Kitchen Sponge Alternative - Scrubber Pad for Dishwashing, Scrubbing, Cleaning

home scrubber pad crown choice

  • ✔ KITCHEN SPONGE ALTERNATIVE: No more smelly disgusting kitchen sponges.
  • DURABLE NYLON SCRUBBER PAD: Lasts longer than 7 regular kitchen sponges.
  • NO MORE SMELLY SPONGES: Made of nylon and does not absorb. Does not retain foul water and residue.

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home scrubber pad crown choice


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The best kitchen sponge alternative

no more smelly sponges

No more smelly kitchen sponges

Have you found yourself holding your nose because traditional kitchen sponges start to stink up your kitchen with foul mildew and sour smells?

That’s the smell of bacteria coming from your sponge. It’s a breeding ground of germs as leftover food and moisture combine to create nasty germ babies which you are spreading all over your dishes, countertops, stoves and cookware.

ODOR FREE Scrubber Pad for Dishwashing, Scrubbing, Cleaning | Scratch Free Scrubber

Why use this scrubber pad?

  1. There is no sponge that sucks up moisture. It is a great little scrubber without retaining any moisture.
  2. Made of nylon so that it does not absorb moisture.
  3. Food rinses out super easy. Even eggs and cheese.
  4. Super durable: one scrubber pad will outlast 7-10 sponges. That’s why we call is the best kitchen sponge alternative.
  5. 100% non-scratch. Safe for stainless, Tupperware, cast iron, non-stick coated, glass, china, porcelain, plastic.
Kitchen Sponge Alternative - Scrubber Pad for Dishwashing, Scrubbing, Cleaning 2

All purpose use around home

This scrubber can be used anywhere in your home for a safe scrub.

Our unique texture and weave makes it safe for all surfaces.

Shower doors, outdoor furniture, sinks, floors, cabinets.

If anything needs safe scrubbing, this is a great choice. The shape is in a pad size. Slightly bigger than a sponge, but thinner which makes it easier to use and get into tight spots.

home scrubber pad kitchen sponge alternative closeup
Kitchen Sponge Alternative - Scrubber Pad for Dishwashing, Scrubbing, Cleaning 3
ODOR FREE Scrubber kitchen sponge alternative Pad for Dishwashing, Scrubbing, Cleaning | Scratch Free Scrubber
home scrubber pad crown choice

Home Scrubber Pad for Dishwashing, Scrubbing, Cleaning

home scrubber pad crown choice
Vanilla – 173 Servings IN STOCK - ready to ship
      451 REVIEWS 4.46 of 5

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What customers say about our kitchen sponge alternatives

Customer Reviews


451 reviews

4.46 out of 5 Stars

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      Holds soap

By Jane on July/08/2021

This was not the blue scratch pad I was expecting, but I really like this pad. It is soft and pliable, and will hold a couple of drops of soap through several dishes and glasses. I wipe off countertops with it and it feels almost like I'm using a cloth, but it is a scratch pad. I like this product.

      Quick drying and safe scrubbing

By Anonymous on June/30/2021

This is a great dish or sink or bathroom scrubber. It doesn’t have a sponge part so not a great counter cleaner but I love it and it outlasts many sponges and never has had a bad odor!


By susan demos on May/28/2021

easy to use not as strong as I'd like

      High quality.

By Billh on April/18/2021

These items were delivered quickly and I anticipate their use with great expectations. I'm sure they will preform extremely well.

      Le Creuset and aluminum coffee cup miracle!

By Elvis Lives! on March/31/2021

I have two stains items in my kitchen that have evaded all attempts at cleaning, my ancient Le Crueset dutch oven, and my beloved stainless steel Albor travel mug. I can't use anything abrasive on either, and the the coffee mug always has a faint coffee odor and brown stains on the bottem. To make matters worse, I overcooked some lentil soup until it became fossilized so I purchased this item. With a paste of baking soda and 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and a little rubbing, the Le Crueset looks like new. The coffee mug wiped clean easily with this scrubber. The stains and the faint coffee smell - gone. It really is an amazing product.

      Worth the money

By M. Reece on March/29/2021

Works like a sponge but way better. I used it clean walls, tub, countertops, as well as dishes. Durable, effective cleaning, and still gentle.

      Lasted three days...

By Nicole on February/24/2021

This scrub pad cleans really well but on the third day it looked like it had been used for 8 months. It has fallen apart in the week and a half we have used it. Even though it cleans well it doesn’t last which is unfortunate because the first two days were awesome! Still on a search for a durable good scrub pad, wish me luck!

      Best stovetop cleaner

By Anonymous on February/22/2021

Cleans stovetop like no other

      Best non-scratch scrubber I've ever used.

By Anonymous on February/07/2021

This product is not meant to work like a sponge. It does not absorb liquids but it is the best non-scratch scrubber I've ever used. I will always keep this product on hand. I use it as a dishcloth, add liquid detergent and wash up my dishes, silverware, pots and pans and cutting boards, then rinse them and air dry (most of the time). It rinses quickly and easily and does not get sour odor or mildew. Best addition to my kitchen in a long time! They are small and dry quickly. I recommend them highly.

      Love the color! Easy to find and it's a nice size.

By Diane Cox on January/25/2021

Very nice


Within 48 contiguous states


30 day no question money back guarantee


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this kitchen sponge alternative made out of and where is it made?

It’s made from 100% nylon and It’s made in Korea.

Will it leave ugly marks if I use it to wipe my table, dishes, pot, pans?

No. We want to provide the best kitchen sponge alternative so we made this non scratch.

This is a kitchen sponge alternative, but it is not for wiping or absorbing spills. Only for scrubbing.

The kitchen scrubber alternative look like 3D scrubbies, is this a correct assumption or are they flat?

Not 3D. They’re flat dish cloths perfect kitchen sponge alternative.

Is this kitchen sponge alternative safe to use on the stainless steel portion (outer door, bottom and sides) to remove finger prints from any stove?

Yes, it’s just like a soft cloth but it doesn’t absorb much liquid.

How frequent should I wash these kitchen sponge alternative to maintain its smell free state?

The scrubber pads should be washed after use. While it doesn’t absorb much liquid and doesn’t attract smells, stuff do add up if it’s not washed frequently.

If it’s hygienic to wash stinky sponges after use then it’s also good practice to wash this one regularly.

How frequent should I change this? How long does it last?

This lasts 7 times longer than an ordinary sponge. We have customers reporting that they bought there’s on December and they’re still using it until May or June without any issues.

Can this be used on enameled cookware?


Is this antibacterial like silicone scrubbers?

No. Just a porous rough textured cloth. Good on dishes. Can’t be used to wipe counter tops.

Will this remove burnt on spills on a stainless steel cook top? 

No. This is not designed to absorb liquid or to scrape. We do have a heavy duty scouring scrubber.

How many items are in the package?

There is 1 per pack. You can buy in bulk to save money.

How do I clean this thing? Can I put it inside my dish washer?

You can put it under running water and air dry. Dish washer safe and also safe in the washing machine.

Will this thing scratch my precious ceramic/china/glassware?

No. It is made of nylon and safe for kitchen surfaces.

Will this damage my coated/teflon pans?

No. It’s made of material that’s tough but non-scratch. Some of our customers use this on their Copper Chef coated surface pans with ease.

home scrubber pad crown choice

Home Scrubber Pad for Dishwashing, Scrubbing, Cleaning

home scrubber pad crown choice
Vanilla – 173 Servings IN STOCK - ready to ship
      451 REVIEWS 4.46 of 5

Real reviews


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Why use a kitchen sponge alternative?

Nobody likes stinky kitchen sponges.

But why is it that the kitchen sponges and scrubbers that you get from stores, start to smell after a few uses?

If you are like most people, you probably buy sponges in bulk, and then when it starts to smell, throw it out. This actually costs more.

1. Because they break often in less than two weeks

2. Because they reek and it needs to be thrown immediately

3. Because they get dirty so fast

Replacing sponges every 1-2 weeks gets expensive over the course of 1 year.

And all of us do this. People overuse sponges sometimes because they’re too busy to buy new ones – and it’s not something at the top of your mind.

You have better things to think about.

People don’t put “kitchen sponges” at the top of their shopping list.

But remember, the smellier a sponge gets, the more germs it has.

Overusing sponges is not just a filthy habit but it can cause illnesses too.

This is where sponges become more harmful than helpful in the kitchen. This is why this old technology should be replaced.

DIY kitchen sponge alternatives

There are no smell kitchen sponges made from polyester or no smell nylon mesh scrubbers out there. They’re cleaner sponge alternatives but you can’t easily make them at home.

This is not ideal for busy people. But if you have time then you can make your own no smell sponge scrubber pad alternative.

There is a thriving YouTube maker and DIY community that can help instruct you to make your own home scrubbing pad. There’s a term that they call it – un-sponges.

A fitting name since all people really hate sponges in secret if not overt. 🙂

What you need.

1. Sewing machine

2. Sewing kit

3. Nylon netting 

4. Bits of cotton

5. Cloth (like from an old towel)

6. Another piece of cloth (that’s not a towel cloth)

7. Cellulose sponge

Directions for the dishcloth.

1. Cut the towel cloth, the other cloth piece, and the nylon netting into a square piece

2. Stitch the towel and the other cloth on 3 sides leaving one side open

3. Optional – you can fold the cloth and then stitch the closed sides and again leaving one side open

4. Fill it with the bits of cotton cloth using the opening you left on one side

5. Tuck the opening in and close it with a top stitch

Directions for the scrubbing pad.

1. Sandwich the nylon netting using 2 square cloths

2. Again stitch the 3 sides of the cloths along with the netting inside

3. Using the open side put the nylon out by turning it inside out

4. Close the opening by tucking it in and closing it with a top stitch

You need at least 5 minutes each for the project. I find this a fascinating and worthwhile project if you have the time to do it.

What to look for in a kitchen sponge alternative

The best sponge replacement should:

1. Be able to properly clean or scrub your plates, pots & pans

2. Without scratching your kitchenware

3. Without disintegrating after a week or two

4. Without keeping the yucky mildewy smell of a sponge

Introducing The Crown Choice Scrubber Pad

The Crown Choice scrubber pad is the best kitchen sponge alternative precisely because it air dries very quickly and is not meant to absorb liquids.

This means it doesn’t give bacteria a home to grow and expand.

Our patented and unique nylon weave is tough but scratch free, it has good scrubbing power, gets into corners easily and makes cleaning and scrubbing a breeze.

Best thing?

It won’t smell like your current kitchen sponge if you wash it properly after use.

We chose the material to be non-absorbent, durable, non-scratch & no smell to do one thing to perfection. Clean and scrub with the highest efficiency. It’s designed to be that way from the start.

It sounds too good to be true but all you have to do is try it out and see for yourself.

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