Best Car Air Freshener

A car is the extension of your home. This is very true for people and families who just love to travel together with their friends, kids, and even pets so you need to make it clean and smelling fresh as you would do with our house.

When everybody is all geared up for the fun ride, it can’t be avoided getting a little messy inside the car and unpleasant smells may tend to gather. After all, the smell is responsible for much of our memories and emotions especially when we travel and meet people.

So whether it’s a bumper-to-bumper ride, running an errand, or up for a long drive, you need a reliable car air freshener to keep your vehicle smelling great.

Benefits of the best car air freshener

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Driving a car is not only an important activity but an essential part of our daily routine in life whether leisurely or commuting. It should be treated to the extent of giving it the best care not only to look good and run fast but also to keep its ambiance neat and clean against the humid and stuffy temperature inside the car. That’s why a car air freshener is a necessity to have in your car.

However, not all air freshers are capable of giving you clean and well-being altogether. There are car air fresheners that have chemical-based ingredients that inhaling it may give you a reaction while organic natural made best car air fresheners includes essential oils that are efficient in boosting good mood and focus even in the middle of the extreme traffic jam by clearing away unpleasant car smell.

With just a fresh and invigorating car smell from a spray air freshener, you can have the most enjoyable car experience ever. If you haven’t thought of using a car air freshener then here’s a list of what you are missing.

1. The best car air fresheners can neutralize bad car smell

The circulation of confined air for long inside the car may cause a bad smell within the interior. It will be an annoying experience to drive with such an unpleasant car smell that penetrates through your nose every second you are in the car. You can’t help but just roll down your windows to let the odor come out but then again it will invite more pollutants so the best solution is to get your car an air freshener that will neutralize the bad odor leaving your car smelling fresh.

2. The best car air fresheners allows freshness inside the car

Since you can’t roll down your car windows for a long time, it is inevitable to encounter an unpleasant odor inside the car.

This experience can be stressful especially if you’re in for a long drive. The best solution is to get your car an air freshener that will help in keeping your car nice and fresh on the inside making your drive a stress-free experience.

The best car air fresheners are those that are naturally made and have an organic element in them. Air fresheners are accessories your car can do without aside from seat covers and bass speakers.

3. Pet car air freshener can eliminate odors of pets

If you love pets then it is likely that you bring them along with your travels. It is possible then that your fur babies’ smell will float around the car’s interior.

You can get rid of it by simply use the best car air freshener to remove pets’ smell and have an enjoyable drive with them.

4. Natural disinfectant

If you are in the car-sharing business or have guests, co-workers, and other people hop into your car then this may bring in germs from outside. Air fresheners are just what you need to disinfect the car’s interior before your guests get in and after they get off from your car.

Car air fresheners are known to eliminate airborne pathogens that may be circling inside the car. It is best to have air freshers to keep the quality of air inside to have a safe and worry-free drive.

5. The best car air fresheners are convenient

A car needs all the scrubbing, washing, and cleaning of its entire interior to make it spotless and obtain that new car smell of freshness.

However, do we really have the time to do it on a regular basis? Some might be busy running chores or working on weekdays and when we do get free time on a weekend some might spend it to relax and rest.

To all this, car air fresheners are a good alternative that provides convenience if you don’t have the energy to clean your car. You can just place or hang an air freshener that will continue to work even there’s no one inside.

In this way, whenever you get into your car you will be welcomed with a nice fruity or morning breeze scent instead of a bad smell.

Types of air freshener

There are different types of air fresheners that you can choose from. They differ in how they work, their main ingredients, and the variety of scents they have.

Getting to know these types of air fresheners will help you choose the right and the best air fresheners for your car based on what you need.

Here’s the list of the types of air freshener you can select for your car.

1. The hanging air fresheners

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This type of air freshener is a more common one and has different varieties but the most favorite one that consumers use is the hanging cardboard type. It normally consists of a piece of cardboard that is hanged in the car mostly on the rearview mirror. It comes in many shapes, colors, and sizes but is not too large to obstruct your view.

The cardboard air fresheners are infused with a specific scent that is slowly released when the air blows from a car’s air conditioning vent. It is affordable but can only last around 1-2 weeks of use.

The cardboard type may also come in a pouch that uses odor-absorbing bamboo charcoal that does not provide fragrance so if you are allergic to any fragrances, this bamboo charcoal pouch will be for you. You can hang it on the rearview mirror or everywhere and may last longer up to a year and more.

2. Vent clip air fresheners

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This type of air freshener as the name implies is clipped to mount to the air conditioner vents. This car air freshener is typically a pad or in a can that is infused with fragrance. Most of it comes in the form of a gel or in oil-based formulations with some uses a wick that is dipped in a jar that has essential oil.

Vent clip air fresheners can be controlled by the air coming from the AC to distribute the scent which means that you can manage the increase or decrease of the scent depending on how fast you distribute airflow with the use of the AC.

Another good about vent clip air fresheners is that it is re-usable and you just need to refill it when its aroma is already used up.

Vent clips air fresheners are fast-acting because they use Ac to distribute the aroma that usually lasts around 30 days and is moderately priced.

3. Stick-on car air freshener

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This type of air freshener is a gel-type air freshener that you can stick on the surface of your car usually on the dashboard.

It’s in the form of a strip or block of gel which is sticky and contains a sweet or fruity smell that once mounted releases the fragrance inside the car that lasts longer. Although it is affordable, it may not be strong enough to masks a powerful odor.

4. Can air freshener products

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This is a type of air freshener that is in gel form inside a can. It has a blend of aroma that can be released in the air over a course of time with the help of a rotatable lid.

This rotatable lid has spaces that can be narrowed to control the amount of air freshener coming out or widened to increase the release of the scent.

You can put it in the dashboard, on the floor, or cup holders and lasts for 1-2 months.

5. Plug-in car freshener

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This air freshener uses a light port to work. It usually contains essential oils that once plugged into the outlet the essential oil is heated and vaporize which then releases the fresh aroma.

They are the most effective type to counter strong odors and also the most expensive among other types of air freshener.

6. Spray car air fresheners

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Lastly, this type of car air fresheners are likened to an aerosol spray used at home and some commercial places.

It contains a fragrant mixture that is inside a pressurized can. You need to release the pressure in order for the air freshener mist to come out from the spray nozzle.

It provides instant relief from powerful odor and can be directly sprayed on the source itself. However, it is only meant for a short-term solution and won’t last long which means you need to re-apply constantly.

Do it yourself car air fresheners

While you may afford to buy the cheap car air freshener, it is more satisfying if you make it yourself.

In addition, you can have the scent that you like and can actually know the ingredient you’re using which you can’t say about commercial air freshener products. It’s easy and a fun thing to do with your kids or friends.

How to do a fabric hanging tree air freshener

Things you need:

  • a pair of scissors
  • pencil
  • paper
  • craft felt
  • cardboard
  • fabric glue
  • ribbon
  • essential oil

Step 1: Draw a template for the air freshener on a piece of paper

  • you can use whatever design you want like animals or Christmas trees.

Step 2: Trim the template with sharp scissors

  • remove the excess material so only the template remains
  • make adjustments to your template as needed so that it not only looks good but also will not get in the way while you drive.

Step 3: Place the template on the craft fabric and cut around it then cut a second identical shape for the opposite side of the air freshener.

  • You can use craft felt because it is absorbent.

Step 4: Trace the template in the cardboard also and cut around it.

  • The cardboard is meant for reinforcement. If you use fabric alone it will get a little flimsy.

Step 5: Spread the fabric glue to the cardboard to secure the fabric to it.

  • Cover one side of the cardboard with a bead of glue and press one piece of the fabric on it then flip it and apply the same to the other side.
  • Let the glue dry for 2-4 hours.

Step 6: Drip 10-20 drops of essential oil into the fabric.

  • Spread out the essential oil across the fabric so it won’t be concentrated to one side alone.

Step 7: When it is dry to the touch, then you can punch a hole through the top of the air freshener to hang it.

  • Use a mechanical punch to pierce cleanly to the cardboard.

Step 8: Hang the air freshener by looping a ribbon through the hole.

  • You can use yarn, string, or twine as an alternative if you don’t have ribbons.

If the oil starts to wear out, you can re-apply with more essential oils.

Watch this video for the full tutorial:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I make my car smell good all the time?

You can make it smell by cleaning it periodically to remove the unwanted smell or if you don’t have the time you can use a car air freshener to eliminate odors with a sweet-smelling scent.

2. Why is it better to make my own car air freshener?

  • it’s cost-effective when you make it yourself.
  • You can have the scent that you like.
  • You’ll know the ingredient that was used.
  • It’s fun and easy to do.

3. What is the best car air freshener?

There are different types of other air fresheners that you can choose from. They differ in how they work, their main ingredients, and the variety of scents they have. It’s really up to you to choose which one you need.

If you prefer a spray car air freshener that contains essential oils that naturally deodorizes and eliminates odors check out our selections of natural air fresheners.


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