How to Clean Mouse Pad the Right Way

How to Clean Mouse Pad the Right Way

Since most of us are spending their time indoors these days, our mousepads are subjected to spills, stains, as well as food debris from what we have been munching on all day. 

Unfortunately, a grimy mouse pad is not a good sight to see on your desk. It can affect your mouse’s movement. 

That said, it is high time that you learn how to clean mouse pad the right way.

Types of Mouse Pads and How to Clean Them

Mouse pads come in different designs, styles, and materials, but they all have one thing in common – they need to be cleaned from time to time. 

Take note that when you clean mouse mat, there will be a few considerations to think of such as the kind of mousepad you are using because they will have different cleaning methods.

Here are the different types of mouse pads and how to clean them.

Hard Plastic or Metal Mousepads

How to clean your mousepad when it is made from hard plastic or metal? Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Use a kitchen towel or paper towel to mop up spills on the pad.
Step 2: Wipe with antibacterial wipes to remove bacteria that may be present on the surface.
Step 3: Let it air dry.

Soft Cloth Mousepads

Mousepads made from soft cloth are prone to staining but learning how to clean your mouse pad correctly may get rid of it fast.

Spot Cleaning

Step 1: Use a paper towel to absorb spills as soon as they happen.
Step 2: Apply a cleaner on the stained area.
Step 3: Let it air dry.

NOTE: Apply a small amount of cleaner on the corner of your mouse pad to see if it will cause discoloration.

Baking Soda or Salt

Step 1: Instead of commercial cleaners sprinkle some baking soda on the stain.
Step 2: Use a damp cloth to scrub the stain gently.
Step 3: Allow the mousepad to dry after.

For stubborn stains that you encounter when you clean mouse pad, make sure that you try  The Crown Choice All Purpose Dishcloth as it can remove stains without damaging the surface.

Manual Washing

Step 1: Prepare a large tub that will fit the mousepad.
Step 2: Place the mousepad into the tub.
Step 3: Run warm water into the tub.
Step 4: Add a small amount of cleaning solution like soap, dishwashing liquid, or shampoo.
Step 5: Let the mousepad soak for a few minutes.
Step 6: Rub the stains using The Crown Choice’s All Purpose Dishcloth or sponge gently.
Step 7: Rinse all the soap and dirt from the mousepad.
Step 8: Hang your mousepad to dry.

NOTE: Make sure that your mousepad is completely dry before you put it back on your desk.

How to Clean RGB Mousepad

Do not submerge RGB mousepads in water. I know that sounds obvious but you’ll see dozens of forum posters complain about how they break their RGB mousepads after doing this.

Step 1: Unplug your mousepad
Step 2: Moisten a dish cloth with warm water
Step 3: Use mild detergent or hand soap
Step 4: Scrub the mousepad with the all purpose dish cloth
Step 5: Dry the RGB mousepad with an absorbent dish cloth or sponge cloth

Do’s and Don’ts When You Clean Mouse Pad

If you are wondering how to clean gaming mouse pad, you can follow the steps mentioned above. Use baking soda to remove stains and smells or give your gaming mousepad a good cleaning by washing it manually.

As much as it is tempting to throw your mousepad into your washing machine, don’t do it. It may distort the rubber padding underneath or cause the cloth to fray.

If you really want to use the washing machine, there’s no minimum wash cycle but avoid using hot water.

What’s okay to use

✔️ Baking soda
✔️ Salt
✔️ No lint cloth
✔️ All purpose dish cloth

How to Clean Mouse Pad Safely with the Crown Choice All Purpose Dishcloth

Regardless of whether you are using hard plastic, metal, or even soft cloth mousepad, using the right scrubber can remove buildups and stains easily. For that, you will need The Crown Choice All Purpose Dishcloth that is non-abrasive but can quickly dislodge any dirt, dust, and grime with ease.

Make it a habit to clean mousepad without worrying about damaging it with the All-Purpose Dishcloth


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