Best sponge holder for kitchen sinks

best sink caddy sponge holder brush caddy
  • Our best sponge holder
  • Super strong adhesive doesn’t fall
  • Fits 2 sponges and 1 dish brush
2-in-1 In Sink Sponge Holders and Brush Sink Caddy | Detachable Stainless Steel Strong Adhesive
  • No suction cups to worry about
  • Strong adhesive by 3M
  • Fits 2 sponges and a dish cloth
best dish cloth holder sink caddy
  • Hang any sponge cloth or small rag
  • Slim and sleek profile
  • Easy to remove and clean
no more falling sponge holders from suction cups or magnets

Sponge holder install instructions

The problem with traditional sink caddy holders is that the suction cups are cheap and will wear out quickly.

The sink is easily one of the most heavily used items in the home. Lots of clanging around, hot water, cold water, soap and chemicals.

Suction cups can’t take this type of constant changing conditions. This is why we’ve come up with a better solution.

The no suction cup, no fall sponge holder.

We use an innovative sticky adhesive clip that attaches firmly to the side of your sink.

Because of the big surface area, it won’t slip around and fall off like your regular sponge holder. Now you know why we say this is the best sponge holder for the sink.

The adhesive works on:

Stainless steel sinks

Ceramic sinks

Follow the instructions in the video above or on the packaging to install properly.

WARNING: If you fill up your sink and submerge the sponge holder, it will fall off.

Install in a place that will not be under water.

best sponge holder install instructions

Step 1: Fully clean and air dry the surface

Make sure to clean the surface to remove all oil, food, grease, dirt, water, soap, calcium, rust or anything that will weaken the bond.

The surface must be fully air dried. Not wiped dry because there will still be moisture.

Step 2: Peel off the plastic film

Hold the adhesive by the edges so as not to get finger oil on the sticky part. The no fall sponge holder will not hold if the adhesive has oil on the back.

Step 3: Push out the air

Get rid of air pockets and squeeze it out the sides. Make sure the edges are fully sealed to prevent water getting in through the back and loosening the adhesive.

Step 4: Wait 30 min before attaching

Grab a cup of coffee, watch an episode of Bob Ross and come on back.

Step 5: Attaching the sponge holder

The clip is very strong. To attach, hold the sponge holder at an angle and then clip in one side at a time.

Do not try to force it in from the top.

You could break the clip if you push down on the wrong way.

Push down at an angle until the basket clips into place. Then insert the other end.

Step 6: Enjoy the best sponge holder

Enjoy the sponge holder. It can fit 2 sponges and a wide dish washing brush. Do not use it for putting valuables or fragile inside.

Do not submerge the adhesive in hot water as it will ruin the adhesive.

sponge dish cloth holder
BEST SPONGE HOLDER - for kitchen sink 6

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