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100% pH Balanced Natural Body Wash and Luxury Facial Sheet Mask Set for Oily, Dry, Sensitive Skin
  • Our fan fav body wash
  • Scent: Sweet peppermint
  • pH 5.5 soothing body wash
Body Wash for Sensitive Skin and Dry Skin - moisturizing neutral pH soap
  • Best for sensitive and dry skin
  • Scent: Lemon rosemary
  • Soothing and moisturizing formula
unscented body wash
  • For highly sensitive people
  • Scent: Fragrance free/unscented
  • Nothing harsh to cause reaction

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Within 48 contiguous states


30 day no question money back guarantee


Simple pleasures in everyday products

The best way to use body wash products

There are a couple of things that your parents never taught you.

  1. How to clean your room
  2. How to shower

Most likely, you were told to “go clean your room” or “go take a shower”.

With the shower part, it’s most likely been limited to getting in the shower, getting wet, run some soap everywhere, rinse off and then you are done.

Shampoo and body wash products are created to clean, so there are some things to be aware of.

Don’t overuse soap

Soap and gels are used to cleanse. This means its core function is to remove oil, dead skin, dirt and other things from your body.

That’s good, but if you do it too often, it can break down your skin barrier. This is going to weaken the cells, cause breakouts, sensitivity, ezcema and other issues.

That’s why we recommend that people use our body wash products as we take a lot of pride in how we have crafted the wash. Most body wash products you see on the shelf in big box stores are designed for mass production. A lot of cheap ingredients and synthetic chemicals are used to keep costs low and to make it cheap.

If you have a big brand, don’t use it too often. That is, don’t shower 2-3 times a day. Or if you must, you can rinse off with water the 2nd or 3rd time.

Don’t shower too long if you have skin issues

Water is soothing but it can also dry out your skin as it wicks away your own moisture. Ever had a really long bath or shower and you come out wrinkly?

That’s because a lot of moisture has also been sucked out of your skin. Dermatologists recommend short showers if you have skin issues. Keep it within 5-10 minutes.

It’s also because as people, if you shower for 20-30minutes, you end up putting a lot of product on yourself. Whether it be shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment, shaving cream, facial wash, bar soap and so on. The more time you spend, the more product you use, the drier your skin becomes.

Oh, you’ll save water too 🙂

Pat or air dry and moisturize your skin

Instead of rubbing yourself over with a towel, it’s best to air dry or pat dry. This way, you don’t cause friction which leads to heat transfer and potential for irritation. If you have ezcema, this is very important and you could end up itchier.

The good thing with patting is that it will leave some slight moisture on the skin surface. Then you can a body lotion or our favorite natural body oil to seal up the moisture and get soft supple skin.

Give what your skin deserves with our body wash products

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