how to keep a clean house with kids

Are you interested to know how to keep a clean house with kids?

Do you struggle to keep your house a clean and tidy home with kids running around? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

In this article, we’ll share some practical strategies and tips for maintaining and keeping a clean house, and organized home while still involving your little ones in the process.

From establishing cleaning routines on how to keep your house clean with young kids to implementing a toy rotation system, we’ll show you how to make cleaning fun and teach your children the value of responsibility.

Remember what the wise man said: delegate, don’t abdicate. Get ready to tackle those messes together and create a peaceful living space for everyone, even if you’re not a neat freak!

How to Keep a Clean House With Kids

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To keep a clean and tidy house even with kids, you should create a daily cleaning schedule to keep up with regular tasks. Establishing cleaning routines is essential in maintaining cleanliness and order in your home.

Here’s how to keep your house clean.

Start by assigning specific cleaning tasks to each family member, making sure everyone has their responsibilities. Set aside time each day for quick tidying sessions, where you can all work together to clean up common areas.

It’s also crucial to develop a weekly deep cleaning routine, where you tackle more thorough tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, and mopping.

You will need a house cleaning checklist by using a notebook, calendar, or your phone. Heck, even setting up a recurring alarm on your phone can help you remember your tasks.

Implementing a Toy Rotation System

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Encourage your children to put one toy back before taking out another, helping to prevent the house from feeling overwhelmed and being overrun by all the kids stuff and keep all the toys, and maintaining the organization of certain toys.

Implementing a toy rotation system is a great way to keep a clean house with kids. By rotating their toys, you can prevent boredom while also ensuring that they only have access to a manageable number of toys at a time. This not only helps in keeping kids’ rooms and the entire house more tidy but also promotes imaginative play as they rediscover forgotten toys.

Set up designated areas for everyday toys and organize the majority of toys in a toy closet or storage area. Teach your children the importance of putting one toy away before getting another, instilling valuable habits that will help maintain order and cleanliness in your home.

Using the 1-in, 1-out Rule

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This is a similar concept to toy rotation.

When implementing the 1-in, 1-out rule, remember to assess the necessity of new items before bringing them into your family and home. This is an effective strategy for keeping your house clean and organized with kids.

By applying this rule to all items in your home, not just new toys and, or kids’ clothes, you can prevent clutter from accumulating. Declutter at least one item for a few weeks for every new item brought in, encouraging mindful consumption and maintaining a balanced living space.

It’s important to reassess the necessity of new items to prevent unnecessary accumulation. By following this rule, you can create a clutter-free environment that is easier to keep clean and organized with little kids around.

Getting Kids on Board With Cleaning

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Getting your kids involved in cleaning can be made easier by turning it into a fun game or playing music while they tidy up. By incorporating these elements, you can make the cleaning process more enjoyable for them and foster a sense of responsibility.

Encourage them to participate by creating a game where they race against the clock to see who can clean their area the fastest. Or play their favorite upbeat songs to make the task feel less tedious.

Remember, it’s important to use language that inspires serving others. Emphasize how their contribution helps your whole family to create a clean and organized home for everyone to enjoy.

Making Purging and Tidying a Routine

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Implementing a regular routine for purging and tidying can help maintain a clutter-free environment in your home. By making purging and tidying a part of your routine, you can prevent the accumulation of excess stuff and keep your living space organized.

Make it a habit to regularly donate items that haven’t been used in a while. Give everything in your home a designated place to avoid clutter. Teach your children to put things back where they belong with the one-touch rule, which saves time and prevents messes and dirty clothes from piling up. Keep like items together by categorizing them, whether it’s toys, clothes, or food.

Creating cleaning schedules and routines will ensure regular maintenance tasks are completed. By implementing these practices into your daily life, you’ll be able to serve others better by providing them with an organized and clutter-free environment.

Embracing the One Touch Rule

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Now that you have a clean house and established a routine for purging and tidying, it’s time to take your cleanliness efforts to the next level by embracing the One Touch Rule.

This rule encourages you to put things back where they belong the first time you touch them, saving you time and preventing clutter from accumulating.

Instead of tossing items aside with the intention of dealing with them a few minutes later, make it a habit to find their designated place right away.

By taking a few extra seconds to put things away properly, you’ll save yourself from future stress and maintain a clutter-free living space.

Keeping Like With Like

keeping like with like

To maintain organization, categorize items in your home and encourage all the kids, to put things back in their designated place. Keeping like with like is a simple yet effective way to achieve this.

Categorizing items allows you to easily find what you need and promotes a sense of orderliness. Teach your children the importance of putting things back where they belong by providing clear labels or picture labels. This will help them understand where each item should go and develop good habits of tidiness.

Having a System For Papers

having a system for papers

Having a designated system for papers can help prevent paper clutter from accumulating and causing stress in your home. When you have a system in place, you’ll know exactly where to find important documents and how to organize them.

Start by using file folder boxes to keep track of important papers and memorabilia. Implement a filing system for incoming, outgoing, and miscellaneous paperwork, so nothing gets lost or misplaced.

Transfer important dates from school schedules and calendars to a central calendar, making it easier to stay organized. Sort mail daily and immediately file or shred it to avoid piles of paper clutter.

Less Is Best: Decluttering and Minimizing Stuff

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Decluttering and minimizing stuff can help create a more organized and peaceful living space. By reducing the overall amount of stuff in your home, you have less clutter which can create a sense of calm and make it easier to maintain cleanliness.

Regularly go through your belongings and clear out unused items. Donate things that don’t get used often, recycle art projects and drawings after they’ve been displayed, and avoid bringing more stuff into the house than is going out.

Instead of buying organizing items, focus on minimizing stuff to create more physical and mental space. By adopting these habits, you can serve others by creating a clutter-free environment that promotes peace and tranquility for everyone in your household.

Tidy-In-10: Quick Tidying Strategies

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Take just 10 minutes to quickly tidy up a room using the Tidy-In-10 strategy. It’s a simple and effective way to maintain a clean and organized home, especially when you have kids.

Start by setting a timer for 10 minutes and focus on one room at a time. Pick up any clutter and put things back in their designated place. Quickly wipe down surfaces and straighten up pillows or blankets.

Remember, it’s not about actual deep cleaning during this time, but rather creating an orderly environment. By consistently following the Tidy-In-10 strategy, you’ll save time and effort in the long run.

Plus, having a clean space will create a more peaceful atmosphere for your entire house, family, and house guests to enjoy.

Final Words

In conclusion, keeping a clean perfectly tidy house with kids is possible with all the advice, right strategies, and routines in place.

By establishing cleaning routines, implementing a toy rotation system, and applying the 1-in, 1-out rule, you can create an organized living space.

Getting older kids on board with cleaning through incentives and turning it into a game can make it more enjoyable for everyone.

Making purging and tidying a routine, keeping like items together, and having a system for managing papers will help maintain cleanliness.

Remember to declutter (once in a while deep clean) your messy house ruthlessly and use quick tidying strategies like the clean & tidy house-in-10 method.

With these great tips above, you can create a clean and organized home while teaching your children responsibility.

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