Crochet Scrubbie Set - Crocheted Dish Scrubbie and Bottle Brush Set 2

Crochet Scrubbie Set - Crocheted Dish Scrubbie and Bottle Brush Set

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  • ✔️ CROCHET SCRUBBIES: 5 fruit-shaped crocheted dish scrubbers.
  • ✔️ BOTTLE BRUSH SET: 2 bottle brushes and 2 straw brushes.
  • ✔️ FUN CROCHETED DESIGN: Great gifts, housewarming presents and stocking stuffers.
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HIGH QUALITY Crochet Scrubbie Set

Learn why we offer the best crochet scrubbies & bottle brushes

Non scratch bottle brush set

100% Non scratch: No scratch or food streaks and safe for baby bottles, fine crystal, stemware, plastic, stainless steel.

Long skinny brushes have NO annoying bristle head so no water splash. Keep yourself dry while cleaning up your bottles.

Clean premium water bottles like Thermos, Nalgene, or Hydro Flask is not a problem when you use our bottle cleaner.

dish scrubbie all purpose
dish scrubbie all purpose

Best crochet scrubbie set

Get 9 items in 1 set.

You get 5 strong and durable dish scrubbers, 2 bottle brushes, and 2 straw brushes. It’s the superior solution instead of using smelly sponges or brushes with falling bristles.

These are durable, non scratch & none smelly dish scrubbies. Scrub and clean your dishes without fear of damaging the surface.


Why do people rave about us?

Try our products and experience the difference. Quality you can trust to solve your needs.


Average Customer Rating

These are so cute and very functional. Soft but cleans dishes well. No bad smell. Plus looks so cute and cheerful on my sink as opposed to a regular cloth or sponge.
– Verified Review
I have used these for years. They last a very long time and do everything and are easy to sanitize…Best find ever.
– Verified Review
This is the best they are true to detail and have no smell to it. Thick and great quality. Do not fall apart I definitely plan on buying more.
Rosa A. Valencia
– Verified Review

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1803 reviews

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      5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect for almost everything!

I love these corn, my coated frying pans, glassware, dishes, etc. They're great for pots too, but are not abrasive, so if you need to scrub something, you might want to use a sponge with scrub surface.

By Melanie (Melzie) on October/13/2023


      5.0 out of 5 stars Love these!

I purchased my first set at the Del Mar Fair a few years ago. After covid I had a hard time finding them again on Amazon. These are alot better to use to wash dishes than a sponge.

By Sally on October/01/2023


      5.0 out of 5 stars Cute set

Practical and adorable! Work well.

By Kristen on August/25/2023


      5.0 out of 5 stars No musty smell

I first bought a set at the San Diego Fair and was so happy that I could find them online. I switched to using these versus the throw away pads. They are much cleaner, can be put in the dishwasher or even the washing machine to clean. Does not get that musty smell. I will throw it in the dishwasher whenever we run it. They also last a very long time and are great for cleaning. Does not damage my pots and pans, no scratches but cleans well.

By TLC on August/13/2023


      5.0 out of 5 stars Works well and DON’T SMELL

These are a great replacement for sponges, which for me, always start smelling before they’re worn out no matter how much I keep rinsing them out. These things dry out quickly — we just hang them off of the faucet — and don’t start smelling even over MONTHS of use! I mean, we’ve literally used one of these for about six months. The only downsides are 1. They work great for most everyday cleaning, but for tough stuff, we keep a Scotch-brite pad on hand. The latter just aren’t great for everyday cleaning though because they start to smell. 2. I wish they came in more varieties and colors — e.g., bright purple or red wouldn’t be my first choice! But they’re the only thing I’ve tried that stay fresh, and they’re a bargain.

By Anonymous on August/10/2023


      5.0 out of 5 stars Best dish scrubbers

These are durable and won’t scratch your cookware or dishes. You can run them through the dishwasher if they get a little food stuck in them. And, one scrubber lasts a year or longer. I love this product!

By K. Henderson on July/30/2023


      Dish sponge

I like that they are very durable and last for long time.

By Clara on June/02/2023


      It is as describe

It is as describe , but I am still looking for a sponge dish a bit stronger that I used to use in Korea . Look more like it is not available in US amazon yet

By Ngoc H. on May/19/2023


      Useful and efficient bottle brush set

I purchased the 4 piece bottle brush set (red scrubber, yellow scrubber, 2 straw brushes) in 2019 for cleaning reusable water bottles. The red and yellow long handled scrubbers work well for cleaning the entire interior surface of the bottles. They hold suds well, and it takes fewer strokes to thoroughly clean bottles than the bristle brush we used previously. The 2 straw bushes are the right size to clean reusable straws and flexible enough to pass through the mouthpieces that are part of some of the water bottles we use. The straw brushes have not lost bristles during use and has not rusted. To keep the red and yellow scrubbers clean after use, I rinse and shake out excess water, then let them dry fully in a warm and well ventilated place before storing them under my sink. I am pleased with this purchase and will continue using this set for years to come.

By G S K on May/15/2023


      Okay, a little too big, soft, so you have to scrub harder when washing pans and pots

Okay so far, a little too big, wish there were more fruit shapes like grapes, they're a little softer than expected which requires more scrubbing when washing pots and pans, especially when it comes to foods that are sticky or are harder to remove.

By Anonymous on May/10/2023


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Crochet Scrubbie Set - Crocheted Dish Scrubbie and Bottle Brush Set

Crochet Scrubbie Set - Crocheted Dish Scrubbie and Bottle Brush Set 2

  • ✔️ CROCHET SCRUBBIES: 5 fruit-shaped crocheted dish scrubbers.
  • ✔️ BOTTLE BRUSH SET: 2 bottle brushes and 2 straw brushes.
  • ✔️ FUN CROCHETED DESIGN: Great gifts, housewarming presents and stocking stuffers.

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1803 review 
Crochet Scrubbie Set - Crocheted Dish Scrubbie and Bottle Brush Set 2

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it’s a soft tip. The material is very cushiony, but has strong scrubbing power. Something you don’t find in any brush.

Yes! It’s non toxic and BPA free.

Certainly! The crochet scrubbie is BPA free and non-toxic. Most of our customers do use it to wash crystal/glass.

The brush itself is stiff so it won’t bend or curve to clean shoulders. For something that has wide shoulders, use our long bottle brush which is flexible to adjust to shoulders.

There are 9 pieces in the set. 2 bottle brushes, 2 straw brushes, and 5 crocheted scrubbies.

Looks can be deceiving. This will not flick water like a regular brush.

It’s not sponge material. It’s BPA-free, non-toxic polyester yarn and it doesn’t absorb water as much so it won’t stink.

Yes! This brush doesn’t use any plastic bristles. It’s non-toxic, it doesn’t attract germs and it won’t rust so it’s safe to use on baby bottles.

Yes! If it can fit into a 1″ mouth of a baby bottle it can work on a 1″ mouth of your Nalgene bottle.

It may look cute but it’s certainly tough. These best dish scrubbers are sturdy and won’t unravel with regular use.

This is the best dish scrubber so they are made from material that does not absorb water so it doesn’t give the food leftover or other bacteria a chance to grow.

Wash thoroughly after use under running water. Then air dry.

You can wash it in the top rack of dishwasher or the washing machine.

Bottle brush and the best crochet scrubbies

Get 9 items in 1 set. You get 5 strong and durable dish scrubbers, 2 bottle brushes, and 2 straw brushes. It’s the superior solution instead of using smelly sponges or brushes with falling bristles.

No smell scrubbers are the best dish scrubbers that are the best cleaning tool for dishes, baby bottles, and other kitchen utensils.

They are BPA-free, non-toxic and chemical-free dish scrubber, and bottle cleaning scrubbers. These scrubbing machines make cleaning faster and easier using this kind of dishwashing tools.

The scratch-free dish scrubber is like a tough washcloth. This means they’re not sponges. It’s actually nylon cloth that doesn’t absorb water or keep smells.

Stink Free Crochet Scrubbies

Not only does this nylon dish scrubber doesn’t absorb smells, but they’re also easy to clean.

Here’s how:

  • Wash under running water
  • Air dry

That’s all there is to it.

It’s so easy to clean this product it makes washing dishes and cleaning bottles fun. It also doesn’t take much time to air dry these tough dish scrubbers.

Sponges tend to disintegrate within a few days of heavy use. These dish scrubber pads are better than sponges because they are durable even under heavy use.

This nylon dish scrubber can outlast 7 smelly sponges.

Bottle brush no splash with straw brushes

Our bottle brushes are splash-free and will not leave falling bristles, unlike regular brushes. At least, brush as hard as you need to without fear of leaving bristles inside baby bottles or your wine bottle.

Can clean the sides and shoulders of bottles with full contact. Clean hard with no scratch and no damage to your bottles.

The included straw brushes are just as sturdy. Can clean crystal or plastic straws even with soft no-scratch bristles.

The perfect bundle for dish and bottle cleaning.

Why crochet scrubbies?

They’re cute, gentle, eco-friendly, and best of all very reliable.

Sounds like your perfect mate to be .. but no we’re talking about crochet scrubbies though it could be your next dishwashing partner in your kitchen.

Crochet dish scrubber is your answer to smelly sponges or brushes with falling bristles. They are great for getting food grease and drippings off pots and pans without scratching.

The crochet dish scrubber is designed to have the feel and look like your regular sponges but it is made of nylon cloth that does not absorb water and keep any smell.

What is good about crochet scrubbies over ordinary sponges? Let’s take a look and see why crochet dish scrubber is your next big thing in cleaning your baby bottles, pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils.

Dish Scrubbie Variety 5 Pack with Non-Scratch Scouring Pad and Sponge Cloth Set
Dish Scrubbie Variety 5 Pack with Non-Scratch Scouring Pad and Sponge Cloth Set

Ordinary sponges vs. crochet dish scrubbies

The kitchen is the busiest place in your home for cooking and preparing food.

It is also a meeting point at the end of the day for the family to chill and converse.

Needless to say, a kitchen should be clean and well organized.

But little do you know that no matter how hard you scrub your kitchen utensils it will never achieve a total clean if you are still using ordinary sponges as your kitchen cleaning tool that may carry and spread bacteria every time you use it.

Here are the reasons why you should avoid regular sponges and the benefits you can get from using a good crochet dish scrubber.



  • Absorbs liquids
  • It’s cheap price-wise


  • It’s hard to clean because the grime and smell have clung to the sponge.
  • The smell from leftover foods stays longer.
  • It falls apart easily.It becomes expensive in the long run because you need to replace it every week.
  • It harvests germs and bacteria.

Crochet dish scrubbers


  • Does not absorb any liquids because it is made of nylon cloth
  • It’s durable and can last until 6 months with regular use.
  • It does not keep any smell because it does not retain any moisture
  • It dries quicklyIt washes away any leftover food and doesn’t get stuck in the crochet dish scrubber.
  • Crochet dish scrubbies come in beautiful designs like flowers and fruits.Safe to wash in dishwasher and washing machine. 100% non-scratch.


  • Since it does not absorb liquids, it is not good in wiping surfaces and spills.

Aside from our crochet scrubbies, you can check out and get our non scratch scrubbers today!

dirty kitchen sponge replacement dish scrubbie
dirty kitchen sponge replacement dish scrubbie

The best crochet dish scrubbies

The best crochet dish scrubbers are those that are safe to use, durable and long-lasting. The Crown Choice is the leading brand for crochet scrubbies and bottle cleaning brushes.

It’s the best solution for smelly sponges and brushes that have weak bristles.

The dish scrubbers and brushes are made of nylon netting preventing any liquids to absorb making your pots, pans, glasses, and bottles clean and stink-free.

Here’s what you’ll love about it:

  • It can be cleaned easily just wash under running water then air dry it.
  • They are BPA-free, non-toxic, and chemical-free.
  • Scratch-free clean for your premium bottles like a thermos, Nalgene, and Hydro flask.
  • Unique patented brush with a strawberry design head that conforms to any surface and acts as a scrubber than a brush.

The Crown Choice dish scrubber comes in 5 fruit-shaped crocheted dish scrubbies and a bottle brush set with 2 bottle brushes and 2 straw brushes.
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