My name is Hanna Jun, founder of The Crown Choice and Dish Scrubbie.

Here's my back story.

My dad passed away in 2012 with lung cancer.

He dedicated his time and energy into his importing business with a dream of supporting missionaries and planting churches.

His business was not successful and his dream vanished as he left this earth.

I grew up watching my dad fail one business after another and put our family in a precarious situation. My resentment continued to grow as we went through this. So much so that even when I was offered a scholarship for business school, I vowed that I would never go to business school or be involved in any form of business myself.

I was naive.

Business and entrepreneurship was ultimately in my blood.

At the funeral, I promised to accomplish my dad's lost dream. While The Crown Choice has an internal passion to help with water and children sponsorship, the goal to help needy people is the same. Ironically, out of all businesses, I started an importing business in 2011.

Our first product idea was a bust.

But that's how we came up with The Crown Choice and Dish Scrubbie.

The Crown Choice & Dish Scrubbie

Everything started from a single problem.

Smelly sponges.

Smelly sponges are everywhere but for some reason, there were no alternatives that lasted. All the products on the market end up stinking like a sour sponge. That's how we started our line of no odor scrubbers designed to outlast at least 10 sponges.

And it worked.

From that simple idea, we have expanded to deliver quality tools to conquer your home, kitchen and personal cleaning needs.

Everything from:

  • long lasting no odor scrubbers
  • ultra cleaning cloths
  • super cleaning brushes
  • natural air fresheners
  • vacuum suction sponge holders and more
  • natural soaps

Our Philosophy

Quality + Long Lasting Function + Design

In a world crowded with cheap, bulk items, we strive to take the opposite approach.

Rather than clutter your home and closets with massive 24 jumbo packs of this and that, we believe that having a single item that works well, that can outlast 10 cheaper items is the way to a cleanerand more satisfied you.