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Best Microfiber Cloth - Ultra absorbent - Clean, polish, absorb, lint free

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  • ✔️ MICROFIBER CLOTH: Wash, clean, scrub, wipe, absorb. Do it all!
  • ✔️ THICK & ABSORBENT: 2x thicker microfiber cloth than competition.
  • ✔️ MADE IN SOUTH KOREA: Quality guaranteed. Best cleaning cloth.


microfiber 3
Best Microfiber Cloth - Ultra absorbent - Clean, polish, absorb, lint free 1

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Best Microfiber Cloth - Ultra absorbent - Clean, polish, absorb, lint free 2

Super absorbent dish cloth

Super durable and super absorbent microfiber cloths. Can absorb 7 times its weight in liquid.

Use it to wipe pots and pans, plates, utensils, cups, glasses, wine glass, and more. It can wipe, clean absorb without scratching the surfaces of your kitchenware.

It’s also great for wiping and dusting. This microfiber cloths pack is affordable but will last longer than a regular sponge.

All that plus, it’s an easy to clean microfiber cloths.

microfiber cleaning cloth
microfiber cleaning cloth

Durable microfiber cloths

It’s a soft lint free microfiber cleaning cloth that cleans away dust and dirt inside your home.

You can clean any surface using the lint free microfiber cleaning cloth without scratching or damaging it.

It is designed not only to wipe and absorb liquid but to scrub as well with causing any scratch.

Maintenance is easy as you can hand wash it or throw it in in a dishwasher or washing machine. These are easy to clean microfiber cleaning cloths, unlike cheap cleaning cloths.


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Average Customer Rating

Looks as described and no lint.
Works great on glass and dries we’ll w/ no visible lint.
DJ Jon
– Verified Review
Five stars.
Durable. Cleans and leaves a shine.
– Verified Review
These drying cloths are amazing. They function as described. Very satisfied with this product.
F. Grieme
– Verified Review

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98 reviews

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      Good stuff

I like the durability of this product as well the material of which it is made.

By Ruben Dominguez on December/09/2022


      Very good product

Very absorbent

By Maureen O'Brien on December/16/2021


      It's the BEST!

I love that this cleaning cloth dries the surfaces without any streaks and it doesn't stink like others that I tried. Please keep this product in stock. It's the BEST!

By Lotstosay on November/15/2021


      Looks as described and no lint

Works great on glass and dries we'll w/ no visible lint.

By Anonymous on November/05/2020


Amethyst Perez - The Scrubbie People Support on Nov 25, 2020

Thanks for the 5-star rating!

      The best drying towel I have ever found

The best drying towel I have ever found! Perfect for wine glasses...well I use it for everything. Doesn't streak & a nice weight to use. I have a black marble countertop & these microfiber clothes are the secret to keeping them shining! You won't ever want to use another towel after you try this one!

By Anonymous on June/24/2018


      it is not the best I've used

While this product does work well, it is not the best I've used. It washes well and delivers as promised. I purchased for my restaurant bar, so it does get used frequently and washed constantly. I think it is perfect for home use, but not so much for commercial use.

By Anonymous on May/28/2018


      Best microfiber cloths ever!

Best microfiber clothe ever! They are great for drying dishes and make glasses look perfect. I do wish they were a little bigger but these are seriously amazing.

By Anonymous on April/27/2018


      They pick up ALL the water with a few passes

Whoa! What a product! Love these polishing cloths. They pick up ALL the water with a few passes and their's hardly any hard polishing to do. Way better that the ones I got at BBAB. They are large and therefore absorb a lot of water. With two in the back you can polish quite a few glasses without having to dry them out.

By Anonymous on April/17/2018


      Five Stars

Durable. Cleans and leaves a shine.

By Laura on April/13/2018


      Not for wine glasses

This doesn’t work on wine glasses. Might be great for other things but bot for wine glasses. Good for drying but terrible for polishing.

By davidmlnn on February/17/2018


The Scrubbie People Support on Feb 19, 2018

Hi David. Sorry it didn't exceed your expectation. This item was exactly made for polishing wine glasses. Now I'm wondering what kind of wine glass you are using.

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Best Microfiber Cloth - Ultra absorbent - Clean, polish, absorb, lint free

microfiber 3

  • ✔️ MICROFIBER CLOTH: Wash, clean, scrub, wipe, absorb.
  • ✔️ THICK & ABSORBENT: 2x thicker microfiber cloth.
  • ✔️ MADE IN SOUTH KOREA: Best cleaning cloth.

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98 review 
microfiber 3

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Frequently Asked Questions

This cleaning cloths are made from 100% polyester and It’s made in Korea and assembled in good ‘ole Seattle.

Our microfiber cleaning cloths are safe even for most delicate surfaces. You can use it to any surface without leaving any scratch or damage. Our microfiber towel works best in cleaning surfaces of any kind.

Yes. Use dishwashing detergent and wipe your stovetop or countertop (stainless steel appliances). This microfiber towel won’t leave scratches or ugly streaks.

We also have an all purpose dishcloth that you can use for the job.

Yes you can. It’s large enough and non abrasive so it will cover most surface areas like this.

The microfiber cleaning cloths should be washed after use. While it doesn’t absorb much liquid and doesn’t attract smells, stuff do add up if it’s not washed frequently.

If it’s hygienic to wash stinky cloth after use then it’s also good practice to wash this one regularly.

There are 2 lint free microfiber cleaning cloths in the package.

You can put it under running water and air dry. You can also use your dish washer or washing machine. Choice is up to you.

Best Lint Free Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

This lint-free microfiber cleaning cloth is a versatile dish cloth.

It is made specifically to wipe and absorb.

It can absorb 7 times its weight so any spills can be cleaned in seconds. It’s also lint-free.

Just scrub away without fear of scratching or leaving lint on surfaces.

All purpose microfiber cleaning cloths

This is the best all purpose lint free microfiber towels for windows, floors, counters. Use as a cleaner rag to clean all surfaces around the home, office, and more. Use it for tasks in your kitchen, bathroom or garage. These are machine washable paper towel replacements.

Cleaning power

It’s made from positive charged polyester and negative charged nylon fibers to attract dirt and other materials from surfaces in your home. Scrub, wipe and absorb with this great microfiber cleaning cloth.

This is the tool you need to replace napkins, towels or dish cloths in your cleaning arsenal.

Super durable

This microfiber dish cloth is made in South Korea. Not made in china. It means that this microfiber dish cloth won’t fall apart like other cleaning rags. You can clean most surfaces without it tearing apart or unravelling.

Non abrasive microfiber dish cloth.

The Crown Choice cleaning tools were designed to help solve problems, not introduce more tasks into your already busy day. That’s why it’s designed to be non-abrasive. You can use this on most surfaces without fear of ever scratching it.

You do need to test the microfiber cleaning cloth first on a small area before scrubbing all out. That said, our best microfiber cloths are designed to be gentle to surfaces but unforgiving to dirt, grime and food residue.

If you’re interested, we also have a non scratch, all purpose dishcloth for dishwashing.

microfiber cleaning cloth
best microfiber cloths

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