Sponge Holder for Sink - Fits 2 sponges and dish brush 1

Sponge Holder for Sink - Fits 2 sponges and dish brush

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  • ✔️ BEST SPONGE HOLDER FOR SINK: No rust. Compact size fits 2 sponges and dish brush.
  • ✔️ WONT FALL DOWN: Uses strong adhesive to stay put. No suction cups that fall.
  • ✔️ QUALITY SINK SPONGE HOLDER: For stainless sinks, farmhouse, granite, composite.
Sponge Holder for Sink - Fits 2 sponges and dish brush 4

Beats the competition

The typical sponge holder for your sink will fall down because of cheap, weak suction cups that loses its suction power. You end up having to throw it away.

Our sponge holder is made with high quality transparent acrylic, and uses an adhesive backing so that it sticks to your sink and won’t fall off.

You can take the sponge holder off to clean it easily. Just clip it on again and use it as normal.

Sink caddy dish sponge holder
Best sponge holder for sink

No fall adhesive

Our sponge holders do not use cheap suction cups or weak magnets. Our sponge holders use a super sticky adhesive.

This adhesive can withstand 2 pounds max load. It’s easy to install and will not fall off if bumped accidentally. The adhesive is also easy to remove and move the sponge holders to another sink if you want to.

That’s why our sponge holder is easy to install, hard to remove accidentally, easy to remove if you need to move it. That’s the advantage of our sink sponge holder.


Why do people rave about us?

Try our product and experience the difference. Quality guarantee, long-lasting, problem-solving.


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94 reviews

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      5.0 out of 5 stars Great for kitchen wand

Just what I was looking for to store a fish wand. Sticks great to my stainless steel sink. Holds a sponge and dish wand nicely. It only comes with one sticky plastic adhesive. You only have one chance to put the adhesive/basket where you want it. Once it is on the sink it is impossible to move.

By Lindsey on September/15/2023


      Great quality

These keep your kitchen sink organized. We have been moving around the past few years and at each apartment I get one of these. They work and look nice, and are inexpensive enough to leave for the next tenants.

By Anonymous on December/25/2022


      Wonderful and easy to install

Great product.

By Robert A. Paul on November/17/2022


      Worked great until it broke after 1 year

Broke at almost exactly 1-year mark.

By A. Chang on November/01/2022


      Lasted over 2.5 years!

This holder worked flawlessly for almost 3 years before one of the hooks fell off the sink wall. Such a great product! Wish I could give it more stars.

By C. McKinley on September/01/2022


      Great product

Product was as described. Easy to apply and works as advertised.

By Anthony G. on April/27/2022



Easy to install

By Vanessa Castillo on April/24/2022


      Item is weak a bit flimsy. Feels cheap. Very disappointed!

I was expecting a more substantial item. This is so cheap, with no substance. Completely overpriced g guy or what it is! A big disappointment!

By Kristine Kramer on April/03/2022



Works exactly as described. Make sure to clean area and dry completely before letting water on it.

By Lori J on April/03/2022


      Very easy to install. Stays in place well.

Very satisfied with product based on price and features.

By Ann M Grausam on February/24/2022


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Sponge Holder for Sink - Fits 2 sponges and dish brush

Sponge Holder for Sink - Fits 2 sponges and dish brush 15

  • ✔️ BEST SPONGE HOLDER FOR SINK: No rust. No fall.
  • ✔️  NO FALL: Strong adhesive. No suction cups.
  • ✔️ QUALITY SINK SPONGE HOLDER: Tough, classy & sleek.

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94 review 
Sponge Holder for Sink - Fits 2 sponges and dish brush 15

Frequently Asked Questions

This sink caddy, kitchen sponge holder is made from durable plastic. It won’t rust overtime like rust proof stainless steel.

The sink caddy is easy to install. 

1. Attach the clear adhesive on a fully clean and dry surface of your kitchen sink. 
2. Push out all the air by rubbing the surface completely. 
3. Wait 30 minutes before clipping the sponge holder. 

We have a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

It can hold 2 regular sponges and any type of dish brushes.

There are 3 items in the package. The sponge and dish brush holder and two adhesives to hold it in place.

Yes. The special adhesive can hold the caddy strongly but is easier to remove and move to another space on your sink.

It’s no-fall as it uses no suction cup. Instead, we use a special adhesive that holds the sponge and dish brush holder strongly and securely.

Easy install sponge holder for sink & dish brush holder

This sleek transparent caddy is truly designed to blend with any kind of kitchen sink.

The design also allows your sponges and brushes to be organized in one place while it drips and dries.

No need to worry about bumps, falls or noises on your sink as this does not come with unreliable suction cups.

But what’s more amazing is that it you can easily remove the adhesive and place it in another area of your sink or kitchen.

Needs cleaning? It’s easy! You can remove it without breaking. Just simply put it back in place after you are done.

Quality – Adhesive Caddy — Sink Organization Rust Proof

Rusty sponge and brush holder are unsanitary!

Staining your kitchen utensils with rust can cause health problems for you and your family.

Oh no!

What you need is a sponge and brush holder that will not rust.

Not a steel sink caddy. What you need is a plastic sponge and dish brush holder!

Why plastic?

The plastic used in The Crown Choice sponge and dish brush holder is safe, non-toxic, durable, and rust-proof. That’s a lot of benefits from one single material.

We chose plastic because it lasts, it’s compact and we can make it look stylish.

No more Falling sponge & Brush Holder

Along with the plastic, we also use a strong adhesive so the sponge holder will stay put on your sink.

I don’t like suction cups because it will fall every few minutes.

I don’t like hooks because it falls when I bump it.

Not this sink caddy. The adhesive will make sure it stays stuck.


Plastic is rust-proof and easy to clean.

Washing dishes or baby bottles are more sanitary now that you won’t cross-contaminate them with rust.

It’s just cleaner and more sanitary.

You can’t go wrong with a BPA-free, rust-free sponge and brush holder.

2-in-1 sink caddy

It will hold sponges and it will hold your cleaning brush as well. No need to balance your brushes on a sponge holder because this one has a slot specifically made for your bottle brush.

It’s small, sleek, and convenient to use on your sink.

We got more kitchen sink organizers to choose from! Buy our amazing 2-in-1 kitchen sink organizer and save more space in your sink!

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