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Do you wonder what’s the best hardwood floor cleaner to clean floors and other wood furniture in your home?

It’s not that hardwood floor gets dirty and stained easily. All floors in living spaces get abused a lot especially if you have pets or kids living with you. But it’s still wood so the dirtier it gets the more likely the floor gets damaged.

Cleaning is cheapest since it’s maintenance and you’ll keep that wood floor in tip-top condition. Repair, refinish, and replacement is the most expensive. Replacement is of course at the top of the most expensive list.

Here’s how to clean your hardwood floor using the best hardwood floor cleaner and polish. 

What Makes Hardwood Floor Easier to Clean?

Hardwood floors can be cleaned easily using household items like hydrogen peroxide or bleach. Both can be harsh so you should read the guide before doing anything else with your wood floor.

The easiest way to clean your floor on a weekly basis is to use a brush or a mop with Bar Keepers Friend soft cleanser. It’s safe because Bar Keepers Friend is non-toxic and nonabrasive.

Using a clean mop or an all purpose home scrubber or dish cloth is also a great choice.

Why is Hardwood Floor Harder to Clean?

Hardwood floor needs to be cleaned twice a week. It’s a hard floor but it’s still made of wood so it comes with the benefits of wood and all of the disadvantages. Wood scratches can be unsightly on a floor. That’s why people with hardwood floors usually pay however much just to restore or replace the scratched part of the wood tile.

So make sure that you’ve invested in the right tool when you’re cleaning your wood floor. Check that your mop is non scratch, check the mop hair and everything that’s on that part that will make contact with the floor. 

Homemade Hardwood Floor Cleaner

You can use hydrogen peroxide or bleach ut you need to dilute the solution if it’s more than 3%. These chemicals are too harsh and can make ugly marks on your wooden floor so be careful. Use gloves and a mask when using bleach.

I do not recommend these two chemicals. 

I suggest using vinegar for a do-it-yourself homemade wood cleaner. Apple cider vinegar or white vinegar are two of the best natural liquid cleaners for hardwood floors. They’re also safe even if you have kids or pets.

Note: Balsamic vinegar will leave an ugly stain on your wood floor. Avoid that and use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar instead. 

Step 1: Vacuum your floor. Depending on how dirty it is you may need to mop it first to loosen the dirt and sticky debris on the floor.

Attention: Doublecheck the floor for hardened, sticky debris as this will scratch your floor.

Step 2: Use 4 liters of hot water with a cup of vinegar. 

Step 3: Mop the floor with this solution using the “S” pattern. You will not spread the dirt and other debris if you use the same side of the mop to keep in contact with the floor to catch the dirt. 

Step 4: Wring the mop every time you soak it in the solution.
Step 5: Use a floor polish to make the wood floor shine.
Step 6: Leave it alone for a few minutes and let it dry.

Of course, you don’t need to make a solution or use hot water if you have the right cleaning materials with you.

Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner and Polish Combo

Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve by using Bar Keepers Friend and The Crown Choice Home Scrubber to clean your hardwood floor. Why is it the best?

Because it’s safe even if you live with people who have asthma or you have pets or kids. You do it similar to the steps with the vinegar. Make a paste that you can wipe the floor with. 

Step 1: Vacuum the floor
Step 2: Put some Bar Keepers Friend on the floor
Step 3: Spread the liquid cleanser with a gentle dish cloth home scrubber then mop it. No need to use hot water. Just use lukewarm water and wring the mop when you dip it in water.

Note: Since Bar Keepers friend has oxalic acid it will clean the floor and polish it at the same time.

Step 4: Once you’re done mopping, leave the Bar Keepers Friend liquid on the floor for a couple of hours. 
Step 5: Wipe the floor down with water.
Step 6: Let it dry.

It’s up to you if you want to finish by using a husk (or polishing brush) to polish or not.

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How to Use the Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner and Polish 1

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