How to Descale a Nespresso Machine? Do these Best Hacks and Methods

How to Descale a Nespresso Machine_ Do these Best Hacks and Methods
How to Descale a Nespresso Machine_ Do these Best Hacks and Methods

Will that be for here or to go? That’s usually the question you hear from Starbucks or other coffee shops about the fate of your coffee. But why have coffee brewed by others when you can brew it yourself with a Nespresso machine and have coffee as often as you want for the rest of your day.

Truly, many are now giving it a go to have their coffee made in a Nespresso machine. But with all other machines that use water, Nespresso needs to be clean regularly and occasionally deep clean to remove limescale.

Nespresso machines are a beauty to behold but their promise of making an aromatic and rich coffee is made possible if your clean it regularly. Over time, coffee grounds and natural oils of coffee can build up and may affect the performance of your Nespresso machine.

Additionally, water also is a factor especially hard water that leaves behind minerals that when evaporates forms limescale to the surface. Too much scale build-up can affect the taste of your coffee and in severe cases, may clog your machine and prevent it from running smoothly.

Here’s a guide for you on how to descale Nespresso machines so you can enjoy your cup of coffee for many years to come.

Things to know before descaling your Nespresso

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Before you begin descaling your Nespresso machine, here are some tips to avoid mistakes that may damage your machine.

  • Nespresso machine has descaling mode and accessing it differs between models so you need your owner’s manual.
  • Refer to your owner’s manual to learn how to turn on your specific machine’s descaling mode.
  • A light usually flashes in your machine and that will tell you that it’s time to do the cleaning.
  • You can also connect your machine to the online app. It will tell when the machine needs to be descaled.
  • Nespresso machines have their own descaling solution.
  • Never use strong or abrasive cleaners like bleach to descale your machine.
  • Always use mild, odorless detergents.
  • Never submerge any parts in water or liquid.
  • Don’t use sponges rather use soft cloths.
  • Use a cleaning brush to gently scrub away coffee residue or any buildup.

You can watch this video if you want to go a more visual way of cleaning your Nespresso machines:

How to Clean Nespresso Machine with Descaling Kit

What you’ll need:

Step 1: Ready the machine.

  • Empty the capsule container of any coffee capsules.
  • Empty the drip tray.
  • Once done, put them back in the machine.
  • Turn on the descaling mode.

Step 2: Put your machine into descaling mode.

  • Depending on your model, press different buttons to start the descaling mode.
  • The buttons will blink and the machine will beep when you can let go. This will tell you that your machine is in descaling mode.

Step 3: Fill the tank with Nespresso’s descaling solution.

  • Pour descaling solution into the water tank.
  • Add a liter of water.
  • Close the slider.
  • Place a large container enough to catch all the water from the water tank under the coffee outlet.

At this point, you can also pour your homemade descaling solution if you don’t want to use the commercial descaling solution. The recipe for a homemade descaling solution is found in the article below.

Step 4: Begin the descaling process.

  • Press any of the blinking buttons.
  • The machine will run the water through the machine and expel water under the coffee outlet.
  • Catch the water from the coffee outlet with the container placed underneath.
  • Once the machine stops pushing water through the outlet, descaling is done.

Step 5: Repeat the descaling process.

  • Pour the water in the container back into the water tank.
  • Press one of the blinking buttons to start the machine.
  • The machine will stop running and the water will be back in the container.

Step 6: Rinse all the parts.

  • Throw the descaling solution that ran through the machine.
  • Remove the water tank, drip tray, and cup support.
  • Rinse them with warm water making sure that residue from the descaling solution is comp[letely rinsed.
  • Air-dry the parts or use a clean cloth to dry them.
  • Reassemble the parts once rinsed and dried.

Step 7: Rinse the machine

  • Fill the water tank with clean water.
  • Place the container back under the coffee outlet.
  • Click one of the blinking lights to make the machine run the clean water through it.
  • Repeat the rinsing process once more to make sure that it rinses the solution completely.

Step 8: Exit descaling mode after you have rinsed the machine with clean water twice.

  • Press all the blinking buttons until the machine beeps. This will let you know that you exited the descaling mode.
  • Let the machine dry for at least 10 minutes before using it again.
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How to Make a Homemade Descaling Solution

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If you don’t want to buy a descaling solution and you just want to clean your machine as naturally as possible, here’s the recipe for a homemade descaling solution:

What you can use:

  • Citric acid
  • Vinegar
  • Lemon juice

For citric acid, use 1 part citric acid to 20 parts water.

For lemon juice or vinegar, mix equal parts of either liquid with equal parts of water.

Note: If you use lemon juice, rinse the machine twice before making coffee. If you use vinegar, run five rinse cycles.

How to Clean Nespresso Daily

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Nespresso is an easy-to-use machine but still needs regular cleaning. You should clean the drip tray, empty the capsule container, and always have fresh water daily.

Here’s how to clean Nespresso daily.

1. Cleaning the drip tray and capsule container daily. The drip tray can be a place for bacteria and mold to grow if not cleaned properly.

What you’ll need:

  • Mild dishwashing liquid soap
  • Brush/dishcloth
  • Warm water

Step 1: Remove the drip tray from the Nespresso machine and wash it.
Step 2: Wash it using mild detergent.
Step 3: If there’s a buildup or coffee residue in the drip tray, try to gently scrub with a detail brush or non-scratch dishcloth.
Step 4: Rinse the drip tray with warm water and let it air dry.
Step 5: Use the same with the capsule container.

2. Wash the water tank daily. You should avoid water sitting on your water tank as mold can grow anytime. Just use fresh water every time you want to have a cup of coffee.

What you’ll need:

  • Mild dishwashing liquid soap
  • Warm water

Step 1: Remove the water tank and the lid from the machine.
Step 2: Wash the parts with mild dishwashing liquid soap.
Step 3: Rinse with warm water.
Step 4: Let the lid and water tank air dry or use a clean cloth to dry them before reassembling.

3. Clean the capsule detector lens. It is located inside the Nespresso machine. You can get it once you remove the maintenance module which is attached to the drip tray and holds the cups.

What you’ll need:

  • Clean microfiber cloth

Step 1: Gently wipe the detector lens with a clean microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe away any smudge, or moisture on the lens.

4. Clean the external parts of the Nespresso machine. Consider cleaning the external parts several times a week or if you are able, every after use.

What you’ll need:

  • A clean damp cloth

Step 1: Wipe the coffee outlet and outside cover of the machine with a clean damp cloth.
Step 2: Use the clean damp cloth also by wiping any buildup from the coffee outlet.
Step 3: Wipe down the outside edges and the inside walls where the capsule holder goes.
Step 4: After wiping the external parts, always follow up with a dry clean microfiber cloth to ensure that there is no moisture remaining on the surface.

How to Descale a Nespresso Machine? How often should you clean your Nespresso machine?

Nespresso experts described the machine as a state of the art meaning a big part of providing great coffee is maintaining the equipment. As with all other appliances, regular cleaning of the Nespresso machine is essential because the water used in brewing coffee may cause internal mineral buildup that may affect the flow, temperature, and overall performance of the machine.

Nespresso specialists recommend regular cleaning on a daily basis and descaling the machine every three months or every 300 capsules whichever comes first.

Frequently asked questions?

1. Is it best to leave open or closed my Nespresso when not in use?

Leaving it closed will keep them away from dirt and other particles.

2. How to get the drip tray to come out?

There might be a coffee leftover sticking to the coffee machine. Try lifting it upward before taking it out or jiggle a little to eases it out.

3. Can I use tap water in my Nespresso?

Using filtered water may reduce how often you need to clean or descale your machine.

The best brush and dishcloth to use in cleaning your Nespresso Machine

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