The 5 Ways BPA Free Bottle Brush Cleaner Can Help Your Kids

bpa free bottle brush

BPA free bottle brush cleaners are one of the biggest assets you can have in your cleaning utilities at home.


Did you know that BPA or bisphenol A can be found in epoxy resins?

That means this chemical is everywhere!

It’s in disposable bottles, food packaging and even in cheap bottle brushes.

That last one is tricky. For example, is it still safe if you clean your BPA free baby bottles with a BPA bottle brush?

Of course not!

Since all of us are already exposed to BPA in everyday products, using BPA-filled materials to consume water or take anything orally will only add to the exposure.

The Dangers of BPA

The FDA reported that BPA is safe. Then they flip-flopped in 2010 where they revealed tests that shows BPA can be toxic.

Some known problems when people are exposed to BPA:

  1. male impotence
  2. prostate problems
  3. brain development and behavioral issues
  4. increase risk of cancer
  5. heart problems
  6. ADHD
  7. obesity
  8. diabetes

“…the FDA expressed “some concerns” about the potential effects of BPA on the brain, behavior, and prostate glands in fetuses, infants, and young children.”

The study showed that small kids are at risk. But adults are safe at low-level exposures.


Why maybe? Because as mentioned, all of us are already exposed to BPA and we don’t even know it.

Things like canned foods are lined with epoxy sealants. Same with sippy cups, sports bottles, baby bottles, bottled water and a whole lot more.

5 Ways BPA Free Bottle Brush Cleaner Can Help

bpa free bottle brush

Obviously, having BPA free baby bottles and pacifiers is important. Why not complete the set by using BPA free baby bottle brush? This way you won’t have BPA transfer from the brush to the bottles.

The goal has always been to use safer products but at this point, BPA is here to stay. The next best thing is to limit exposure by using BPA-free products.

Little Known Benefits of BPA free products

Aside from being eco-friendly here are the top 5 benefits of using bpa free products.


You lessen the risk of your kids developing asthma.

According to this article: “Children exposed to the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) may run a higher risk of developing asthma…”

Prevent instigating breast cancer

The article title says it all, “Low‐Dose Bisphenol A Exposure: A Seemingly Instigating Carcinogenic Effect on Breast Cancer”.

BPA is also seen as having epigenetic effects. Avoid BPA to lessen your chance of developing breast cancer or passing down a genetic mutation to your kids.

Prevent teeth erosion

Plastic with BPA weakens teeth enamel in children. There had been over two decades of studies and all we have to do to help our kids’ oral health is limit or eliminate BPA from our household.

Lessen the likelihood of anxiety and depression

If you have a baby boy, prenatal BPA exposure can affect the likelihood of them developing anxiety and depression at age 10 or 12.

According to the study of the Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health, “These findings are consistent with our prior reports on BPA and children’s development assessed at earlier ages and suggest greater susceptibility of the male brain during prenatal development…”

Decrease memory loss and learning difficulties

Using BPA can contribute to your kids’ memory loss and learning difficulties. So instead of blaming your kid for being lazy or slow maybe you need to look at how much BPA they were exposed to. There are 8 billion pounds of BPA produced each year and there are also studies that humans and animals absorb BPA more than we previously thought.

These are just 5 of the lesser-known health problems you can avoid when you start to limit your use of BPA products.

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bpa free bottle brush

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