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Our dogs, like humans, may have a foul odor too. Playing in the garden and throughout the house makes them dirty, causing them to stink. Spraying human perfume on our bodies helps us eliminate the stinky odor. But the question is, can we also spray perfume on our dogs?

Dog perfumes work in the same way that human perfumes do. With a proper application, spraying perfume on your dog is safe. So, if you’re bothered by your fur baby’s unpleasant odor, this article will help you keep your dog smelling good using the right dog colognes for your pets.

How do you get rid of dog smell?

Even though it’s perfectly safe, some dog parents may hesitate to use pet cologne because they believe it will harm their skin. Don’t worry; aside from using perfume for dogs, there are alternative ways to get rid of dog smell to improve your pet’s overall odor.

Can I put perfume on my dog? A thorough bath is important

In cleaning your dogs, it is critical to keep their coat clean because it is where the unpleasant smell begins. If you don’t want to use dog perfume, giving your dogs a thorough bath is a great way to keep them smelling nice, even without using a cologne.

Keep your dog’s skin and fur clean to avoid bacteria buildup. Also, it is recommendable to use high-quality deodorizing shampoos on your dogs. These shampoos will leave pleasant fragrances on your dog’s skin, making it smell like you used a cologne.

Always dry their fur

It is not enough to give your dog a good bath; you must thoroughly dry him afterward. Allow him to dry by shaking, or use extra towels or blow dryers. This way, he will dry faster and not emit awful strong smells.

Bacteria are most likely present in damp areas, causing unpleasant odors. It is critical to thoroughly dry your dog’s coat, skin, and fur to ensure it does not stink. It is a good way to avoid unwanted pet odor if you don’t prefer using dog perfume.

Keep the ears and mouth of your dogs clean

If not cleaned properly, the ears and mouth of a dog can stink, so it’s best to clean them regularly. Just like humans, dogs can also have bad breath. When dogs use their tongues to lick themselves, the bad breath spreads, contributing to the overall dog smell in your home.

If you have already cleaned them but still stink, inspect their fur carefully to see if there is an infection, fungus, or other condition that causes the bad odors. Alternatively, it would be best to take them to the dog’s vet to check what has been the problem.

Homemade dog perfume

Since it’s not safe to spray human perfume on dogs because it can cause dry skin, use only alcohol-free perfumes. Also, some dogs are allergic to certain human fragrances, like baby cologne. Thus, it is recommended to make your dog cologne as you can ensure its safety.

If you want to spray perfume on your dogs but are still hesitant, various natural homemade dog cologne recipes are available. You can already make your dog perfume using a spray bottle, warm water, vanilla extract, essential oils, natural oils, or coconut oil.

In just a few easy steps, I can now safely spray perfume on my dog without worrying about its adverse reaction. All that we will be needing includes only a spray bottle, water, and essential oils. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Pour water into the spray bottle.
  2. Add the essential oil that you prefer, then mix it with water thoroughly.
  3. The perfume is ready to spray. Try it on your arm to check its smell and fragrance.
  4. Be sure to store it in a cool and dry place.

Top Dog Perfumes in the Market Today

Without proper usage and application of dog perfume, it may become toxic. More seriously, pets can be negatively affected, and especially if they accidentally eat some. Apart from keeping your pet smell good, it’s an utmost responsibility to keep your dog safe.

Aside from the designer doggy scents like the Eau de Dog range, here are the three best dog perfumes with great scents in the market that will surely yield the best of all qualities we’re looking for in a cologne for pets.

The Crown Choice Air Freshener Spray

If you want an air freshener that doubles as dog perfume, The Crown Choice Room Freshener Spray could be the one. It is one of the best remedies for stinky dogs and other animals, leaving your house smelling fresh.

Room Spray - Natural Essential Oil Spray for Living Room, Dorm Rooms


Room Spray - Natural Essential Oil Spray for Living Room, Dorm Rooms

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Can I Put Perfume on My Dog? 1

As pet parents, we must be cautious when selecting and purchasing dog perfumes for our beloved pets. When purchasing one, the two most important factors to consider are the ingredients and scents, and The Crown Choice has the best for us.

What we like:

All-natural ingredients – When looking for a dog perfume, look for natural ingredients and avoid those made from chemicals that may irritate your dog’s nose and skin.

For the scent, it’s always best to go with something mild and light. The Crown Choice Dog Perfume is made from pure and the best natural essential oils, which will mask strong smells like pet odors and completely eliminate them.

Safe and non-toxic – The Crown Choice Dog Perfume is made from natural lemon ingredients with no harsh chemicals that can harm your pet. It’s hypoallergenic and guaranteed safe for dogs and children.

Long-lasting scent – To keep your pet smelling great, apply perfume like The Crown Choice Dog Spray. An occasional squirt of this perfume over the tail head of your dog will leave a long-lasting fresh aroma that is gentle for his nose.

Paleo Pets Let’s Dream Dog Scent – Organic Dog Perfume

Another best perfume to try that is good for cats and dogs is Paleo Pets’ Let’s Dream Natural Dog Scent. This perfume will eliminate unwanted odors caused by your pet, keeping your puppy smelling good.

What we like:

Made with calming essential oils – Aside from providing a fresh scent for your dog, it also contains a calming formula that will help your dog relax when stressed and anxious. Its all-natural ingredients are known for promoting relaxation and good health.

Safe for dogs – This product is perfect for you if you’re a cautious pet mom. Its ingredients are safe and natural and will not cause allergic reactions to your dogs, not as human perfumes do.

Easy to use – Apply a few sprays of this perfume to your fingers and massage it into your dog’s coat and skin to keep him calm and smell great.

What we don’t like:

Organic fragrances – Some people enjoy an all-natural scent, while others do not. If you dislike the smell of organic products, this may not be the right product for you.

Four Paws Magic Coat Red Dog Cologne

Four Paws Red Cologne is another one of the best perfumes for your dogs. This perfume will definitely keep your dog healthy, clean, and smelling great. If you’re looking for a spray that will eliminate the smell on your puppy, this perfume is a must-try!

What we like:

Easy-to-use spray – Four Paws Red Cologne has an easy-to-use spray bottle that will keep your pet deodorized and smelling great.

Long-lasting – This perfume’s fragrance lasts for about 24 hours, which is great for use for your pet’s furry coats.

Nourishes pet’s skin and coat – This perfume will give your dog a long-lasting fresh fragrance and keep his skin smooth and nourished.

What we don’t like: 

Fragrance may be too strong for some – The scent of this cologne can be overpowering at times, which can cause your dog to sneeze.

Proper application of dog perfume

The application of dog cologne is, in fact, very simple but needs some caution. Apply the perfume only to the furry areas and avoid areas with no fur, such as the eyes, nose, and genitals.

It would be best to apply dog perfume immediately after bathing your dog. The perfume will last longer, and the furs will be clean. It is also crucial to note that dog perfumes are not for everyday use. You can only spray it at least once or three to four times per week.


Can perfume kill dogs?

Dogs are completely safe with the occasional spray of dog perfume. However, rather than using human scents that may cause allergic reactions in dogs, try the dog perfumes designed specifically for dog scents. If you do so correctly, spraying perfumes on your dogs will not harm them.

Do dogs like perfume?

Most dogs dislike the smell of most human perfumes and colognes. Since dogs have a keen sense of smell, even a small amount of fragrance on your skin will irritate them.

However, perfumes specifically designed for dogs have a mild and light scent. Some of these perfumes even help them calm and relax. Dogs love these scents as long as they are not too strong for them.

What happens if I spray perfume on my dog?

You might think spraying perfume on a dog is a good way to eliminate his stinky odor. However, you must understand the difference between human and dog perfume. You should never use human perfumes on dogs because they are toxic to them.
Spraying dog perfume on dogs is perfectly acceptable as long as it is done in moderation and with proper application. Using heavily scented shampoos or sprays on a dog’s skin can irritate it. However, spraying light dog perfume keeps them smelling fresh and clean.

What scents are bad for dogs?

Aside from the smells of ammonia, vinegar, and alcohol, several essential oil scents have been identified as hazardous to pets. The following are a few examples of scents to avoid that cannot only irritate but can also possibly harm your dogs:

  • Cinnamon oil
  • Citrus oil
  • Clove oil
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Pennyroyal oil
  • Peppermint oil
  • Pine oil
  • Sweet birch oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Wintergreen oil
  • Ylang Ylang oil

Stop putting human perfume on your dog’s skin

Nobody wants to live with stinky dog odor for the rest of their lives. Keeping your dog clean and dry is essential for both his and your health. The tips provided can assist you in reducing pet odors so you can enjoy more time cuddling with them.

Room Spray - Natural Essential Oil Spray for Living Room, Dorm Rooms


Room Spray - Natural Essential Oil Spray for Living Room, Dorm Rooms

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Can I Put Perfume on My Dog? 1

Who wouldn’t want their pet to smell nice? What works for others may not work well for you. Thus, it is critical that you first check the various aspects of your dog’s health that may be affected by spraying perfume to keep them safe and healthy at all times.

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