Your dog stinks! That’s the hard reality that every fur parent should come to terms with. While it’s hard to imagine that your sweet, cute, and adorable pups will have an unpleasant smell, there is a remedy for a smelly dog.

Dog perfume sprays and cologne are the answer to the foul smell of your doggy. It is super convenient as you can just it on them and problem solve.

However, there are some considerations you may want to look into before choosing and buying the best dog colognes and perfumes for your furry friend. The two most important to consider when shopping for the right spray for your dogs are the ingredients and the scents.

Focus on the natural ingredients and stay away from chemical-based products that may cause irritation to your dogs. As for the scent, choose a mild and light fragrance that won’t overwhelm your dogs.

There are other things that you may want to know before trying out a certain product for your dogs. You can go through it by reading on.

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The Best Dog Perfume Sprays and Cologne 1

Cologne vs. perfume vs. deodorant

We’ll be talking about dog colognes, dog perfumes, and dog deodorants. To distinguish one from the other you have to know what exactly are their characteristics and are there any differences among the three.

Colognes and perfumes are both fragrances that are one of the main components of dog sprays. They are formulated to create a smell that would mask or hide the nasty odor of your dogs. It’s like giving your dog another smell that would be pleasant in the nose.

Although dog colognes and perfumes may help in covering up your dog’s bad smell, they don’t address the root cause of the problem that is causing the unpleasant smells of dogs. Rather, they mask it.

The difference between a dog perfume and dog cologne lies in the percentage of strength or concentration of the fragrance each has. Dog perfumes contain between 15 and 40 percent of the pure fragrance or perfume extract while cologne will have around 2 to 5 percent of the concentration.

You will also notice that perfume is oil-based which means that it is oilier and thicker in consistency while the cologne is water-based and usually have a watery consistency.

Which ones smell last longer? Dog perfumes stay longer because it has a higher concentration of fragrance compared with dog colognes. However, because dog perfumes are oil-based it may irritate the dog’s skin if your dog has a sensitivity to oils.

What about dog deodorants? They are often formulated with enzymes or other substances that can break down the bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause bad odors. Simply put, dog deodorants tackle the problem of a dog’s foul odor and neutralize it.

What to Look for in Dog Perfume and Cologne?

When it comes to dog perfume, dog cologne, and dog deodorant, the main thing that you should look into is safety. This is evident in the list of ingredients that are in the formulation. Stay away from products that have harsh chemicals like sulfates, parabens, and phosphates that are not safe to use by dogs.

Choose also dog colognes that are water-based instead of alcohol-based. Most alcohol-based fragrances tend to dry the skin and may cause irritation on your dog’s sensitive skin.

Since dog fragrances are sometimes a mixture of natural and synthetic ingredients, it is best if you can have a test application first to know if your dog will be comfortable or not with the product. You can spritz a little dog perfume on the small area of your dog’s body and leave for 24 hours. Check if there is redness on the skin of your dog or any sign of irritation that may appear.

As a rule of thumb, if your dog has been diagnosed with sensitivity, it is best to steer clear of any fragrances whether it is from dog perfume, dog colognes, or dog deodorant.

Below are other considerations on what to look for in dog perfume and cologne for your furry family members.

Lasting Strength

One factor to consider in choosing a dog cologne or perfume is its longevity. You don’t want to keep spraying on your dogs just to keep them smelling good. Choose a product that can provide a long-lasting scent that can last from several hours or up to a week.

Depending on the product, there are some that may offer a longer-lasting perfume for dogs that are always playing outside and for low-maintenance options. While others offer a short-lived scent that may be good for spraying on your pups if you want them to smell good on special occasions.


The scent is the first thing that comes to mind for dog owners when choosing the right perfume for dogs. Of course, you want to choose the scent that you and your dog will love.

Choose the scent that is mild and not overpowering because dogs have a fully developed sense of smell. The type and strength of scent that you use for your fur babies may affect their moods and behavior.

Choose light fragrances like fresh baby powder scent or sweet fruity scents and calming scents like lavender and chamomile. These scents are not too strong and will provide a soothing and relaxing mood for your dogs.


The list of ingredients is something that you should focus on first before deciding what scent you want for your dogs. You want to make sure that the ingredients in a dog perfume or cologne are agreeable to your dogs. There are chemical-based and natural-based ingredients that are added to the list of ingredients for some products.

Natural ingredients are more tolerable for dogs. It’s better to stay away from products that have phosphates, parabens, sulfates, and the like.

Type of Formulation

Each cologne and perfume for dogs have a varied formulation of ingredients and scents which makes them unique from each other.

Depending on the product, it may have oil, water, or alcohol as its base. Some use high-quality essential oils as their scent while others have synthetic fragrances.

To choose the type of formulation for dog perfumes and dog cologne, you should ask yourself these:

  1. Does the product contain harmful preservatives?
  2. Is the product designed for dogs’ sensitive skin?
  3. Is the product has gentler ingredients?
  4. Is the scent not too overpowering?

You can decide easily on what perfumes or colognes for your fur babies if you have this guide to look for.

Room Spray - Natural Essential Oil Spray for Living Room, Dorm Rooms


Room Spray - Natural Essential Oil Spray for Living Room, Dorm Rooms

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The Best Dog Perfume Sprays and Cologne 1

How to Choose a Dog Perfume Spray?

Let’s get down to choosing the right dog perfume spray. As dog parents, you just want to get rid of the unpleasant smell of your dog without compromising the safety and overall well-being of your dogs.

If you are always spraying perfumes or colognes to your dog without giving them a proper bath, then you are just wasting your money and won’t be able to get rid of your dog’s foul odor. Remember that dog grooming products are not a replacement for the good old way of bathing your dogs.

So how would you go about choosing the right dog perfume spray? First, you got to focus on the ingredients that make up the dog perfume spray as we always emphasize in this article. We highly recommend going to natural organic ingredients to be on the safe side.

Dogs have different breeds and some breeds are stinkier than others while others are more sensitive. There’s no one who knows your dog better than you as a dog owner. You play with them, cuddle them, and sleep side by side with them. If there’s one you take notice of right away it’s how they smell.

There are some considerations that we mentioned above that would greatly help you in choosing the best dog spray perfumes.

Additionally, below are the things you want to contemplate on when choosing perfume spray for your fur babies.

Sensitive skin

Dogs have sensitivity issues just like humans and one of them happens to be sensitive skin. The common signs of a dog’s sensitive skin are excessive scratching, hair loss, and dry patches. This may signify that your dog is genetically predisposed to some allergen like pollen, dust mites, and a strong reaction to soaps and other grooming products like spray perfume.

To remedy the problem, you can test first the spray perfume on your dog by spritzing some on the part of your dog’s body that it can’t lick then leave for 24 hours. If you see your dog’s skin getting red and itchy on the area where you spray the perfume then you need to try another spray perfume product that will best suit your furry friends.

Using this strategy may seem time-consuming and a waste of money but in the long run, it will save you trips to the vet to save your dog’s sensitive skin, will get rid of your dog’s smell, and save you money by only buying one product that your dog will be more comfortable with for the rest of its life.


The main reason why you shop for dog perfume is that you have a smelly dog and let’s admit it, you want your dog to always smell good as if they just came from groomers every day.

For that reason, scents play a vital role in choosing the right perfume spray for dogs. You can shop for a scent that is mild and not overpowering. Just the right scent formulation that you will happily sniff with your dogs and won’t cause any harm to your fur babies.

The best dog spray – 95% natural, long-lasting, works for all breeds

You read it right! The Crown Choice air freshener that doubles as a dog spray is 95% natural, long-lasting, and works well for all breeds.

Why it is the best dog spray? It’s made with natural, plant-based essential oils that assure you of safeness when sprayed onto your dogs. It doesn’t contain the dreaded chemicals like phosphates, parabens, and sulfates. It’s hypoallergenic, Phthalate-free, vegan, and environment-friendly.

Since we talked about scents, The Crown Choice air fresheners have a selection of scents that are derived from essential oils which are mild and non-irritating.

  • Indian Verbena has the scent of lemongrass verbena. It gives a light refreshing scent with a hint of citrusy lemon.
  • Lemon Zest scent is a combination of lemon and rosemary essential oils. Rosemary blends well with lemon oil and together they create a light woodsy scent that is quite complex and pleasantly minty.
  • Spanish Citrus scent combines the 2 scents of lemon verbena essential oils and vetiver essential oils. The combination will give you the fragrance of uncut grass on a warm day coupled with the refreshing top notes of floral lemony smell.

You can’t go wrong with these fragrances. They utter the scents of nature which is earthy, woodsy, fruity, and citrusy which your dog is too familiar with as they have probably sniffed on them whenever they play outside.

You would also love it because the combination of these fragrances will hit you with the tender herb blossoms on summer days which smells bright and new through and through.

Above all that, it safely attracts and neutralizes even the strongest odors such as pet smells and smoke. The formulated essential oils absorb, neutralize and dissolve and eliminate odors naturally instead of masking chemicals and synthetics as most products do.

Check them out and start the unlimited cuddles with your fur babies.

Best Perfume and Cologne for Dogs FAQs:

Is it OK to put perfume on a dog?

Spritzing with some perfume on your dog after bathing is ok to give your dog a refreshing and good smell throughout the day.

However, you can’t just splash human perfume on them as perfumes for humans are usually alcohol-based. Spray dog cologne that is formulated to be safe and harmless to your fur babies.

Which perfume is best for dogs?

The best perfumes are the ones formulated especially for dogs that are safe to apply on your dog’s coat and will not cause any irritation on the dog’s skin.
Look for dog perfume that has natural ingredients and has a mild scent that is meant not to cover up your fur friend’s bad smell but neutralizes it.

What can I spray on my dog to smell good?

There are several products that are available in the market that are good to spray on dogs to smell good.

We highly recommend The Crown Choice air freshener to spray on to your dogs. It s safe to use for dogs as it is made of high-quality plant-based essential oils that will keep your dogs smelling nice and fresh all day.

Can I spray perfume on my dog?

You are not supposed to spray dog perfume if your dog is younger than 6 months of age. Puppies’ immune systems are not yet fully developed at this time and may cause a negative reaction to an overall mild substance.

Spray the dog perfume for dogs that are fully capable of processing the chemicals that may be inherent in the product or better yet, choose a dog cologne that is made of natural ingredients.

If you do need to spray a dog perfume, spritz some on your dog’s fur avoiding the eyes, nose, and mouth of your dog.

What perfume is safe for dogs?

No matter how pet owners bathe their dogs, it still has that pet smell that won’t go away. Dogs have a natural smell and it’s there for a reason but if the dog has a chronic smell that is no longer pleasant even for pet parents then dog cologne and dog deodorants are helpful options to take away the bad smell.

When choosing what perfume is safe for dogs, you must consider the ingredients and the type of scents you are going to use for your dogs.
Look for ingredients that are not chemically based. Stay away from alcohol-based ingredients that can cause allergic reactions and skin allergies to your dog’s skin.

Dogs have a developed sense of smell and strong scents may affect your dog’s mood and behavior. Look for calming scents that are not overpowering. The milder the scent the better.

The best policy is to get a dog cologne or dog deodorant that contains natural ingredients and has a mild scent that won’t trigger any allergic reaction on dogs.

What do dog groomers use to make the dog smell so good?

Dog colognes are what dog groomers use to make dogs smell so good.
However, dog colognes don’t last for long as you would like them to. After some walking and playing in the dirt, your dogs are back to being dirty again.
It’s natural for dogs to play in the mud or roll in the grass and be active all day long. It won’t bother them if they smell bad.

Most pet owners do take their dogs to the groomers when the dog smells bad to get them cleaned and stay smelling fresh especially if they want to take their fur babies somewhere where other people might want to pet them.

Still, dog owners need to keep up with the grooming at home in-between visits.

The good news is that there are dog colognes and dog deodorants that can do such great work to make your pet smell good and won’t harm your dog’s sensitive skin.

What can be used as dog perfume?

There are several high-quality essential oils that you can use as dog perfume. You just combine water and essential oil to make a dog perfume. Here are the best essential oil scents you can use as dog perfumes.

– Lavender is a stress-reducing scent that calms your dogs.
– Lemon is a calming scent as well.
– Lemongrass helps your dogs to focus and also repels fleas.
– Chamomille is also a calming scent to soothe your dog’s irritability and impatience.
– Orange has a citrusy scent that will help pacify anxious dogs.

How can I deodorize my dog naturally?

If you plan to deodorize your dog often then do it the natural way. You can either buy an all-purpose natural dog deodorizer or make a homemade dog cologne for your dog.

It’s easy and simple to make a homemade dog deodorant spray. If you have a spray bottle, you can fill it up with 3/4 of water and combine two drops of high-quality essential oil. Shake to combine and you are ready to deodorize your dogs.

Is perfume safe for dogs?

Perfumes that are formulated for dogs are safe to use on your fur babies. Never use a perfume that is meant for humans to use. Human cosmetics products contain drying alcohol and chemicals that carry fragrances that are too strong for your pups and may irritate your dog’s skin.

The rule of thumb is only to use perfumes that are made for dogs. Go for high-quality ingredients and simple scents that are not harmful to your pups.

What if my dog is allergic to dog cologne and perfume?

Every dog is different. Although it is unlikely to happen if you use all-natural ingredients and calming scent, a pup can still get a reaction if it has a sensitivity to an ingredient or scent of a product.

If irritation occurs, stop using the product and consult with your vet.

What are the benefits of perfuming your dogs?

Perfuming your dog comes with nice perks. First of all, your home will no longer have the lingering smell of a stinky dog and it will be more comfortable to be around with your furry friends.

Dogs that spend time a lot of time working or being active outdoors, they can play longer and harder outside without you having to worry about what the stench will be like at the end of the day.

If you are thinking of taking your fur babies somewhere where people might pet them or greeting guests in your home, good-smelling dogs might get more cuddles and pats because they just smell so good.

How often can I spray perfume and cologne on my dog?

As a general rule, it is always best not to over-apply a fragrance. Wait until the scent on your dogs has already evaporated after the first application. This will make sure that your dog stays fresh and smells good without the worry of the possible overuse of the scent.

What symptoms should I look into if my dog has a sensitivity to dog cologne?
Monitor your dogs while using a dog cologne because there is a chance that your dog may develop some sensitivities to the product you used for them.
If your dog is showing some distress or irritation such as runny nose, sneezing, itching, wheezing or excessive panting, you should discontinue the use of the product. For symptoms that are life-threatening, go to the veterinarian at once.

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