Want to know the best shoe odor eliminators to get?

Shoes are intended to protect our feet in our daily activities and as our feet spend much time with shoes whether high-heeled or flat, for running or leisure, it is inevitable and unavoidable that they can be smelly over time.

Stinky shoe odors are a sign that bacteria and germs are beginning to accumulate. Using a shoe odor eliminator is the best solution to fix the unwanted smell.

Unless you regularly wash your shoes, odors can be difficult to remove. A shoe deodorizer is the best to use in attacking the germs, bacteria, fungus, and mildew that have spread from your feet to your shoes.

Shoe deodorizer will keep your feet smelling fresh and clean. However, choosing the right shoe deodorizer for you can be a challenging task to do as there are many products that you can choose from.

We have listed some options you can consider to make your shoes smell good as new and some tips on what to look for when buying a shoe odor eliminator.

Here’s the list we have for you.

Features to consider when buying the best shoe odor eliminators

1. Scents

When it comes to shoe deodorizers you want bad odors to be neutralized from your shoes and not masked. Some products have essential oils used as natural fragrances that give out a pleasant smell. It also has anti-bacterial and antifungal properties that help eliminate foul odors while releasing a fresh scent as well.

2. Long-lasting

You want to also to make sure that the odor-eliminating effect of shoe deodorizer is long-lasting. Certain products like powders and sprays need to be used regularly while other odor-eliminators such as deodorant sachets, pouches balls, and pods can last until six months.

3. Natural vs. Chemicals

There are products that use natural ingredients as their deodorizers like activated charcoal, zinc oxide, and baking powder. They are safer to use around pets and children, skin-friendly, and suitable to use for homes.

While other products incorporate to their formulation the use of chemicals to quickly eliminate the odor. They can kill odor-causing bacteria and disinfects as well, therefore, eliminating odors.

However, products that contain chemicals may be harmful to sensitive skin and cause allergies.

4. Antifungal properties

The inclusion of antifungal properties in shoe deodorizer can prevent and treat infections caused by excessive moisture due to sweating and wearing closed shoes all day long. Some products that come in the form of creams, powder, and spray need to be applied directly to the skin to address foot odor while antifungal products that have miconazole nitrate are used to treat various fungal infections such as Athlete’s foot.

5. Easy to use

Convenience in using a shoe deodorizer is also one feature you would want to consider. Sprays are easy to use and less messy. Shoe deodorizers in balls and sachets form are suitable for lockers, shoe cabinets, and bags while powder is best to use when you are at home.

Before buying a shoe odor eliminator, it is best to determine first whether you want to use them regularly or you just want them to store in shoe cabinets or lockers.

5 Best shoe odor eliminators

Shoe odor eliminators can be used in a variety of ways. Some are messier while others are time-consuming to apply. Choose the shoe deodorizers that suit you more. Here are some of the types of shoe deodorizer:

  • Sprays usually come in a pump bottle and are sprayed directly to the shoe or foot for fast absorption.
  • Powders can be messy to apply because it is hard to control where they will land. It is usually sprinkled in the shoe or foot.
  • Inserts are inserted into your shoe. Some shoe inserts are worn all the time while others are meant to be inserted on shoes when you are not wearing them.
  • Balls feature a quick twist-action that opens the vents and releases a fresh and clean scent. It is usually placed inside shoes, gym bags, lockers, cabinets, and closets to keep it smelling fresh.

Here are the best shoe eliminators that we gathered.

1. The Crown Choice natural air fresheners https://www.thecrownchoice.com/air-freshener/

Say goodbye and no more to odors that you want to eliminate with The Crown Choice air fresheners that are made of 100% all-natural essential oils. It kills odors instead of masking them. This air freshener is non-toxic and safe to use and best for pets like cats and dogs, around children, and sensitive people.

Made with the exotic blend of plant-based essential oils to neutralize and eliminate bad odors naturally. It has a long-lasting and crisp aroma that you can choose from. You can spray it on everywhere in your home that needs freshening up.

It’s multi-purpose as you can use it in your home, bathroom, office, travel, carpet, car, fabrics, shoes, pet bedding, garage, linens, upholstery.

2. Foot sense natural shoe deodorizer powder

This product is great for smelly shoes and smelly feet and doubles as a body freshener. It got zinc oxide in its formulation which is a natural skin protector that is safe to use by adults and children as well.

It works quickly to absorb moisture and prevents sweat and odors to accumulate. You can use this product on shoes, skates, gloves, gym bags that have the tendency to collect dirt, sweat, and foul odors.

3. Sufuny shoe deodorizer balls

This sneaker balls deodorizer comes in a pack of 6 balls that eliminate odors. The shoe balls are filled with baking powder making it a natural shoe deodorizer that absorbs the unpleasant smell. All you need to do is to twist each ball to activate and then placed it in the shoe, lockers, gym bags, or any desired space. You can carry it easily in hampers, athletic gear, and travel bags. The pack of six shoe deodorizer balls will last for 60 days of use.

4. Dr. Scholl’s odor -X insoles

They designed the sole to fit any foot just measure and cut to your foot size. They eliminate odor and kill bacteria while giving your feet extra comfort and support. Its main ingredients are baking soda and charcoal. The baking soda helps in absorbing moisture and dries them while the charcoal assists in eliminating smelly bacteria from building up and preventing future smells.

5. Zederna Cedarwood inserts

It is a thin insert for shoes with a nice scent. This foot odor eliminator is 100% natural with cedarwood and cotton as its main components. Cedar inhibits bacteria causing odor. Both cedarwood and cotton are biodegradable making them eco-friendly. It can be a little tricky when it comes to sizing.

What do we recommend as the best shoe deodorizer?

We want to make your life easy by choosing a shoe deodorizer that is simple to use and mess-free. The Crown Choice air fresheners are the perfect deodorizer for shoes. It addresses the stinky odor that you sniff here and now. It can be used on your shoes, in your room, bathroom, office, travel, carpet, car, fabrics, pets, bedding, garage, linens, upholstery, or just about any area or item that needs freshening up.

Check them out on Amazon the best shoe odor eliminators and enjoy the other scents that they offer.

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