How to Take Care of Le Creuset Cookware

How to Take Care of Le Creuset Cookware?

The Le Creuset cookware is a great investment for both cooking and baking enthusiasts. Buyers are ensured the Le Creuset lifetime warranty and high quality cooking performance.

Great cookware such as these will need extra love and care to maximize its features.

Whether you’re planning to get your first Le Creuset, or you already have one but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few tips and tricks for a clean Le Creuset cookware:

Le Creuset Cookware: Enameled Cast Iron and Stainless Steel

First Use Preparations:

  1. Remove any plastic packaging, stickers and other covering from your Le Creuset pots.
  2. Using hot soapy water, gently wash the pan.
  3. Pat dry the pan with a soft cloth.
  4. When storing your Le Creuset make sure it is in a dry and less humid place. This is to avoid rusting and/or molding.

Seasoning your Stainless Steel Pans for Higher Surface Temperature Cooking:

Unlike the Le Creuset enameled cast iron cookware, the stainless steel pans and pots need “seasoning” to protect the cooking surface and maintain its nonstick feature. It is important that you season your stainless steal pans and pots before frying for the first time. Season again after you washed your Le Creuset cookware using the dishwasher.

Step 1: Using any cooking oil or cooking spray of your choice, coat the pan or pot surface evenly;
Step 2: Heat the pan over medium or low heat and make sure to turn the pan a few times to cover all surfaces with oil;
Step 3: Set the pan aside for it to cool. Once completely cool, pat dry with a soft cloth or paper towel;
Step 4: The first cooking you do on your Le Creuset makes a huge difference. Using either oil, fat or butter, start cooking your choice of dish;
Step 5: Make sure to season your food only after searing it on the hot surface;
Step 6: When you notice that the food is done searing (it should be easily released and not sticking on the pan or pot) only then can you turn the food;
Step 7: Once the searing is done, reduce your stove’s temperature.

The same prepping and cleaning process can be done for your Dutch ovens, frying pans, cast iron pan or any La Creuset cast iron cookware. Remember that all Le Creuset’s enamel products no longer needs seasoning. The enamel finish already makes it a nonstick cookware.

How to Clean and Care for your Stainless Steal Cookware:

What To Do After Cooking:

Step 1: Cool your Le Creuset pans especially after using on hot surface temperature (do not plunge a hot pan in cold water after cooking to avoid thermal shock.);
Step 2: Wash with warm soapy water. Repeat as needed to remove residue, but not too much that you completely strip the pan of its seasoning.
Step 3: Pat dry with soft cloth or tissue paper. Make sure to store the cookware in a dry area.

What to do when there is food residue?

Step 1: Soak the pan with soapy water and let is sit on medium heat until the residue softens and stops sticking on the pan;
Step 2: Set the pan aside and wait for it to completely cool down. This not only protect your pans but it also prevents you from burning your hands;
Step 3: Using a nylon brush, soft sponge or any soft abrasive cleaners, you can scrape and scrub off the hard residue;
Step 4: Rinse and pat dry. Let it air dry overnight if needed.
Step 5: Make sure that your pans and pots are completely dry before storing.If you prefer a more natural and budget friendly cleaning mixture or concoction you can use baking soda:
Step 6: Sprinkle the cooled pan with baking soda, pay special attention to areas with discoloration;
Step 7: Let is sit for a few minutes;
Step 8: Using a soft brush or sponge, scrub the areas that have food residue or any parts that has discoloration;
Step 9: Rinse and completely dry before storing.

How to Take Care of Le Creuset Cookware: Heat Recommendations

Unlike enamel surface pans or enameled cast iron pots, the uncoated cookware is oven-proof. It can withstand 500°F / 260°C heat. These Le Creuset cast iron pans can be used in all types of conventional ovens and broilers. It can be used for hot pot, slow cooking and oven cooking.

How to Take Care of Le Creuset Cookware: Ceramic Stoneware

Aside from enameled cast iron cookware, the Le Creuset cooking line also has ceramic stoneware. Unlike the Le Creuset enameled cast iron pots that can retain heat efficiently, the stoneware should not be used in direct high heat temperatures. On the flip side, the stoneware can be used in microwave ovens, ovens, freezers and refrigerators. They can also be used as a cooked food storage pot.

First Use Preparations:

  1. Wash the ceramic stoneware with hot, soapy water;
  2. Rinse after the ceramic has cooled;
  3. Dry thoroughly using soft cloth.
  4. Always store your stoneware in a dry area.

Cleaning and Caring for your Ceramic Stoneware:

What to Avoid:

  • Do not use ceramic stoneware in any direct heat source such as counter top stoves.
  • When your stoneware is preheated do not place a frozen dish. This is to avoid damaging and cracking the ceramic.You can use your ceramic to defrosting food just make sure to place the frozen food on a cold oven and only then can you set the temperature. This will allow both the pan and the food to heat at the same time.
  • Do not leave the Le Creuset submerged in water over long periods of time.

How to Clean and Care for your Stoneware:

  1. Let the Le Creuset stoneware cool down completely after use;
  2. Hand wash using soft sponge or nylon brush to get rid of food residue.
  3. The Le Creuset stoneware ceramics are also dishwasher safe. When using a dishwasher, make sure to complete a full cycle;
  4. Pat dry using soft cloth and store in dry area.

Metal Marks left by Metal Tools: Overtime, your cookware will accumulate a few metal scratches and marks, this is normal and easy to get rid of. Use the Le Creuset cookware cleaner or Bar Keeper’s Friend to remove marks and tough stains left on your pan or pot.

Le Creuset Utensils and Cutlery: Silicone & Wood

First Use Preparations:

Silicone Utensils and Accessories: Although these are heat resistant plastic tools, take note of their high heat tolerance of 482°F/ 250°C. Do not leave them inside a hot empty pan or pot especially while cooking. Make sure to keep any silicone utensils like your Le Creuset Silicone Mat away from stovetop heat zone.

Step 1: Make sure to remove all stickers and plastic packaging before use;
Step 2: Wash silicone utensils and accessories using soapy warm water;Silicone cookware are dishwasher safe. Just make sure that you detach the silicone from wooden handles before placing in dishwasher.
Step 3: Rinse and dry thoroughly. Store in dry area.

Wood Utensils and Accessories: Aside from silicone, another great alternative are wooden utensils. Wood can also handle high cooking temperature. If you still have metal utensils at home it’s time to consider replacing them to avoid scratching and damaging your Le Creuset.

Step 1: Wash your wooden utensils with soapy hot water;
Step 2: Pat dry with absorbent cloth and air dry for extra measure.
Step 3: Make sure to store in dry area to avoid molding and softening.
Step 4: You can also regularly wipe food-safe mineral oil on your utensils to extend the life of all your wooden items.

What not to do:

  • Do not soak any wood items in water for long periods of time.
  • Do not wash wood items using the dishwasher.
How to Take Care of Le Creuset Cookware

How to Take Care of Le Creuset Cookware

The Le Creuset cookware can last a lifetime as long as we know how to properly care for them.

They are versatile and multifunctional not only in cooking but also in baking. Whether you are starting your own La Creuset collection or choosing one to complete your cooking set, any La Creuset cookware will surely be the best pick.

A total value-for-money deal.

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