How to Remove Tea Stains From Carpet

remove tea stains from carpet

Do you know how to remove tea stains from carpet or rugs? What do you do if you stain your Persian carpet?

Get the help of a professional carpet cleaner for the latter because Persian rugs are in a different league of delicate and expensive. The same rule goes for silk and wool for clothing.

But we can do something about the former. For ordinary rugs or carpets, you can use a carpet stain remover, baking soda, white vinegar or salt. In any case, always check the label of your rug because they usually have cleaning and washing instructions on there.

Warning: This is a guide should only be used to remove tea stains specifically. This might not work on other stains. For example, pouring hot water on blood stains can make it permanent.

The Best Homemade Carpet Cleaning Project

How to remove tea stains from carpet with hot water

Again check the cleaning instructions for your items before doing anything else. Also, spot cleaning is the best and fastest way if the stain is only in one portion of the carpet.

What you will need

  1. microfiber cloth or home scrubber dish cloth
  2. carpet stain remover (optional) or baking soda or vinegar or salt
  3. bucket for water (use cold water if the fabric can’t withstand hot water)

Before anything else try the first method of pouring hot water on the stain. This works for most tea stains especially when it’s not yet dried up into the fabric.

This is written to show the easiest methods first then lead up to the more involved processes.

Before cleaning remember to blot out the stain first as much as you can until the stain is almost gone. Always use a vacuum cleaner after cleaning and removing the stain to remove excess water. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner then pat dry with a dish cloth.

How to blot out stain

Step 1: isolate the stained area
Step 2: pour half a glass of water on the stain
Step 3: press on the stain using a dish cloth

Move on to the stain removal steps once that’s done.

Attention: Use the maximum hot water temperature that the fabric instructions will allow.

Vinegar Solution Method

Blotting out the stain should remove it in most cases. If not do this.

Step 1: Mix vinegar with water
Step 2: Use a sponge to apply it directly

Note: You can pour the solution on the stain if you have a non absorbent dish cloth

Step 3: If you have a microfiber cloth or dish cloth press it on the vinegar solution on the stain
Step 4: Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes
Step 5: Pour the area with cold water

This should remove the stain.

Baking Soda Method

Baking soda is a great deodorizing and cleaning product.

Step 1: Dampen your dish cloth
Step 2: Coat it with baking soda
Step 3: Apply the baking soda directly on the stain with the help of the dish cloth
Step 4: Rinse the stained area with cold water
Step 5: Pat dry

You can use the same steps using salt but you can pour a generous amount of salt on the stain instead of coating your sponge cloth with it.

For stubborn stains here’s a method using carpet stain remover.

OxiClean and Cold/Hot water method

borax harsh chemicals

Stain removers are specifically designed to break down stain molecules. Some of them use harsh chemicals like surfactants, borax or chlorine bleach. Fortunately, there are less harmful carpet cleaning liquids out there.

Warning: Please test on a less conspicuous portion of your carpet if you’re going to use bleach, borax or other cleaning liquids just to make sure that you don’t damage your carpet.

If you don’t like using chemical cleaners you can choose the vinegar and baking soda method.

Step 1: use a rubber band on the carpet to isolate the stain
Step 2: soak that part in the oxidizing stain remover
Step 3: put the carpet section over your sink, bathtub or anywhere you can be safe when pouring hot water
Step 4: carefully pour hot water (if hot water is not allowed use cold water) from two feet up over the stain you’ve isolated
Step 5: the impact of the hot water should loosen and in most cases remove the stain out

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