Water Bottle Brush by Dish Scrubbie (3-in-1 Set with Two Straw Brushes)

Water Bottle Cleaner by Dish Scrubbie – 4 Piece Crochet Cleaning Brushes

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  • ✔ BEST WATER BOTTLE CLEANER: Works for all water bottles and containers
  • ✔ NO WIRE, NO BENT BRISTLES: No wires that bend or rust. No bristles that bend.
  • ✔ TOUGH CLEANER: Complete water bottle brush set. For baby bottles, cups, stemware, plastic etc.
Water Bottle Cleaner by Dish Scrubbie – 4 Piece Crochet Cleaning Brushes 2

Better than a regular water bottle cleaner

You won’t be bothered by falling bristles or breaking handles. The included brushes for reusable straws are also tough.

Longer cleaning brush has NO wires that bend or rust. NO sponges that hold bacteria and fall apart. Easy to clean, just wash & air dry. Same with the included straw brush.

100% Non scratch reusable water bottle brushes: No scratch or food streaks and safe for baby bottles, fine crystal, stemware, plastic, stainless steel.

Rather than a bristle, the fullness of the brush head conforms to any surface and acts like a “scrubber” more than a brush.

Long skinny brushes have NO annoying bristle head so no water splash. Keep yourself dry while cleaning up your bottles.

bottle brush
bottle cleaning brush

Use our reusable water bottle cleaning brush for your favorite bottles

Our water bottle cleaner brush will not only clean your premium water bottles, but it will clean it scratch-free. That’s the hallmark of a well-thought-out bottle cleaner.

Dishwasher safe. After use, squeeze the brush to wring out excess water before storing away.

Use it to clean Thermos, Nalgene, or Hydro Flask is not a problem when you use our bottle cleaner.


Why do people rave about us?

Try our water bottle cleaner and experience the difference. Quality you can trust to solve your needs.


Average Customer Rating

Bought these water bottle cleaners to replace one I had been given almost two years ago.
Used daily, easy to clean, just now starting to really show wear. Great product.
– Verified Review
These scrubbies are the best. I’ve used them and washed them several times.
So glad I found them and will be giving them as stocking stuffers this Christmas.
L. Dreher
– Verified Review
These scrubbies get glasses and dishes clean, but the do not scratch. they are flexible and can clean every nook and cranny…Thew also do not mildew, so throw ay those nasty smelly dish cloths and give this item a try you will not regret it. they also would make colorful stocking stuffers.
Diane Miller
– Verified Review

Customer Reviews



1701 reviews

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These scrubbies last a long time and dont stink either. They are awesome

By Sandy on November/15/2022


      They look like they will fill the bill

Nice sizes for bottle brushes and straw brushes. The two big ones should be great as they are the same material as the fruit scrubbers which work very will.

By sage on November/03/2022


      Great dish cleaner

Love them.

By Dot Enterprises on November/02/2022


      No smell and magically makes cleaning easier!!

I usually get the standard store bought cleaning scrubs. I cut them in half as they begin to stink so quickly. These don't! Plus I was surprised that you don't need to scrub hard on puts or pans or anything! Gave one to my daughter and she loves hers too. Plus the bright colors and shapes are fun.

By Amazon Customer on October/24/2022


      Great scrubbers

Soft, flexible and durable scrubbers. They are great! Squirt some dishsoap on them, scrub your dishes and then rinse them out. They will dry quickly and not get stinky or gross like a soggy sponge. I microwave them in a dish of water or cleaner occasionally to sanitize. Can run through dishwasher too. Plus they are colorful and cute!

By A. S. on October/21/2022


      Me gusto este producto

Están curiosos bonitos muy útiles te dejan limpiar muy cómodos

By Maria cervantes on October/16/2022


      Good glass cooktop scrubber!

I use these to clean my glass cooktop and they do a great job. Easy to clean and with the loop they hang off my faucet to dry.

By Hagen's mom on October/15/2022


      The best sponge I have ever used!!

I have used a lot of great sponges. This by far surpasses them all!

By Pvheins on October/11/2022


      Don't spend your money on anything other dish scrubby!

These are the best fish scrubby out there. Pop in the dishwasher to keep it clean. They don't fall apart. Last for such a long time. Great gifts to add into a package. I won't buy any other.

By Bill R. on September/30/2022



I ordered based on reviews and just ordered 3. I absolutely love the scrubbers as they don't stink and dry fast. I love the shape of fruit and they are just fabulous. Gave one to my friend so she can try them. I will order more and stock up on them.

By Marilu on September/26/2022


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Water Bottle Cleaner by Dish Scrubbie – 4 Piece Crochet Cleaning Brushes

Water Bottle Brush by Dish Scrubbie (3-in-1 Set with Two Straw Brushes)

  • ✔ BEST WATER BOTTLE CLEANER SET: No bristles. Includes 1 big water bottle brush, 1 small bottle brush, 2 straw brushes.
  • ✔ NO RUST, NO FALLING APART: This water bottle cleaning brush has no wires that bend or rust.
  • ✔ 100% NON SCRATCH: Safe for all surfaces - baby bottles, fine crystal, stemware, plastic, stainless steel.

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1701 review 
Water Bottle Brush by Dish Scrubbie (3-in-1 Set with Two Straw Brushes)

Frequently Asked Questions

This BPA-free brush from Dish Scrubbie for reusable water bottles and the straw brush is made in China, designed in Seattle USA.

No, this brush by Dish Scrubbie has a soft tip to clean the bottom of reusable water bottles.

This brush set by Dish Scrubbie is not made from regular plastic bristles that are prone to falling and splashbacks. This is made from 100% BPA-free and non-toxic polyester specifically made for reusable water bottles.

Yes! The best disch scrubbie cleaning brush is non-toxic and BPA-free.

Certainly! It’s BPA free and non-toxic. Most of our customers do use it to wash crystal/glass.

The thin yellow brush is used to clean inside narrow neck bottles. It is not flexible. It is stiff which makes it hard to clean sharp shoulders.

There’s 4 pieces of brushes in the set. 2 bottle brushes and 2 brushes for reusable straws.

Looks can be deceiving. This will not flick water like regular brush.

It’s not sponge material. It’s BPA-free, non-toxic polyester yarn and it doesn’t absorb water as much so it won’t stink.

Yes! Our long brush doesn’t use any plastic bristles. It’s non-toxic, it doesn’t attract germs and it won’t rust so it’s safe to use on baby bottles.

Yes! If it can fit into a 1″ mouth of a baby bottle it can work on a 1″ mouth of your Nalgene bottle.

Why choose our dish scrubbie brush set

You won’t know the importance of a long brush until you need one. A bottle cleaning brush is something you haven’t thought much about but it’s one of the things that you guaranteed that you use every day.

Bottle brushes are a handy tool in cleaning up your baby bottles and sippy cups from hard-to-reach crevices wherein natural or formulated milk gets stuck in and you can also use it when you want to wash your pump parts.

It is also efficient in cleaning water bottles, wine glasses, and even thermos, Nalgene, and hydro flasks so whatever you put in your water bottles whether coffee, juices, or milk, you can be assured that it will always be clean with no funny aftertaste.

Do Our bottle brushes work better?

Bottle brushes work well on all bottles that need a thorough cleaning especially those with hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

Our long brush is flexible, soft, and less likely to scratch bottles. It comes in a variety of materials such as silicon, nylon, plastics, and bamboo.

Some of the Dish Scrubbie brushes also come in useful designs like the combination of long bottle cleaning brush and curved brush heads will allow you to clean all parts of your bottles easily. While some have features like high-density bristles, fast-drying, easy storage, and BPA-free.

Still, there are some bottle brushes that go beyond the typical features of traditional brushes that use cool attributes like no bristles, sponges, and wires and come in beautiful designs as well. Whatever features your bottle brushes may have, their function and purpose are all geared towards good cleaning and convenience

How to clean a bottle cleaning brush

In order to clean your bottle, your brush also needs cleaning. It is essential that you clean your bottle brushes if you are re-using them regularly.

The good part is it won’t take so much of your time to do it and it’s pretty much an easy process. Most bottle brushes are dishwasher safe. You just pop it inside and let the dishwasher do its thing.

If you don’t have a dishwasher, then you can run it with hot soapy water. Follow these steps to effectively clean your bottle brushes

Step 1: Fill in the basin with hot water and add 1 tbsp. of liquid soap detergent then put the cleaning brush in the water.
Step 2: Let the brush soak in hot soapy water for 15 minutes to loosen food residue stuck to the brush.
Step 3: You can use a plastic comb to gently comb through the brush. This will remove trapped food or dirt from the bristles.
Step 4: Rinse the brush under warm or hot running water and wring out excess water completely.
Step 5: If you want to sanitize it even more after rinsing it, place it on a bowl or plate and pour hydrogen peroxide over it making sure that all bristles are covered.
Step 6: Let the peroxide remain for 15 minutes to sanitize it.
Step 7: Rinse off the thoroughly under running water and let it air dry.

How long does a cleaning brush last?

It depends on the style of the cleaning brush if you need to replace them or toss them out already. The one with a sponge may be replaced frequently as sponges are a good source of bacteria if not cleaned properly. If you notice bristles on your bottle cleaning brush are falling apart this is an indication that you will need to replace them at once.

Silicone brushes may generally last the longest but if you see that it is wearing out then by all means replace or purchase another one.

bottle cleaning brush
bottle cleaning brush

The best water bottle cleaning brush set

You cannot underestimate the cleaning ability of a cleaning brush when we need to be thoroughly clean especially for delicate bottles like baby feeding bottles and sippy cups.

The Crown Choice Brush Set is designed to make cleaning simple drinking bottles, exquisite wine glasses, and sensitive baby feeding bottles safe and convenient.

Cleaning your Thermos, Nalgene, or Hydro Flask, and other premium water bottles will not be a problem through our non-scratch cleaning brush set.

It comes with great features that reach any nooks and crannies with its dish scrubbie patented designs without leaving and missing any food residue. Instead of a bristle, it has a brush head that conforms to any surface and acts as a scrubber than a brush.

Other great features of The Crown Choice brush set are: has no bristles, the long brush has no wires that bend and rust, and most probably the most important is it has no sponge that may carry bacteria that can contaminate your bottles.

Give it a try and see the difference it offers for your bottle cleaning needs.

Check out our bottle cleaner brush and scrubber bundle and save more money!

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