and cruelty free. This product has:

  • NO triclosan or formaldehyde
  • NO sulfates (SLS, SLES, SCS, ALS, ALES)
  • NO salicylates or parabens
  • NO phosphatesNO MEA, DEA, TEA, BHT, PEGs
  • NO petroleum-based ingredients
  • NO animal by-products
  • NO perfumes, dyes or caustics
I have dry skin. Will this help?

Yes. Natural ingredients like aloe vera can help moisturize your skin. A pH balanced body wash will also help maintain your skin’s natural ecology and natural barrier.

How many items are in the package?

There is 1 bottle of pH balanced body wash.

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