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Bottle Brush Cleaner and Two Dish Scrubbie Bundle

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  • ✔️ BOTTLE BRUSH CLEANER BUNDLE: Includes the bottle brush cleaner set and two Dish Scrubbies.
  • ✔️ 100% NON SCRATCH: Best bottle brush cleaner for bottles, flasks, containers.
  • ✔️ DURABLE BOTTLE CLEANER: No bending bristles, rusting wires, flimsy handles.
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HIGH QUALITY bottle brush & Dish scrubbie Set

Learn why we offer the best bottle brush & dish scrubbie set

Bottle Brush + Dish Scrubbie

Longer bottle brush has NO wires that bend or rust. NO sponges that hold bacteria and fall apart. Easy to clean, just wash & air dry.

Rather than a bristle, the fullness of the brush head conforms to any surface and acts like a “scrubber” more than a brush.

Long skinny brushes have NO annoying bristle head so no water splash. Keep yourself dry while cleaning up your bottles.

Our bottle cleaner brush will not only clean your premium water bottles, but it will clean them scratch-free. That’s the hallmark of a well-thought-out bottle cleaner.

Dishwasher safe. After use, squeeze the bottle brush to wring out excess water before storing away.

100% Non scratch: No scratch or food streaks and safe for baby bottles, fine crystal, stemware, plastic, stainless steel.

Dish Scrubbie Variety 5 Pack with Non-Scratch Scouring Pad and Sponge Cloth Set
Dish Scrubbie Variety 5 Pack with Non-Scratch Scouring Pad and Sponge Cloth Set

Durable dish scrubbie cloths

Super durable dish scrubbie can outlast regular sponges. In fact, it will last 7 times longer than any sponge or dish cloth.

Our dish scrubbies will not smell. Since it’s made from polyester it will not absorb liquids, food will not stick to it, and it will not have the mildewy smell.

These cute dish scrubbies are all non scratch. Scrub your pots and pans to your heart’s content. It’s designed not to scratch surfaces.


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Average Customer Rating

These scrubbies are the best. I’ve used them and washed them several times. So glad I found them and will be giving them as stocking stuffers this Christmas.
L. Dreher
– Verified Review
I FINALLY, after 6 yrs, bought new scrubbies…these things last for YEARS….i absolutely LOVE them.

Desen Fulmer
– Verified Review
These are so cute and very functional. Soft but cleans dishes well. No bad smell. Plus looks so cute and cheerful on my sink…

– Verified Review

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1718 reviews

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      Dish sponge

I like that they are very durable and last for long time.

By Clara on June/02/2023


      It is as describe

It is as describe , but I am still looking for a sponge dish a bit stronger that I used to use in Korea . Look more like it is not available in US amazon yet

By Ngoc H. on May/19/2023


      Useful and efficient bottle brush set

I purchased the 4 piece bottle brush set (red scrubber, yellow scrubber, 2 straw brushes) in 2019 for cleaning reusable water bottles. The red and yellow long handled scrubbers work well for cleaning the entire interior surface of the bottles. They hold suds well, and it takes fewer strokes to thoroughly clean bottles than the bristle brush we used previously. The 2 straw bushes are the right size to clean reusable straws and flexible enough to pass through the mouthpieces that are part of some of the water bottles we use. The straw brushes have not lost bristles during use and has not rusted. To keep the red and yellow scrubbers clean after use, I rinse and shake out excess water, then let them dry fully in a warm and well ventilated place before storing them under my sink. I am pleased with this purchase and will continue using this set for years to come.

By G S K on May/15/2023


      Okay, a little too big, soft, so you have to scrub harder when washing pans and pots

Okay so far, a little too big, wish there were more fruit shapes like grapes, they're a little softer than expected which requires more scrubbing when washing pots and pans, especially when it comes to foods that are sticky or are harder to remove.

By Sisters on May/10/2023


      Soooo useful.

These were my favorites and I left them behind when I moved a few years ago and forgot they existed. I was thrilled to rediscover them. The scrubby texture feels soft but is surprisingly effective and they don't trap odor at all.

By Anonymous on April/13/2023


      great in the sink

Stays together, does not stink, cleans up well.

By Anonymous on March/28/2023


      Just what I would have expected! Good quality and works/washes wonderfully!

This product is just as good as my Aunt's version. Washable and works great without scratching plates. Highly recommend.

By Sonja Alberti on March/23/2023


      Kitchen scrubbers

Love these

By Kimberly Rogers on March/11/2023


      Second purchase

I’ve bought these twice, and only needed new ones because I left them at my old apartment. Love that they are machine washable!

By Katie Topp on March/08/2023


      Get these!

These are absolutely the best sponges to use in the kitchen! They are so pretty and make you feel so happy when you see them. They work well, no odor, last a very long time! I gave these to my whole entire family for Christmas, and everybody is raving about them!

By Ms M on January/29/2023


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Bottle Brush Cleaner and Two Dish Scrubbie Bundle

dish scrubbie bottle brush set strawberry blueberry

  • ✔️ 6 Pc BOTTLE BRUSH CLEANER SET: Bottle brush set and two Dish Scrubbies.
  • ✔️ 100% NON SCRATCH: Safe for all baby bottles, plastic, glass, stainless steel, tumblers.
  • ✔️ DURABLE BOTTLE BRUSH: Easy to wash and air dry so no bacteria build up.
  • ✔️ GREAT GIFT SET: Bright, fun and practical. People always ask for more!

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1718 review 
dish scrubbie bottle brush set strawberry blueberry

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it’s a soft tip. The material is very cushiony, but has strong scrubbing power. Something you don’t find in any brush.

Yes! We use non-toxic and BPA-free materials.

Certainly! It’s BPA-free and non-toxic. Most of our customers do use it to wash crystal/glass.

The brush itself is stiff so it won’t bend or curve to clean shoulders. For something that has wide shoulders, use our long bottle brush which is flexible to adjust to shoulders.

There are 6 pieces in the set. 2 bottle brushes, 2 straw brushes, and 2 dish scrubbies.

Looks can be deceiving. This will not flick water like regular brush.

It’s not sponge material. It’s BPA-free, non-toxic polyester yarn and it doesn’t absorb water as much so it won’t stink.

Yes! This brush doesn’t use any plastic bristles. It’s non-toxic, it doesn’t attract germs and it won’t rust so it’s safe to use on baby bottles.

Yes! If it can fit into a 1″ mouth of a baby bottle it can work on a 1″ mouth of your Nalgene bottle.

The dish scrubbies are sturdy and they won’t unravel with regular use.

The scrubbies are made from material that does not absorb water so it doesn’t give the food leftover or other bacteria a chance to grow.

Wash thoroughly after use under running water. Then air dry.

You can wash it in the top rack of dishwasher or the washing machine.

No Bristles Bottle Brush Cleaner


Along with the bottle brush cleaner are two dish scrubbie scrubbers.

The dish scrubbie is durable, long-lasting, and non-scratch as well. Safe to use on surfaces and doesn’t absorb any liquids therefore no mildew smell.

When you buy the bottle cleaner set, you’ll also get two dish scrubbie.

This is a great buy because you can have two amazing products in one purchase.

Perfect Bottle cleaning solution

A perfect solution for a quick and thorough clean of any bottles is a bottle brush cleaner. But unlike traditional bottle brush cleaner which has bristles and sponges that fall apart easily, this long bottle brush cleaner set is unique in its form since it doesn’t have any bristles or wires that bend and rust.

The bottle cleaners are made of polyester yarn which is handwoven that won’t scratch, quick-drying, and no food, breast milk, or cow’s milk can get stuck in it.

The bottle brush cleaner set is composed of a long bottle brush cleaner, straw brush, and thin brush.

No wires, no rust

The long bottle brush doesn’t have wires that can rust. Its head is dense enough to easily clean the bottle by making full contact with the sides and long enough to reach the bottom crevices.

The fullness of the brush head conforms to any surface and acts as a scrubber. Its durable non-scratch cleaning head makes it safe for premium water bottles like Thermos, Nalgene, and Hydro Flask.

You can use the long bottle brush to clean baby bottles, water bottles, pitchers, mugs, tumblers, fine crystals, stainless steel, and plastic material.

The straw brushes are used to clean sippy straws and acrylic straws while the thin brush is great in cleaning bottles with narrow openings.

Truly non-scratch

No need to worry about scratches or damaging the surfaces of your bottles as the bottle brush set is 100% non-scratch and doesn’t leave any food streaks so no bacteria build-up can ever happen.

Unlike traditional bottle brushes with bristles that when you take it out of the bottle will give water splashes, the bottle cleaner set won’t spit any water at you keeping yourself dry and unbothered while cleaning your bottles.

Cleaning these bottle brushes is also simple and easy. It is dishwasher safe. You can wring the water out of the bottle brush every after use and air dry them.

Do not microwave or put in the washing machine.

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