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Nobody understands the reality of unpleasant scents more intimately or in-depth than us. We frequently hear people’s stories about unpleasant odors.

We enjoy hearing folks tell us about their fragrances because they frequently have fascinating backstories. We also enjoy it because we get to share our expertise with people when they most need it.

We have spent a vast amount of time gathering information about how to get rid of just about any stench possible from every type of thing.

In this article, we’ve gathered our favorite odor-removal items for uses ranging from the commonplace, like preventing refrigerator odors, to the unusual.

What is an Odor Eliminator Spray?

A type of odor-fighting product called odor eliminator spray aids in getting rid of scents in your house. It can eliminate overt and covert odors because it neutralizes the stinky molecules in the air.

It’s a fantastic method to maintain a clean, fresh scent throughout your house without using harsh chemicals or sprays to eliminate odors.

A high-quality odor-eliminating item eliminates scents from sweat, smoke, pets, and food, and some even leave a fragrant aftertaste.

According to Marilee Nelson, co-founder of Branch Basics:

The objective of using an odor eliminator should not just be to remove unwanted odors but also to enhance air quality!

Therefore ingredients matter! The most significant toxic red flag would be the word “fragrance” on the label, which indicates that the product uses a proprietary recipe composed of hundreds (if not thousands) of chemicals that will cover up odors.

Natural components like baking soda, vinegar, citrus fruits, bamboo charcoal, activated charcoal, and essential oils are used to make an odor-eliminating spray.

These components are renowned for eliminating unpleasant smells, improving indoor air quality, and leaving behind a pleasing fragrance.

How to Use an Odor Eliminator

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How to Use an Odor Eliminator Spray 1

Direct the nozzle of an odor-eliminating spray at the source of the problem and spray the substance in a sweeping motion to cover the entire area. For maximum efficiency, it is advised to use the spray two to three times.

Allow the area to air out after spraying to give the odor-neutralizing ingredients a chance to work. This applies for pet odors, musty smells, lingering smells, foul odors, and the like.

Top 10 Odor Eliminators

To help you find the right product for your needs, we asked our testers to try out the top odor eliminators in their homes. They then evaluated their ease of use, effectiveness, scent, ability to absorb odors, and overall value.

All the products listed below work far better than scented candles.

#10 Lysol Disinfectant Spray

What We Like:

✅ It claims to be able to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.
✅ Can be used to eliminate bad smells and mask odors on hard and soft surfaces.

What We Don’t Like:

❌ The tops of the containers can crack during shipping.

#9: Glade Room Spray

What We Like:

✅ It combats tough odors and freshens the air with a subtle scent infused with essential oils
✅ It provides instant freshness and contains odor-eliminating ingredients.

What We Don’t Like:

❌ Some customers report that the spray nozzle sometimes doesn’t work properly.

#8 Zero Odor Odor Eliminator

What We Like:

✅ Fragrances and perfumes don’t mask or cover odors; Zero Odor permanently removes them and leaves your home smelling fresh.
✅ Can even take care of skunk odor.

What We Don’t Like:

❌ Some customers are not happy with its scent.

#7 Hex Performance Deodorizing Spray

What We Like:

✅ It’s a great odor absorber, and it works relatively quickly.
✅ It’s a powerful odor eliminator that works especially well on smelly shoes.

What We Don’t Like:

❌ It’s a little bit more expensive compared to its counterparts.

#6 Biokleen Bac-Out Stain & Odor Remover

What We Like:

✅ It’s made in the USA and never tested on animals.
✅ It doesn’t contain ammonia, phosphates, chlorine, or brighteners.

What We Don’t Like:

❌ Their customer service is a bit wanting.

#5 Fresh Wave Odor Eliminator

What We Like:

✅ Fresh Wave Odor Eliminators are all-natural odor eliminators that help eliminate smells from dogs and cats and keep the air fresh in your basement or garage.
✅ It’s non-GMO, non-toxic, non-hazardous, and safe for pets, people, and the planet.

What We Don’t Like:

❌ The limited selection of scents means you may not find a particular scent you like.

#4: Febreze Air Freshener Spray

What We Like:

✅ It clears away unpleasant odors (like pet odors and cigarette smoke) and doesn’t just mask odors. It can absorb odors better than a lot of odor-eliminating sprays.
✅ It doesn’t use harmful chemicals and is a great pet odor eliminator.

What We Don’t Like:

❌ Some customers don’t like the patented Febreze scent.

#3 Poo Pourri Toilet Spray

What We Like:

✅ The Poo Pourri Toilet Spray is made with non-toxic ingredients and is safe for pets and children.
✅ Comes in many different scents, so you’ll surely find one that suits your olfactory palette.

What We Don’t Like:

❌ Their customer service isn’t the best.

#2: Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

What We Like:

✅ The Moso Natural Air Purifying bags are very effective air purifiers that naturally absorb odors, harmful pollutants, and moisture.
✅ It’s fragrance-free and chemical-free.

What We Don’t Like:

❌ Some customers complain that it didn’t help them with their musty closets.

#1: The Crown Choice Air Fresheners

What We Like:

✅ It is made using natural preservatives, deodorizers, and essential oils extracted from plants.
✅ Specially formulated essential oils to absorb, neutralize and dissolve or eliminate odors naturally instead of masking like chemicals and synthetics like most big box names.

What We Don’t Like:

❌ It’s slightly more expensive than some of its counterparts.

DIY Odor Eliminator Spray Recipes

DIY odor eliminator spray

Consider producing your own DIY odor eliminator sprays if you’re seeking for a cheap, natural solution to get rid of aromas in your house. Check out these simple recipes:

  • Apply a citrus spray to smelly places by mixing equal parts water and lemon juice in a spray bottle.
  • A spray made of 1 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of water can be used to treat odorous places.
  • Spray vinegar on odorous locations by mixing equal parts vinegar and water in a spray container.

These DIY sprays help freshen up any space in your house and are a secure and efficient substitute for commercial odor removers.

How to Make Your Home Smell Fresh with Odor Eliminator Spray

Here are some suggestions to bear in mind when using odor eliminator spray to make your home smell clean and fresh:

  • When using the spray, concentrate on the smelly molecules’ source to ensure speedy and efficient removal.
  • Spray should only be used in well-ventilated places because the active chemicals could irritate the throat if inhaled.
  • Use the spray sparingly; a little goes a long way.
  • One of the best ways to lessen scents in your home is to change your habits. This can entail routinely wiping off surfaces and washing your bedding and drapes.

Final Words

An odor eliminator spray is a fantastic approach to keep your house smelling clean and fresh. There are various varieties on the market, and they are all simple to use, secure, and efficient.

We hope this article has provided you with some useful advice for selecting the best odor-eliminator spray for your requirements.

So please don’t put it off any longer, and use odor eliminator spray to make your house smell clean and fresh right away!

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