Kitchen Sink Caddy - 2-in-1 Organizer for Sponges and Rags

Kitchen Sink Caddy - 2-in-1 Organizer for Sponges and Rags

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  • ✔️ ORGANIZER YOUR SINK: Keep your sponges and wash cloths clean & dry.
  • ✔️ BEST KITCHEN SINK CADDY: No suction cups that fall or magnets that don't work.
  • ✔️ FOR ALL SINKS: Sink caddy works on farmhouse, stainless, graphite and more.
Kitchen Sink Caddy - 2-in-1 Organizer for Sponges and Rags 2

Easy installation and removal

Make sure to install on a complete air dried surface, no oil, grease, dirt. Remove all air bubbles and make sure there are no gaps around the edges of the adhesive.

The adhesive sticker is patented with two strong hooks. Unhook the basket as needed to wash the sink wall.

Our sink caddies will securely hold your sponges and dishcloths. Get a sleek-looking kitchen caddy and organize your sink items.

No suction cups! No falling wire ledge hanger! Save valuable counter space!

Kitchen Sink Caddy - 2-in-1 Organizer for Sponges and Rags 3

Super-strong adhesive

We don’t use suction cups! Again, no unreliable suction cups. No weak magnets.

The adhesive used is super strong and will stay put for months on end. It can withstand accidental bumps and nudges.

You can be sure that this large adhesive with a clip will stay on strong. Follow the instructions and this adhesive will last a long time.


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Try our product and experience the difference. Quality guarantee, long-lasting, problem-solving.


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      Product does not sit evenly at all. Looks terrible

By Anonymous on May/12/2023


      Customer service is horrible

I bought this unit and it works great. I did have a question and contacted the company twice and they never acknowledged or responded. They are very clear that the do not have a customer phone number and since the handle everything via email which is a misrepresentation.

By Stephen J. on May/03/2023


      Finally found one of these that worked for what I needed.

I ordered several of these type of sink caddies and this one was the winner. Just had a new single bowl granite composite sink installed and had no where to hang my dish cloth. This sink caddy had a wide enough distance between where the sponge sits and the bar to hang the dish cloth that it wasn’t like threading a needle to hang up my dish cloth. I definitely recommend, simple and useful.

By Teresa Grove on February/07/2023



It works just as described and with an island sink it works well to keep things out of sight. Easy to attach and seems very sturdy.

By Anonymous on January/29/2023


      Great Product. I bought 3!

Works well, looks great and this is my third one for 3 sinks in different houses.

By Anonymous on January/01/2023



Have had for months and still hasn't fallen off

By Kinger4306 on November/08/2022


      Cluster free

I hate having my rag and sponge thrown down on my sink! This is so handy and perfect

By Mellisha Mccrae on October/02/2022



The adhesives use against the plastic failed.

By Teanae on July/01/2022


      Nice little holder but....

The Sink Sponge Holder for Kitchen Sink & Dish Cloth Hanger is very nice and I like the idea, but there are problems that I don't like. The mounting tape is too wide at the top so you can't stick it up to the top of the sink, which makes it placed down too low in the sink, and then it sags (see picture) making it easier for things to fall out. I'll use it, but I wouldn't buy another one.

By Rytebrain on June/22/2022


      Did not do it right

Think about where you're putting that sticker. That's where it's going to stay

By Diane the Barber on June/19/2022


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Kitchen Sink Caddy - 2-in-1 Organizer for Sponges and Rags

Kitchen Sink Caddy - 2-in-1 Organizer for Sponges and Rags

  • ✔ FITS 2 SPONGES & 1 CLOTH: Organize your kitchen sink. Keep sponges out of the way.
  • ✔ BEST SINK CADDY KITCHEN: Strong stainless construction. No falling suction cups.
  • ✔️ FOR ALL SINKS: Kitchen sink caddy works on farmhouse, stainless, graphite and more.

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717 review 
Kitchen Sink Caddy - 2-in-1 Organizer for Sponges and Rags

Frequently Asked Questions

Just tried in person to make sure. Yes it does but might be tight for two sponges that are 2 inches thick.

For other sponges, it perfectly fits as their combined thickness is only 1.5 inches.

No. Only the sponge holder and the adhesive are included.

Please make sure to follow the instructions.

1. Did you attach the clear adhesive on a fully clean and dry surface?

2. Pushed out all the air by rubbing the surface completely? Make sure the edges are air tight.

3. Waited 30min before clipping the sponge holder?

If the caddy is installed directly below the sink or in a highly wet zone or submersed in water, the adhesive will come off. Make sure to install away from water.

Yes. The adhesive holder stays in place but you can remove the basket easily.

We have a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

Certainly. It fits most double sinks and standard sinks. Make your sink area neat.

The adhesive is very sticky and will stick for a long time when attachment instructions are followed properly.

The sticker holds strong to all surfaces. It should be on smooth flat surfaces only. If your sink has bumps, it will not hold over time.

Please make sure to follow instructions and stick it securely. It also comes off without any mess if desired.

The adhesive will fall off as water can weaken any glue.

The basket can be removed easily if you want to remove it. But it doesn’t slip and slide because it’s held snugly to the bracket.

We have customers tell us that they sometimes hit the basket hard accidentally and it’s still on tight!

Yes. The tape is hard to remove accidentally but is easy to remove if you want it removed. We had reports that it comes off without any residue.

Our customers had no problem removing the tapes to move the sponge holder from one sink to another. If you’re not sure you can buy an adhesive remover from the hardware shop. It’s a liquid that removes super glue and any other adhesive type stuff.

Organize your kitchen sink with our sink caddy

Having a cluttered kitchen can be frustrating. Bumping into things that are always in the way and having trouble finding things can lead to a lot of frustration.

Overwhelmed with clutter in your kitchen? Here are some tips to help you avoid the clutter.

Let’s get to it.

Keep things close at hand

Keep your most used items close at hand, so you’re not wasting time looking for the items you need most. Keep your sponges, scrubbers and dishcloths organized with our sink caddy.

Our in-sink caddy keeps what you need close to where you need it.

Keep your cabinets cleaned and decluttered

Don’t let your cabinet below the sink turn into a cluttered mess.

Don’t let yourself use it as a dumping ground for random cleaning supplies.

Use an over-the-door rack to keep things organized or a portable caddy if you need to take it to other parts of the house. And make sure you don’t let it get out of hand, make sure you always have easy access.

Keep the counters clear

Keep your counters cleared off to give yourself room to cook and clean. There are many ways to move items off your counters, and into an organized home. Some ideas to consider:

  • Hanging fruit baskets
  • Sink caddy
  • Hanging cooking utensils
  • Floating shelves on the sides of cabinets
  • Use a sturdy set of shelves as a mini-island.
  • Using vertical storage

Get it out

Look around for items that don’t belong in the kitchen and get them out into the place they belong.

Don’t let your counters become a home for items that don’t belong. If things are being dropped there that don’t belong, look at adding storage in your entryway.

If you really need it, use a jar for the random little things, anything bigger should have a home of it’s own.

2-in-1 Kitchen Sink Caddy | Sponge + Dish Cloth Hanger Combo | Stainless Steel Uses Strong Detachable 3M Tape
all purpose dish cloth holder

Cabinet contents

Keep your cabinets organized as well, and use a riser or racks to organize small items.

Check the shelves in your cabinets as well, if they are taller than the items you are storing in them, adjust them if you can. If you end up with enough room, add another shelf, a hardware store can cut you the piece you need, and supply any needed hardware.

Find the empty space

Look for any empty spaces that are under-utilized. The space on top of your fridge, any empty corner or any other spot that is currently not doing anything.

Even most black-splashes can have a shelf installed, to keep your cooking essentials close at hand.

Put those empty spaces to use keeping your kitchen organized.

In the zone

Consider zoning your kitchen and counters so that everything stays where it should. Divide your space into different areas with different purposes. For example, you can devote an area to food prep, with your most used items for that purpose close at hand in each area. If you have a real small space, consider just a cooking area and a cleaning area.

Keep up with the clutter

Stay on top of your organization, don’t let it get out of hand. Remember to purge your pantry, clean your cabinets and keep your fridge free of old food.

We got more kitchen sink organizers to choose from. Get this amazing 2-in-1 kitchen sponge holder and save more space in your sink!

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