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The internet is full of articles on how to clean electric grills.

But our guide is the definitive guide to cleaning your electric grill without causing damage.

Come back anytime to find to-the-point instructions on how to clean your specific electric grill. 

Let’s dig in. (Get it?) 

Electrocution and Electric Shock Warning

How to Clean Electric Grill 1

Before starting, make sure to unplug the grill from the electrical outlet. This is an obvious step but a lot of people miss it.

Do not soak your electric grills or panini maker or waffle maker in water or under running water with the cord plugged in!

Electric shock happens when metal pieces get in contact with the positive and negative electrical parts of the grill. It could cause a short and ruin your grill as well as blow a fuse.

Don’t use metal scrubbing pads or wire brushes when cleaning any part of the electric grill.

The ideal time to clean your electric grill is 10 mins after it’s unplugged.

Follow the sections below on cleaning different types of electric grilling and cooking products.

How to Clean an OUTDOOR Electric Grill

How to Clean an OUTDOOR Electric Grill

Barbecue parties are fun. But no one enjoys cleaning up afterward.

Outdoor electric grills can either be a tabletop, freestanding, or portable models. They are great for outdoor activities such as family cookouts and picnicking.

Here are the eights steps to clean an outdoor electric grill:

Step 1: Turn the grill off. 
Step 2: Unplug it from the power outlet.
Step 3: Wait for five to 10 minutes for it to cool off.
Step 4: Scrape the cooking grates with a brush. 
Step 5: Take the removal liner off if yours has one.
Step 6: With a damp cloth, wipe off the residue.
Step 7: Dry every part before returning it to the grill.
Step 8: Reassemble as needed and plug back in for use or put away for another day.

The process is different if you’re using an indoor electric grill.

How to Clean an INDOOR Electric Grill

How to Clean an INDOOR Electric Grill

Indoor electric grills are available in small and large sizes. They are great alternatives for smaller homes.

In apartments, larger size grills are often not allowed because they are considered a fire hazard. That’s where indoor electric grills come in.

Here are the steps you need to clean an indoor grill appliance:

Step 1: Turn off and unplug the indoor grill.
Step 2: Make sure to take all food off the grill.
Step 3: Place two layers of wet paper towels on the warm grill.
Step 4: Close the lid and wait for one to two minutes.
Step 5: Clean it up with dry paper towels.
Step 6: Make sure every part is dry before using it again.

Another type of indoor grill is the electric Griddle.

How to Clean Electric Griddles

How to Clean Electric Grill 2

Electric griddles are ideal for making french toast, eggs, or pancakes.

Follow these steps to clean your electric griddle.

Step 1: Unplug the griddle.
Step 2: Let the griddle cool down for five to ten minutes.
Step 3: Use a paper towel to remove oil, grease, and burned food from the electric griddle surface.
Step 4: Pour a small amount (1 tbsp at a time) of hot water on the griddle.
Step 5: Add a drop of dishwashing liquid to the warm water on the griddle.
Step 6: Use a non-scratch electric grill brush to clean the food residue for the best results.
Step 7: Use a paper towel or a dry cloth to wipe down the griddle.
Step 8: Dry the grill entirely and assemble or pack away for next time.

How to Clean an Electric Smoker

man using an electric smoker to cook meat

Electric smokers are awesome to give that extra flavor. It cooks the meat at a slower pace, adds smokiness to the taste, and allows the meat to absorb the flavor.

Getting hungry just thinking about some good old smoked BBQ.

But let’s get to cleaning your electric smoker:

Step 1: Unplug the electric smoker from the power outlet.
Step 2: Let the smoker cool completely.
Step 3: Remove the smoker box, drip tray, water pan, and racks.
Step 4: Sprinkle soapy water. Use a spray if you have one.
Step 5: Use a non-scratch brush to clean the built-up food residue.
Step 6: Sweep all residue out of the chamber.
Step 7: Dry and assemble all pieces and pack away for next time.

Side note: Do not use metal scrapers or wire brushes. A non-scratch brush or a soapy sponge is safer to avoid scratching the smoker machine. Our sponge cloth set is a great alternative to absorb liquids quickly and easily. Makes cleaning a breeze.

Tip: Worried about the black char and smoke coating in your smoker’s chamber? Don’t! It becomes a protective barrier and prevents rust. It also improves your smoker’s infrared cooking system and adds extra flavor.

How to Clean the Exterior of Your Non-Stick Electric Grills

Step 1: Unplug the appliance
Step 2: Remove the grilling surface, if it’s removable.
Step 3: Use a damp sponge to wipe the exterior. It will remove most grease splatters.
Step 4: If you are dealing with hard grease, use a stronger product such as citrus oil and an all-purpose cleaner. Leave it on for a few minutes to penetrate. Then wipe off the grease from the surface.
Step 5: Put the pieces back together again, let them dry, and store them away.

This is the simple and traditional way of cleaning electric grills, but there are alternatives that you can that work well for harder to remove stains.

3 Effective Cleaning Alternatives

Baking Soda

baking soda spilled

Why is baking soda effective? 

This chemical compound has a mild alkali, which acts as a strong cleaning agent. It wipes off dirt and grease easily when mixed with water.

Here’s how you can use baking soda for cleaning your electric grill.

Step 1: Sprinkle a good amount of baking soda on the grill. Be generous with the sprinkles as granny used to say.
Step 2: Spray water on the grilling surface to make a pasty mixture. Not too watery.
Step 3: Rub using a cloth, sponge, or our non-scratch electric grill brush until the baking soda is gone.
Step 4: Wipe it all down, especially around the plug before using the device again.

Vinegar Spray 

holding a vinegar bottle

Why is vinegar effective? 

Vinegar’s acidity counteracts hard grease and icky build-ups, which makes it a good cleaner. 

How to use vinegar for cleaning electric grilling surfaces.

Step 1: Measure 500ml of vinegar.
Step 2: Measure 500ml of water.
Step 3: Mix vinegar and water together and store the mixture in a spray bottle. 
Step 4: Spray the solution on the grill surface.
Step 5: Leave it for 10 -15 minutes. 
Step 6: Empty the spray bottle. 
Step 7: Scrub the grill’s interior until it’s clean. 
Step 8: Dry every part of the grill, especially around the plug before using the grill again. 

Wet Paper Towels

wet paper towel

Steam cleaning is an effective way to get your grill sparkling. Follow these steps if all you have are paper towels lying around.

Step 1: Unplug the indoor/outdoor grill
Step 2: Allow the electric grill to cool enough to make it safe. Don’t burn the paper towel or yourself.
Step 3: Soak several paper towels in water and squeeze some water out so that it does not drip everywhere.
Step 4: Place the soggy, but not dripping, paper towels on the grill grate surface.
Step 5: Close the lid.
Step 6: Leave the grill closed for 20-30 minutes and let the grill turn the water from the paper towel into steam.
Step 7: Open the lid. Use damp paper towels to wipe down the grill.

Tip: A damp sponge with dishwasher solution and hot water works as an alternative to paper towels.

Use a Non-Scratch Grill Brush for the Best Results

How to Clean Electric Grill 3

The alternative methods are a good way to clean your electric grill. However, a durable, non-scratch grill brush remains the best option to deep clean your grill without damaging it.

Introducing The Crown Choice Grill Brush

Cleaning your electric grill can be done quickly and easily when you have the right tools.

The Crown Choice Grill Brush allows you to clean between the grooves and grates.

How to Clean Electric Grill 4

With the space in the center, the brush allows you to glide along the grates and clean inside the grooves.

How to Clean Electric Grill 5

Additionally, the brush has other features that make it easy to get your grill extra clean. Those include:

  • It has flexible bristles
  • It’s safe to use for non-stick grills and cookware
  • It comes with replacement heads
  • It’s extremely easy to clean
How to Clean Electric Grill 6
How to Clean Electric Grill 7


  • Don’t use it on hot surfaces. The bristles might melt.
  • Not recommended for outdoor gas-type grills

Are you still Googling “how to clean an electric grill”?

Invest in a simple, yet effective non-scratch electric grill brush. Your barbecue gatherings will be worth it.

Download the PDF version of this article below.

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  1. What about puttinf the grates of the electric grill in a large black plastic back and spraying the entire thing with oven cleaner?
    I am just not sure how long to leave it in the bag. Do you have any answers?

    1. You could but don’t leave it for too long because oven cleaner is super toxic. They use that stuff in garages but with a different label from the manufacturer.

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