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How to protect wood table from scratches?

Wood furniture is a great addition to any home because of its looks, craftsmanship, and elegance.

The only thing to worry about when owning wood furniture is the maintenance part. A common type of wooden furniture is wooden tables. So our focus in this article will be how to protect wood tables from scratches.

As long as you protect your wood tables from the daily wear and tear, either it’s from your pets, kids, or sunlight, they will last for a very long time. 

Indoor wood tables are prone to fast damage because they are used frequently. Moisture, heat, water, and cleaning products can all cause your wood table to wear out. On the other hand, outdoor wood tables are often exposed to different elements like sunlight, rain, or snow. Outdoor wood tables require more protection than indoor ones.

With preventive maintenance, you can save your wood tables from potential damage. The good news is you don’t need to spend all day cleaning or polishing. All you need is a few small preventive actions to maintain your wooden furniture in great shape. 

Protect Wood Table From Scratches: Sources of Damages – So what should you guard against when you have wood tables? 


There are many things that you can involuntarily scratch your wood tables with. This can be when you scoot your dishes and other wares on your table. Or when you move something directly perched on top of the wood. Or maybe when the bottom of a pot, laptops, or other items have pads attached to them.

To prevent these things from scratching your table, try to use placemats or table cloths (like linen or cotton).


Another thing that can damage your tables is liquid spills. If you accidentally spill liquid on your table and take some time to clean it, the liquid will seep into the wood. The liquid can damage both the finish and the wood itself. 

To prevent liquid damage on your wood table, always use coasters for your glasses or placemats. You can also use custom glass on top of the entire wood table to protect it from spillage.

Additionally, avoid applying chemical-laden products on your wood tables. It can cause significant damage to the wood. 


Temperature can cause a lot of damage to wood tables and furniture. Hot pans, pots or dishes, when placed on top of the table can cause the wood to fade or bleach.

To prevent this from happening, avoid placing your hot cookware and dishes directly on your wood table. If you need to, place a protective pad or cloth under the cookware or dishware. You can also put a protective pad on the entire wood table. 

Avoid exposing your wood tables to direct sunlight; it would help a lot in preserving your table. Sunlight causes wood to dry out which eventually makes it crack. High exposure to sunlight can also cause bleaching and fading on wood surfaces. 

Avoid putting your table near radiators as the heat can also cause damage. 

The Weather

Different weather elements can affect your wood furniture. Rain can cause it to look withered and brittle. The same goes for snow. Long exposure to sunlight during the hot season, on the other hand, can dry out the wood and cause cracks.

To prevent your wood tables from getting damaged by the weather, use sealants that are water repellant or use protective coatings. Without any of these, your wood table can rot, decay, or fade fast. A mixture of wind, sunlight, and moisture can hasten the life of your wood tables. 

You can also use an umbrella on wooden tables so that they won’t have direct exposure to sunlight. 

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Wood Table
clean underside of a wood table

Another way to prevent your wood table from easily wearing out is regular cleaning.

How and what do you need to clean your wood? Here are some tips and steps to guide you.

  1. Use a soft or lint-free cloth like The Crown Choice Scrubber Pad . The Scrubber pad is non-scratch and won’t cause any damages to your wood table’s surface.
  2. Find a wood furniture polish to remove dirt, dust, and grime
  3. Avoid having an excessive buildup of dust, dirt, and grime by regularly cleaning your wood table
  4. Don’t use a dry cloth to clean wood furniture to prevent scratches

If you are using any polish, make sure to do the following:

Step 1: Dust your wood table before using any polish or wax
Step 2: Damp the cloth using the furniture polish
Step 3: Swipe the wood table gently to avoid harsh damage to the surface

Note: Polish or oils are mere cosmetic solutions. For long-term maintenance, you can use a finish to keep the glossy or shiny look of your table.

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