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Frequently Asked Questions

Can this power grout cleaner brush help me clean hard to reach places?

This grout cleaning brush is angled to make it easier to clean hard to reach palces.

Is this electric?


Is this useful for my tile floors? 

Yes. It’s safe to use on tile floors.

Can this help clean marble, stone, ceramic? 

Yes. It’s not just a bathroom cleaning brush. Strong bristles can be used to detail your grout tile lines, kitchen stove, faucets, garage use, outdoor cleaning, boats, cars and more.

This is probably unusable to left handed people like me?

You can hold this left-handed or right-handed. You can use a overhand grip for strength.

How is this different than the grout cleaning set you’re selling?

This dirty grout cleaner is heavy duty and is a great complement to our grout cleaning set.

Can I use this if I have sensitive hands?

Yes. The handle is smooth but easy to grip.

I bought a similar brush like this and the bristles were falling off every use. How strong is the bristles on this grout cleaning brush?

This brush has hard nylon bristles that fit directly inside tile grout joints to scrape away dirt and grime.

How do I clean this thing after I’m done using it?

Simply wash in hot soapy water. Can also be sanitized in the dishwasher (top rack).

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