How to Clean Washable AC Filters

how to clean washable ac filters

If your indoor air conditioning system starts feeling a bit sluggish, chances are it’s time for a cleaning session. It’s easy to clean air conditioning systems, and it makes a lot of difference in their performance. Cleaning your AC will yield to at least 5% more efficiency helping you also save on power. 

To make your AC feel brand new, you will need to learn how to clean your AC filters. If your AC has washable filter, you clean them either indoor or outdoor.

A dirty AC filter can lead to a few complications in your AC. Sometimes the AC can stop working or can get warmer than usual because of a clogged filter.

Air conditioners work in a simple way. They suck air from the room, pass it through an air coolant and then blow it out using a fan. When the air filter is dirty the air conditioner fails to properly suck in air from its surroundings.

A dirty AC filter blocks air from moving, making the AC heat up and waste energy with no result. Cleaning the AC filter will improve the performance of your AC, especially in old machines that you’ve been using for years.  

How to Clean Washable AC Filters

clean or replace dirty air filters

Most modern indoor air conditioners have detachable and reusable air filters that can be cleaned. To clean your AC, you need to figure out if your air filters are reusable or disposable. If your AC uses disposable filters then you need to buy a replacement. If it uses a reusable one then you can easily clean it.

Cleaning a washable filter should make it last up to 5 years.

Warning: Never use your AC without a filter to avoid damage in the internal mechanisms. Unplug the AC first before taking the filter out.

Also, note that newer ACs might have a self-cleaning mechanism. Check your manual or check the buttons on your AC to see if there’s a “self-cleaning” button. If it’s the case, then you don’t need to take it out.

If your AC doesn’t self-clean its filter then you should remove it and follow these steps to clean it.

How to Clean the Filter of Your Air Conditioner

Air filters can be replaced or cleaned. Note that some AC can self clean

What you need.

1. a vacuum cleaner
2. a water hose
3. water 
4. vinegar
5. a tub (optional)
6. a wide sink (optional)
7. a scrub brush
8. a face mask 

First, wear a face mask to protect yourself from inhaling toxic particulates.

Step 1: Remove the filter. Check your manual to know how to open your AC.

Step 2: Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the filter. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, you can gently brush the filter with a scrub brush.

Note: The vacuum cleaner technique should be done regularly to keep your AC healthy. Cleaning with a scrub brush is a great alternative if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner.

Step 3: Mix one part water with one part vinegar and soak the filter in a tub or wide sink for one hour for deep cleaning.

Note: You can also use warm soapy water instead of vinegar.

Step 4: Drain the vinegar solution.
Step 5: Let dry before the next use.

How to Clean Washable AC Filters If You Don’t Have a Vacuum Cleaner or a Wide Sink

Step 1: Remove the air filter. 
Step 2: Gently scrub the filter with a scrub brush.
Step 3: Prop the air filter on the side of a wall outside your house.
Step 4: Use a water hose to hose down the filter. Use a zigzag motion to create some force for the water to ease-out residual dirt from the filter. 
Step 5: Let the filter dry under the sun and prepare it for the next use.

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Using a vacuum cleaner to clean your AC filters weekly is a little bit involved even if you’re using the handheld Dysons. Using a scrub brush should be a good way to keep your AC filters clean.


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