My Fridge Stinks – The Number One Secret About Stinky Fridge Only A Handful Of People Know

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My fridge stinks but I know the number one secret about stinky fridge only a handful of people know. Well, let me unveil the secret for you. It’s easier to remove the smell than many people think. However, like smelly kitchen sinks, it can be time-consuming if you don’t have the proper cleaning tools.

Why Your Fridge Stinks

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There are two major things that will make your fridge smell:

1. Spoiled food 
2. Spilled drinks and food residue (smelly mold and yeast are also caused by spilled liquid and food)

Naturally, spoiled food will smell. And when you spill drinks and food inside your fridge they will go bad develop into molds and yeast and will smell like spoiled food.

Now if you have none of the above causes, but your fridge still stinks then you have to give it a good cleaning. There might be some microscopic molds, yeast and food residue that you need to scrub out.

Do You Need to Defrost Your Fridge Before Cleaning?

You don’t have to defrost a frost-free fridge before cleaning. Make sure to check your fridge manual first.

If you have a manual defrost fridge then you have a choice to defrost it or not. There are people who defrost weekly or monthly but you can choose your own frequency. 

Obviously, it’s easier to clean a defrosted freezer. However, you can skip cleaning it if you know for sure that the freezer is not the cause of the smell.

Electrocution warning: Unplug the fridge first in case you decide that you want to clean under it or behind it.

How to Clean Fridge Guide

Here’s what you need.

1. The Crown Choice scouring scrubber. This one will save you time because you don’t need to worry about scratching the inside of your fridge. Just scrub the gunk away.

2. Can I use liquid soap cleaners? Yes, you can use all-purpose cleaning liquids. For even better results, use natural cleansers which will also deodorize your fridge.

3.The best household deodorizer and liquid cleaner: Lemon juice, vinegar, and baking soda.

4. A spray bottle. For spraying the vinegar mixture.

5. Garbage can or garbage bag. To throw away food residue and other mess.

Step 1: Take all the food out of your fridge (throw away old & moldy food)
Step 2: Remove the drawers and shelving
Step 3: Wash the drawers and shelving like you would wash your dishes 

Shatter warning: Don’t use hot water on cold glass shelves.

Step 4: Put one part water and one part vinegar in a spray bottle.
Step 5: Spray the insides of your fridge concentrate on the sticky gunk caused by spillages
Step 6: Scrub the insides with a scouring scrubber cloth
Step 7: Put all the food residue that you scrubbed in your garbage bag

Optional: Put lemon juice in a cotton ball or absorbent dishcloth then wipe the walls of your fridge to make it smell great.

Step 8: Put back the shelving and trays and drawer (you can also put some lemon juice here)
Step 9: Put the food and beverages back in
Step 10: Put a small cup of baking soda to deodorize your fridge  

The process is simple but it might take a lot of time if you’re using the wrong tools.

Cleaning can be tedious if you just want to avoid bad fridge smells. In this case, you can use a cup of charcoal to absorb bad smells or you can use a box or a plate of baking soda.

Here’s the crucial thing about baking soda and charcoal, you can only use this for 24 hours. Throw it away after that because it’s no longer useful.

You can also use orange or lemon peels with salt inside your fridge. Put the empty shell with salt in a bowl and place it in your fridge. This is a great deodorizer as its safe and nobody in your home will mistake it as milk powder or whatever.

The Crown Choice Scouring Scrubber

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Using tools, like vinegar and baking soda, as natural cleansers and deodorizers are very effective and gentle to humans and animals.

So is using The Crown Choice Scouring Scrubber as it’s also effective and earth-friendly. It’s a great tool to make cleaning faster and easier because it’s non-scratch.

It’s not just a regular pot scrubber, it’s all-purpose, durable, odor-free and easy to clean! Buy the best all-purpose scouring scrubber now! You don’t have to say my fridge stinks if you have the secret to getting rid of the nasty smell in your fridge.

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