Green Air Freshener Spray: Why and How to Use It

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Although green air freshener spray has many more benefits, chemical air fresheners are still more popular today.

There are a few differences between non-toxic air freshener and the regular drugstore air fresheners. For instance, natural air fresheners tend to eliminate odors rather than mask them. 

The Crown Choice deodorizer air freshener is the best non-toxic air freshener that will help neutralize funky odors in your home. It’s also a great way to make your bathroom smell fresh. The best part is that it won’t infect your home with cancer-causing chemicals.

Additionally, the fragrance lasts longer & one spray goes a long way.


✔️ It has no toxic chemicals
✔️ It neutralizes odor rather than masks it
✔️ It has a long-lasting natural smell
✔️ It’s ozone friendly
✔️ It’s child safe
✔️ It’s pet safe

It’s safe to use for people with allergies or asthma


❌ Everyone’s sense of smell is subjective and some people might find the scent too strong or too weak

How to Use Natural Air Freshener

green air freshener spray is non toxic
Indian air freshener or Indian verbena – aerosol free preservative free no toxic chemicals best safe air freshener

Natural air fresheners are easier to use than regular ones. The reason being spraying too little or too much of it won’t have any adverse effects on your health.

The Crown Choice natural air fresheners feel like they are made for you. Thanks to their distinct scents, The Crown Choice air fresheners smell like designer fragrances.     

Unlike chemical aerosol sprays, oversaturated spraying is not a health risk with organic air fresheners. I don’t recommend it as it’s wasteful but it remains safe for the health.

The Crown Choice natural whole house air freshener is not different from a regular spray in usage. 

It’s just a point-and-shoot situation, or in this case, point-and-spray.

That is the only instruction you need since our vanilla and peppermint oil air freshener are non-toxic and safe. Moreover, it is safe to use around pets and even children. My favorite is actually the lemon air freshener

green air freshener spray is earth friendly
best natural essential oil air freshener.

Some tips when using The Crown Choice air freshener.

1. Saturated spray is safe but the scent might be too strong for some people. For example, spraying in one area of the couch won’t hurt the fabric or the people in the room but the smell might be too concentrated and thus too strong.

2. Everyone’s sense of smell is different so try to use a couple of sprays first to check if the scent suits your preference and taste.

3. A couple of sprays are enough If you only want to neutralize odor. The special formulation helps break down odor particles into odorless gas. 

Natural air fresheners can sometimes smell weak next to regular ones. That is because chemical air fresheners are made to smell super strong to mask odors. Notice how sometimes you can’t smell anything other than the synthetic scent after using an aerosol spray.

Then your nose gradually gets used to this type of strong smell and may have a hard time adjusting to natural scents.

Regular air freshener is a “cocktail of 100+ chemicals”. Avoid it if you have kids and pets in your house. Switch to natural, plant-based air fresheners whenever you can.

Here’s a guide to help you get the most out of your natural air freshener.

How to Maximize Every Spray of Your Natural Air Freshener 

Since it’s a point and spray situation, it’s good to know the ways to maximize the effect. Is there a way to make the smell reach farther and last longer inside the house?

The intensity of the smell will depend on your sense of smell. Yet there are instructions you can follow to maximize every drop of fragrance liquid of your air freshener.

In a room

Step 1: Shake the bottle for a few seconds 

Step 2: Put pressure on the valve release button
– The more pressure you put on the button the fewer foams are formed in the nozzle. Foam is a concentrated liquid fragrance but it will not harm you IF you’re using natural sprays made from essential oils. Note that foaming is a waste of essential oil liquid spray without much benefit.

Step 3: Aim the nozzle on the area you want to deodorize

Warning: Clear the room – or the house – if you’re using the aerosol air fresheners. Exposure might be dangerous for you and your child’s (or pet) respiratory system. 

Step 4: Spraying on fabric is safe when you’re using non-toxic, plant-based air sprays. 

Here are a few things to note when using regular spray or natural sprays.

  • Don’t hold the spray for more than five seconds in small areas or near furniture. 
  • If you need to spray one place, make sure to use even sprays
  • Generally, two to three spritzes should be good enough for a small area – like a 20 sqm room.

Step 5: Close windows or doors for a few minutes after spraying.

– Again, clear the room if you’re using chemical sprays

– You can stay or leave the room depending on your tolerance to natural spray fragrance

Step 6: Open the windows again and enjoy the lovely room smell

In the kitchen

It’s the same as using air freshener in any room. Just follow these guidelines and caveats.

  1. Do not use aerosol sprays near open flames
  2. Do not use any air freshener sprays near food
  3. Open windows and doors (or use your air ventilation fans in your condo) even if you’re using natural sprays
  4. Clear the table before spraying

In the toilet

Spraying in the toilet is also not that different from any room although you do have some more freedom to spray more.

Again, please follow the guidelines below.

  1. You can maximize spraying in the toilet/bathroom/shower if you time it right. So if you live alone, spray a generous amount in your bathroom when you’re leaving for work or school.
  2. Close the door of your bathroom and let the fragrance or neutralizing properties of the air freshener do its job.
  3. Spray on moldy tiles and grout lines as these cause odors as well.

The Crown Choice Natural Air Freshener Line Up  

Let me introduce you to the complete natural air freshener line of The Crown Choice. The whole line is made from the highest quality, organic, and plant-based ingredients. 

They all act to neutralize odors, they are fabric-safe and they have different fragrances that you can choose from.

Here they are.

Best Air Freshener made with natural ingredients – INDIAN VERBENA

best air freshener

INDIAN VERBENA Best Air Freshener for Rooms – Best Natural Essential Oil Air Freshener – Safe around children and pets (Lemongrass Geranium)

best air freshener
Vanilla – 1972 Servings IN STOCK - ready to ship
      772 REVIEWS 4.37 of 5

Real reviews

  • ✔️ BEST AIR FRESHENER: All natural made with natural essentials oils.
  • ✔️ VERY SAFE: Safe to use around children and pets.
  • ✔️ VERY EFFECTIVE: Will eliminate odors no just mask them.


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Lemongrass Geranium scent to keep you energetic in your car, office or home.

Natural Air Freshener – Non-toxic, liquid spray for home and bathroom (LEMON ZEST)


LEMON Room Spray – Natural Essential Oils to Invigorate your Room, Home, Office, Car (Lemon Zest)

Vanilla – 452 Servings IN STOCK - ready to ship
      772 REVIEWS 4.37 of 5

Real reviews

  • ✔ NATURAL LEMON ROOM SPRAY: Made with natural, plant-based essential oils.
  •  VERY SAFE: Hypoallergenic & Non-toxic so it's safe to use around children and pets.
  •  VERY EFFECTIVE: Special formulation helps absorb and eliminate odors.


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Enjoy the natural lemon smell and fill your room with the clean scent of lemon and rosemary essential oil.

Room Freshener (SPANISH CITRUS) – Natural spray to freshen home and rooms

Green Air Freshener Spray: Why and How to Use It 3

SPANISH CITRUS Natural Room Freshener & Air Freshener (Lemon Verbena Vetiver)

Green Air Freshener Spray: Why and How to Use It 3
Vanilla – 598 Servings IN STOCK - ready to ship
      770 REVIEWS 4.31 of 5

Real reviews

  • ✔ ROOM DEODORIZER SPRAY: All natural formula that deodorizes and kills odors instead of masking - unlike big name brands
  • ✔ MAGIC AIR FRESHENER: Our unique air freshener provides an instant burst of freshness for your rooms, house, bathrooms.
  • ✔ MADE WITH ESSENTIAL OILS: Our deodorizing spray are filled with essential oils from Spain.
  • ✔ BATHROOM AIR FRESHENER: Spray in bathroom to eliminate odors and replace with natural citrus scent
  • ✔ MADE IN TEXAS: We use exotic Spanish essential oils and make each air freshner in Texas with love.
  • NOTE: Up to 200 sprays. A little goes a long way.


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Fruity orange citrusy smell that will liven up any room with the distinct fragrance of summer.

Natural Bathroom Freshener that eliminates odors with natural ingredients – MADAGASCAR COOKIE

bathroom freshener

MADAGASCAR COOKIE – Natural Bathroom and Toilet Spray Freshener (Vanilla Cinnamon)

bathroom freshener
Vanilla – 88 Servings IN STOCK - ready to ship
      859 REVIEWS 4.29 of 5

Real reviews


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Spray the warmth of vanilla in your room to help you relax and de-stress from a hard day at work. 

Room Deodorizer – SPA BORA BORA essential oil room spray


SPA BORA BORA Room Deodorizer Spray – Essential Oils Based (Patchouli Sandalwood)

Vanilla – 2183 Servings IN STOCK - ready to ship
      841 REVIEWS 4.27 of 5

Real reviews

  • NATURAL ROOM DEODORIZER: Deodorize and freshen any room, car, home, bathroom.
  • VERY EFFECTIVE: Special formulation helps absorb odor without synthetic scents.
  • RICH SOOTHING SCENT: A soothing spa scent using lavender, patchouli and sandalwood.


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The earthy scent of Patchouli and Sandalwood plant keeps you grounded with memories of childhood camping trips.

All-Natural Air Freshener Spray Gift Set (5 Pack) | Bathroom Deodorizer, Room Freshener

natural air freshener 5pk gift set from The Crown Choice

All Natural Air Freshener Spray Gift Set (5 Pack) | Bathroom Deodorizer, Room Refreshener

natural air freshener 5pk gift set from The Crown Choice
Vanilla – 0 Servings OUT OF STOCK
      772 REVIEWS 4.37 of 5

Real reviews


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When you’ve tried one and can’t get enough you can buy the five-pack set to use for yourself or send as gifts to the people dear to you.

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Now that this guide has informed you on how to use green air freshener and how easy it is, you can help yourself and get The Crown Choice best natural air freshener.

Click here to see all the Air Freshener products and choose a scent that you like. Buy the best air freshener online.

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