eggplant scrubbie 2

Scrubbies for Dishes - Eggplant Shape Crocheted Scrubbie

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      4.6 of 5 1751 REVIEWS
  • SCRUBBIES FOR DISHES: Eggplant design. Cute, fun, and colorful to make chores fun.
  • LONG LASTING: More durable than regular scrubbies or sponges. Polyester scrubbies.
  • DISHWASHING MADE EASY: Scrubs away tough mess and easy to rinse out.


eggplant scrubbie 2
Scrubbies for Dishes - Eggplant Shape Crocheted Scrubbie 1

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HIGH QUALITY eggplant Dish scrubbie for dishes

Learn why we offer the best eggplant dish scrubbie for dishes

No more smelly sponges

No more smelly dish rags, sponges, scrubbing pads or dishcloths. Quick drying and non absorbent material prevents foul odors due to bacteria growth.

Independently tested and was found to be significantly less odor than sponges or dish rags.

Food rinses out easily from our crochet scrubbies, even cheese and eggs.

dish scrubbie all purpose scrubber
dish scrubbie all purpose scrubber

Take the chore out of dishwashing

With our crochet scrubbies you can scrub the food particles out of dishes with ease. It can also be used to wash and polish pots and pans.

It dries quicker than sponges and it doesn’t absorb water so it will not grow odor-causing germs. No mildew smells here.

It’s also easy to clean our scrubbies for dishes because food washes out under running water. Just air dry and it’s ready for the next use.


Why do people rave about us?

Read why people rave about our Scrubbies for Dishes – Eggplant Shape Crocheted Scrubbie


Average Customer Rating

They work beautifully. Bright & cheery. Work well. Love the variety in one set.
Gail M.
– Verified Review
They’re a lot longer-lasting than a sponge, and don’t get grody or develop an odor.
– Verified Review
These are a lot of fun and are as good as any pot scrubbers or sponges I have used before.
– Verified Review

Customer Reviews



1751 reviews

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I ordered based on reviews and just ordered 3. I absolutely love the scrubbers as they don't stink and dry fast. I love the shape of fruit and they are just fabulous. Gave one to my friend so she can try them. I will order more and stock up on them.

By Marilu on September/26/2022


      AMAZING!!! Replace your sponges with these!

I have purchased these a few times. Their quality is amazing! My sister bought them for me at first and I had a problem with trusting them as they do feel weird in your hands. I thought it might scratch the non stick off of my pans but it’s quite the contrary. These little guys work WONDERS. Even taking rice that’s coated on to the rice cooker is a BREEZE! I highly recommend these! My sister also said if they’re starting to stink to just throw them in the dishwasher and wash them. I just buy new ones Everytime but may try the dishwasher method.

By Marisela on September/14/2022


      love the scrubbies

so nice for dishes. i put them in the dishwasher to clean them every once in a while and they hold up!

By Alyssa on September/13/2022


      Not just for dishes!

I’ve bought several sets of these, mixed fruits and then these watermelon ones. I find the shape most useful. I use them in the kitchen, in my laundry tub for scrubbing out plant pots, AND also in my shower for washing and defoliating my facial skin. The fact that they are cute as heck and last a very long time is a bonus!

By Susan L. Kocher on September/13/2022


      Works and cleans like nothing I have ever used before!

It cleans and scrubs better than the many scrubber sponges I have used. I love them!!

By karen mckinney on September/11/2022


      cute and clean

They look cute and clean well. Do not stink. Safe to use on non-stick cookware and easy to clean in the dish washer.

By Amazon Customer on September/05/2022



Love these! Great for cleaning and showers. Thank you 👍

By DianaMc on September/04/2022


      best scrubbers

these are the best...last really long...can go in the dishwasher. or washer. and they never get that stinky smell like sponges...

By Bailey on September/04/2022


      Best sponge. I will never buy the typical sponge again.

This sponge never smells, scrubs well, doesn’t scratch, extremely durable, cute, has a loop to hang it. Did I mention it never smells? I HATE regular sponges bc they start smelling within two days of doing dishes. I will never go back. This pack of three will last me 6-12 months.

By Ashley on August/29/2022


      Didn’t use

I bought these thinking they were like the one I bought at a fair, when I received them they had weird glittery stuff in them. Didn’t have any smells so not sure what that was about. And wasn’t the same as I had already purchased. So didn’t use and returned.

By mosslynn on August/23/2022


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Scrubbies for Dishes - Eggplant Shape Crocheted Scrubbie

eggplant scrubbie 2

  • ✔️ TOUGH SCRUBBIES FOR DISHES: Extra sturdy.
  • ✔️ 100% SAFE FOR SURFACES: Non scratch scrubbies for all surfaces
  • ✔️ LOW MAINTENANCE: Dishwasher & washing machine.
  • ✔️ NO SPONGE ODORS: Dries quickly. No mildew.
  • ✔️ FOOD RINSES OUT EASILY: Easy to wash & sanitize.

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1751 review 
eggplant scrubbie 2

Frequently Asked Questions

Our crochet scryubbie is made from 100% polyester. Hand crocheted by master crocheters in China.

Our customers tell us that they have used these on pristine German porcelain dishes and they are fine! They told us that this watermelon dish scrubbies did a great job of gently cleaning them without a single mark.

Not 3D exactly but they’re double layered, thick and they work great! It’s this cute watermelon dish scrubbies design that everybody will love.

Yes, it’s just like a soft scrubber. It is NOT for absorbing or wiping up spills. Only for scrubbing.

The scrubbies should be washed after use. While it doesn’t absorb much liquid and doesn’t attract smells, stuff do add up if it’s not washed frequently.

If it’s hygienic to wash stinky sponges after use then it’s also good practice to wash this one regularly.

No. You need something heavy duty like our scouring scrubber cloth.

Select the quantity you want. You can get it as a 1 pack, 3 pack or 5 pack. Contact us if you want more. The more you buy, the more you save.

You can put it under running water and air dry. That’s it! You can put it in the dishwasher or the washing machine too. Just air dry and its ready for the next dish washing chore.


This dish washing scrubbie is made from polyester. Think of it like a unique cloth.If you are very concerned, test it in a small area first.

Why use our eggplant scrubbie?

Not a fan of dishwashing chores but need to do it anyway?

Maybe a change in your dish scrubbies will make it more enjoyable to do.

Let’s face it, cleaning is a never-ending task especially in the kitchen where all the cleaning action happen every day.

You need reliable kitchen cleaning tools that won’t give you a hard time scrubbing and doubting at the same time if the pan and pots are really clean.

Sanitary cleaning items

Regular dish scrubbies like sponges, brushes, dishcloths, and towels are bacteria magnets.

They don’t do the job well in cleaning kitchen utensils and worse they may even spread germs around the kitchen.

Eggplant scrubbie is the perfect solution to replace your smelly sponges and germ scavenging dishcloth. It works better in cleaning, is long-lasting and saves you money in the long run.

Let’s take a look at how this eggplant scrubbie can do wonders in your kitchen.

What you’ll love about our eggplant scrubbie

There are so many things to love about eggplant scrubbie. Let’s us count the ways.

  • It’s cute and a nice piece of colorful decorative tool to brighten up your kitchen.
  • Eggplant scrubbie is made of polyester yarn that does not absorb water which means it’s good for scrubbing pots and pans but not for absorbing water.
  • It has double layers of polyester fiber strength that make it durable. It air dries easily preventing mildew build-up and bacteria growth.
  • Guaranteed 100% non-scratch clean perfect for chrome, copper, stainless steel, anodized surfaces, non-stick cookware, glass, crystal, porcelain, china, and ceramics.
  • Food particles rinse out easily even sticky cheese and eggs. It reaches every nooks and cranny of your pans and utensils.
  • You can use the eggplant scrubbie to clean your fruits and veggies without damage.
  • It is safe to pop it in the washing machine or dishwashing machine.
  • It saves you money because it’ll last 6 months to one year. Compare that to ordinary sponges that you need to replaces every other week.

Where to use eggplant scrubbie

Eggplant scrubbie is versatile and it can be used for all-purpose scrubbing. They are generally great for cleaning your kitchen sinks, kitchen tiles, and kitchenwares.

However, there are other great ways of using the eggplant scrubbie other than cleaning pots and pans which other people may not know.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

egg plant dish scrubbie
dish scrubbie all purpose scrubber

1. Great for cleaning fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables that are in the grocery stores have wax put on them. Washing them is essential to get rid of the wax. You can use eggplant scrubbie as a gentle scrubber that cleans fruits and veggies without damaging or cause pokes on them.

You can use a different set of scrubbies to avoid cross-contamination for cleaning your fruits and veggies.

2. Easy cleaning of whisk

When you love cooking or baking, cleaning whisks can be a challenge.

Cleaning it with eggplant scrubbie is now easy and manageable with its polyester fibers that get through between nooks and crannies of the whisk removing food particles or any speck of sauces.

3. Cleans wine glasses quick and easy

You should clean your wine glasses with care because it is made of crystal and gets scratched easily.

Cleaning it with sponges and brushes with hard bristles will not be effective and may result in damaging your precious wine glass.Instead, use eggplant scrubbie to gently remove wine residue and lipstick that get stuck on it.

The best eggplant scrubbie

Get the leading dish scrubber that is safe to use, chemical-free and toxic-free.

The Crown Choice eggplant scrubbies are the answer to smelly and bacteria-loaded sponges.

Get yours today and experience the difference.

We variety of design for our dish scrubbie. Get the complete set of this amazing dish washing scrubber now.

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