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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it fit 2 normal size sponges in the basket?

Just tried in person to make sure. Yes it does but might be tight for two sponges that are 2 inches thick.

For other sponges, it perfectly fits as their combined thickness is only 1.5 inches.

Is this patented?

Yes it is.

Is the brush included?


Some people leave reviews that there’s fell off after a week. Is this some sort of product defect?

No. Some people migth’ve been too enthusiastic to use the sponge holder they sometimes forget to follow instructions properly.

That’s why we ask them the following questions.

1. Did you attach the clear adhesive on a fully clean and dry surface?

2. Pushed out all the air by rubbing the surface completely?

3. Waited 30min before clipping the sponge holder?

If they did all this and they’re within the 30-day refund/return window, we’ll ask them to send a photo of the adhesive, we’ll check it out to see what went wrong and send a replacement if needed.

Will this rust overtime?

It’s stainless steel, which is known to not rust or corrode readily like plain old steel would.

Can I remove this if I need to clean the sink?

Yes. The holder stays in place but you can remove the basket easily.

Any warranty on this product?

We have a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

Will this work on my stainless steel sink? No suction cup would.


The adhesive is very sticky and will stick for a long time when attachment instructions are followed properly.

Will this work on quartz/granite, plastic, ceramic, stainless steel sinks?

Yes it will. The 3M sticker holds strong to all surfaces. Please make sure to follow instructions and stick it securely. It also comes off without any mess if desired.

What if the sticker gets wet during use?

Water won’t affect the tape as long as sticking instructions were followed. Once the tape is stuck, it’s very hard to remove it unwittingly or accidentally.

Where can I find more of the tape?

Follow this link here.

It looks like the basket will slip and slide all the time. How can I make sure it stays put?

The basket can be removed easily if you want to remove it. But it doesn’t slip and slide because it’s affixed snugly to the bracket.

We have customers tell us that they sometimes hit the basket hard accidentally and it’s still on tight!

Looks like the adhesive is strong. Is it possible to remove it without damaging my sink?

Yes. The tape is hard to remove accidentally but is easy to remove if you want it removed. We had reports that it comes off without any residue.

Our customers had no problem removing the tapes to move the sponge holder from one sink to another. If you’re not sure you can buy an adhesive remover from the hardware shop. It’s a liquid that removes super glue and any other adhesive type stuff.

Can I use this on the wood cabinet under my sink?


What size is the adhesive square?

It’s 1.5 inches wide.

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