Best natural pH balanced face wash for sensitive, oily and dry skin

Best Face Wash pH Balanced | Natural, Vegan 2

  • 🍃 BEST DAILY FACE WASH: Mild and gentle. Packed with nutrients and antioxidants like Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Cucumber, and Manuka.
  • ⭐ NATURAL FACIAL CLEANSER: Specially formulated for sensitive skin to cleanse and hydrate your skin after a long day.
  • ✔️ NO BREAKOUTS, NO IRRITATION: For all skin types. Especially sensitive skin. No SLS, SLES, Propylene Glycol, PG derivatives, parabens, sulfates, dyes or synthetic fragrance.

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Best Face Wash pH Balanced | Natural, Vegan 2

Clean, clear and trouble free skin

Many people come to us looking for the best face wash. They find us because they have sensitive skin and cheaper drugstore facial wash products contain harsh chemicals causing their skin to break out.

The last thing you want to do is worsen your acne or dry out your face from over washing.

Buying a face wash should be simple, but with so many choices, how do you choose the best one?

Just some of the questions we get are:

Is this facial wash gentle?

Is this face cleanser pH balanced?

Will it work for sensitive skin?

What about oily or dry skin?

Will it irritate my face?

How often should I wash my face?

That’s a lot of questions and trouble for a face wash.

How much easier would it be if you could just use the best face wash for you that was:

pH balanced to maintain healthy skin barrier, prevent dryness, tightness and irritation

gentle on the skin but still effective in cleansing

natural and vegan

The problem with natural face wash

natural face wash performance

Although natural products are great, the truth is that clean and natural products do not perform as well as synthetic and harsher chemical alternatives.

As an example, would water and soap clean better than bleach?

Nature itself is gentle and friendly. Trying to get “strong” performance out of natural products is like wanting a soft and gentle bleach.

It’s an oxymoron.

But this is why people come to us at Iris & Orchid. We perform extensive research and testing to determine the highest quality ingredients that is not only natural, but performs just as well as synthetic products.

This is why it takes us 5x longer to develop a product than competitors. We don’t sacrifice performance just to offer a natural product.

Why you’ll love our natural facial wash

mild gentle no irritation face wash

Regular washing won’t damage skin

People with sensitive skin tell us our face wash is the only one that does not cause them to break out.

People with oily or dry skin can use it without worrying about stripping away too much oil and leaving their skin feel tight.

Moms send us messages of how they finally found a product their daughter can use daily.

ph balanced face wash

Special pH balance

Most “pH balanced” face cleansers on the market have a pH of around 5.5.

However, scientific studies show that a pH between 4.7-5.0 is the best and healthiest range for your skin.

Our face wash is specially formulated to have a pH of 4.7, making it so gentle and soothing.

aloe face wash

Remarkable blend of natural ingredients

We focus on natural vegan ingredients such as aloe, cucumber, green tea extract and manuka oil to clean and invigorate your skin without harshness.

Verify each ingredient on the EWG website and see how clean and safe they are.

You can wash day and night without irritation or side effects.

As seen in

iris orchid press news

Customers trust us for clean ingredients and performance

No synthetic fragrance


No parabens

No harsh chemicals

No dyes

Not tested on animals

face wash ingredients

Feel free to use our facial wash day and night.

Cleans without stripping natural oils and balanced to keep your skin feeling youthful, fresh and bright.


Within 48 contiguous states


30 day no question money back guarantee


Simple pleasures in everyday products

Best Face Wash pH Balanced | Natural, Vegan 4

Best Natural Face Wash for Sensitive, Oily and Dry Skin

Best Face Wash pH Balanced | Natural, Vegan 4
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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Within 48 contiguous states


30 day no question money back guarantee


Simple pleasures in everyday products

Our ingredients

  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice
  • Decyl Glucoside
  • Sodium Cocoyl Taurate
  • Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine
  • Glycerin
  • Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract
  • Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract
  • Caprylic Acid (and) Propanediol (All Natural) (and) Lauric Acid
  • Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride (Guar Gum
  • Mentha Viridis (Spearmint) Leaf Oi
  • Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oi
  • Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil
  • Citric Acid
  • Leptospermum Scoparium (Manuka) Oil


Fall in love with our best face wash or your money back

We like to keep it simple.

Fall in love with it within 30 days or you can get a refund.*

No questions asked.

*Minus shipping & handling, when applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an acne face wash?

Our Iris & Orchid face wash is not an “acne wash” as it does not contain salicylic acid, sodium sulfacetamide, or benzoyl peroxide. Our face wash is a foaming cleanser that is pH balanced to help improve the condition of the skin by keeping it clean without harsh chemicals.

How to wash your face properly?

In the morning, it is enough to wash your face with warm water. You do not need to use a cleanser.

Then in the evening, wash your face with Iris & Orchid silky pH balanced face wash after you’ve removed your makeup and during your cleansing routine.

Wet your face with water, pump foam into the palm of your hands and rub together. Then rub the palm of your hands against your face to cleans. Rinse with warm water.

How many times a day should I wash my face?

It all comes down to how oily or dirty your face becomes during the day.

But for a regular routine, washing your face once in the morning with water and again in the evening with a pH balanced mild cleanser is more than adequate to keep your face fresh and clean.

There are some opinions on the internet that says that you shouldn’t wash your face regularly, but the truth is that, everyone is different so wash your face however many times you feel is necessary.

If you have extremely oily skin, you will wash it more than a person with very dry skin.

How to make your own face wash?

The easiest is water and a little soap.

You can mix in some baking soda or vinegar to really do some cleansing, but the problem is that you will end up with a liquid that is very harsh, not pH balanced and your skin will feel dry and tight. We would not recommend you to make your own cleanser especially with baking soda or vinegar or using both.

You can save a few dollars, but the hassle and the side effects that can occur is very real.

Save the trouble and hassle. Try our long lasting face wash and get clean today.

What is the best face wash for sensitive skin?

When we compare the formulation, ingredients and performance, we believe Iris & Orchid delivers the best facial wash.

Our price is not cheap as we focus on quality over quantity. One pump is all you need to wash your face. Other products get used 2-3x faster and you will have to purchase over and over again.

Not to mention the incorrect pH level or overly harsh chemicals they put into mass market products to drive cost down.

Is this a face wash for dry skin?

Our pH is 4.7 which makes it very suitable for all skin types. This includes dry skin.

This is important because having a pH higher than this level will dry out your skin further. Our face wash will cleanse without stripping away your natural barrier like most mass market and drugstore brands.

You’ll be getting quality natural ingredients which help to soothe while cleansing.

Can you use this face wash with Clarisonic?


Because this is a foaming wash, pump once directly onto your Clarisonic and cleanse away. Rather than using bar soap or something harsh, try our Iris & Orchid face wash and feel the difference.

If possible, we would not recommend to use Clarisonic daily, especially for sensitive skin, as the rotating brush can certainly stimulate your skin and cause irritation. Besides, you must sanitize the brush regularly to keep it from germs and bacteria, which can cause worse skin issues.

What face wash can I use while pregnant?

During your pregnancy, you may have very sensitive skin. With that in mind, you may want to use something as basic as water, or definitely give our Iris & Orchid facial cleanser a try.

It won’t irritate. It won’t dry you out. It rinses off clean and easily. No filmy residue leftovers.

Can I wash my face with bar soap?

Of course. You can wash your face with whatever soap you feel works on your skin.

Bar soaps tend to have a very high pH and the long term effects of this on your skin is not good. The reason why your skin becomes frail or you feel like it has become sensitive is because of the damage to your skin barrier.

We recommend using our face wash if you are looking for a quality facial cleanser that won’t cause any trouble.

What is the best drugstore face wash?

This is a hard question to answer because we don’t know what their pH levels are.

If you are looking for drugstore brands, the best and easiest way will be to try it out. Look for ones without artificial ingredients added like fragrance , SLS and colors.

The best face wash is the one that works on your skin.

However, we believe that if you try our facial cleanser, you won’t go back to anything else.

Best Face Wash pH Balanced | Natural, Vegan 4

Best Natural Face Wash for Sensitive, Oily and Dry Skin

Best Face Wash pH Balanced | Natural, Vegan 4
Vanilla – 0 Servings OUT OF STOCK
      14 REVIEWS 4.29 of 5

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