5 Reasons Why People Love The Crown Choice

    Here are 5 simple reasons why people love The Crown Choice line of dishcloths and dish scrubbers.

    #1 No More Smelly Sponges

    Sponges become disgusting in just a couple of weeks and starts to reek. The smell gets on your hands and your dishes which is a big turnoff.

    It spreads germs instead of cleaning them.

    The Crown Choice does not use any cellulose or other fibers which attracts smells and bacteria. The Crown Choice products main material is polyester and nylon which does not absorb water and dries fast.

    On average, our products dry in 20 minutes compared to the hours it takes your sponge to dry.

    #2 Easy to Clean and Sanitize

    There are many ways that you can clean your sponge, but it becomes a pain because you have to do it so often. Soaking a sponge in bleach is not an ideal way you want to wash your dishcloths or scrubbers.

    With The Crown Choice, all you need to do is rinse the product under water, squeeze the excess water out and then let air dry.

    But if you wish, our products are all dish washer safe. No soaking, bleaching, drying in the sun or microwaving required.

    It is not worth the hassle of trying to keep a cheap sponge clean.

    #3 Long Lasting - Lasts Longer than 7 Ordinary Sponges

    Any of our dishcloths and dish scrubbers will outlast your dish sponge by several months.

    Conservatively, our products last at a minimum of 4-5 months or the equivalent of 7 sponges.

    The reason why it can last so long is because our products are made of tough polyester or nylon threads that do not fall apart in your hands.

    It's time to stop wasting money on sponges and ruining the earth.

    #4 Soft Yet Tough and Non Scratch

    We have a 100% guarantee that our products are fully scratch proof. Other companies make the same claim, but with The Crown Choice, you can scrub all you want without any scratches.

    You can use it on non stick, all clad, copper, cast iron, vases and delicate items such as crystal.

    Products such as the All Purpose Scrubber has soft bristles to get the work down quickly.

    #5 Great for Multipurpose Use

    Each of the The Crown Choice products are versatile and can be used in many different scenarios. You can use it for any job in the kitchen as well as using it to scrub your bathroom grime away.