Zep smoke odor eliminator freshens up your living spaces. You can also use it to remove odors in smoky areas. The spray eliminates sources of stinky or putrid smells and other smoke odors.

Spray it on kitchens, smoking areas, and workshops to eliminate unpleasant smells. It is proven to remove odors from tobacco, cigarettes, burnt food, and even weed. Using this product is a good choice. It is easy to use and has a quick reaction to unwanted odors. Just spray it around to see its magic.

You can easily find Zep products on Amazon online or at Walmart stores.

How does Zep Eliminate Smoke Odors?


Zep eliminates odors using odor counteractants. This chemical will bind to smoke molecules when sprayed. It attaches itself to the smoke particles that cause the smoke to fall. The fallen particles of smoke will evaporate over some time. Without the smoke, the odor is gone.

As seen on the manufacturer’s tag, the spray relies on chemical ingredients. Harsh chemical formulas are proven to be effective. However, such chemicals pose dangerous hazards. The spray quickly breaks apart smoke from cigarettes, and marijuana, and other smoke odors. So, this might be a good trade for some people.

The spray leaves an overpowering but pleasant scent. But, for some people, it irritates their noses.

Why are people looking for Zep alternatives?


It is a fact that many people use Zep to deodorize rooms. Most people find it potent in destroying smoke odors. The brand is undeniably famous and established. But, the Zep smoke odor eliminator has some areas of concern.

Critical reviews are present on Amazon and Walmart websites. Some people commented that it only lasts for about 5 minutes. Other claims pointed out that the spray only masks the odor. Thus, failing to eliminate the source of the smell.

Manufacturers and retailers claim that the Zep smoke odor eliminator is a professional-grade formula. Yet, it isn’t a perfect product as it seems to be. For consumers have commented on some dissatisfactory outcomes.

Reading both positive and critical commentaries helps in decision-making. Discussed here are the factors that you should consider before making a purchase.

Room Spray - Natural Essential Oil Spray for Living Room, Dorm Rooms


Room Spray - Natural Essential Oil Spray for Living Room, Dorm Rooms

Vanilla – 127 Servings IN STOCK ready to ship
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  • ✔ BEST ROOM SPRAY: Freshen and deodorize bedroom, living room, dorm rooms.
  • LEMON ZEST ESSENTIAL OILS: Hypoallergenic. Made with the best essential oils.
  • AROMATHERAPY FOR ROOMS: For all living areas. Invigorating lemon scent.


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Best Zep Smoke Odor Eliminator Alternatives 1

Pros of using Zep

Readily available

Commercially popular products are easy to find. They are always in a local store. Retailers will surely replenish stocks of it. In terms of availability, it far surpasses standard brands.

Most of the time, big brands offer a lower price for buying packs. People always buy it because of the sale discount and promotions strategy.

Known brand name

Zep has already established their name. Zep, a big brand, can create crowd-pulling promotions. Their product delivers satisfying results, as their advertisement says.

Customers love Zep products because people tested the product to solve their troubles. High ratings indicate positive things about the brand.

Easy to use

It is also easy to use when you want to feel the clean scent of the air. Acts quickly on odor elimination. The design comes in a cylindrical metal bottle can with a nozzle on top.

The formula inside travels to the atomizer when sprayed, producing a mist. The mist, which can float into the air, can attract odor molecules.

Targets all types of smokes

The odor counteractants effectively attach to the smoke molecule. The smoke then falls, which makes the air more breathable. Zep odor eliminator neutralizes cigarette smoke, marijuana, garbage, and other smokes. You can freely use it to remove such odors in your house.

You can also use it at campfires to bring out the crisp mountain fresh scent.


Strong chemical spray

Reviews from consumers indicate problems with the scent. Chemical odors sometimes irritate the nose or trigger allergies. It might also cause trouble in your pets, such as dogs who like to sniff. It is best to use your chemical sprays with caution.

Being a harsh chemical spray makes it a potent odor destroyer. But, it can cause unnecessary troubles in the long run.

It isn’t suitable in enclosed spaces

Deodorizing your room with Zep causes the chemical smell to settle inside. If you are a person who dislikes chemical smells, avoid this product.

Its potency in destroying odor molecules is good. Even so, the counteractants can stick to surfaces. It is a problem if you do not like this kind of substance to sniff.

It isn’t suitable for upholstery or fabrics

Despite being branded as a professional-grade formula, it is unsuitable for fabrics and upholstery. The labels of the can say you can’t use it in fabrics or upholstery.

Reports from consumers on the website say that their car seats and other rubber surfaces aren’t entirely deodorized. Odors are still present on the surfaces of upholstery.

It is only as effective at removing cigarette smoke and other smoke odors. The instructions are already a clue on the primary use of the spray. The utilization of the product is just limited to its name.

Its effects don’t last long enough

Consumers pointed out the time it takes to freshen up the air. It is good for immediately masking the odor. The problem is that it needs another spray every few minutes.

Some customers experienced a returning smell inside their automobiles after a day. Experiencing this problem may be due to the source of the odor. If the source continuously emits unwanted smells, then remove it first.

Emits overpowering smell

The spray doesn’t specifically target odors but attracts unwelcome molecules. It means that when you spray excessively, you might sniff an overpowering scent. Non-natural scents tend to irritate our noses because they are strong chemicals.

Reviews also said that its strong scent makes people sick. It might be a few numbers, but allergies might be in play. Chemicals can also cause allergies to people and animals. It is essential to consider buying a clean scent.

Why The Crown Choice Smoke Odor Eliminator is the best alternative?


Natural essential oils don’t mask odors. It also works the same way as chemical odor eliminators. Essential oils vapor is released when sprayed. The oil vapor acts like a magnet to odor molecules. As it attracts molecules, it is heavy enough to fall and vaporize.

The Crown Choice Smoke Odor Eliminator is a natural air freshener. It ultimately performs on par with a professional-grade formula. A naturally synthesized essential oil vapor can also neutralize target odors. Sometimes spraying a few times is enough. But there are times when you need more.

Natural ingredients enable us to feel the crisp mountain fresh scent. It immerses our senses with the aroma of nature. Vaporized essential oils can destroy the odor molecules that cause the smoke odor. Natural essential oils are a viable musty odor eliminator.

They are relatively simple to use as the Zep odor eliminator. They have the same effects that let you enjoy a room or the other spaces around the home. It can refresh the atmosphere around you in seconds.

Essential oil truly is the perfect solution for smells. It can put out smells caused by cigars, cooking foods, and household odors.


Natural essential oil spray

Best Zep Smoke Odor Eliminator Alternatives 2

Natural essential oils emit a soothing smell. The naturally induced odor is the best at making the air fresh. You can viably use it as an air freshener in enclosed spaces. The vapor discharges a pleasant scent. Deodorize your rooms with a fresh aroma from natural essential oils to feel relaxed.

Customer ratings of essential oils are usually high. People loved their natural fragrance and cleansing properties.

It can be used on upholstery and fabrics


Very safe to use on upholstery and clothes. The product doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. Essential oils don’t leave a stain on the fabrics.

When applied on most surfaces, it leaves fragrant scents behind. It could overpower unpleasant smells that stick on surfaces. You could also use this product on delicate surfaces.

Doesn’t use harsh chemicals

Natural ingredients are in the mixture. Unlike a professional-grade formula, this is safe for both pets and humans. Without using harsh chemicals, it eliminated dangerous hazards. The scent is not overpowering, hence gentle to our nostrils.

Having no toxic substances makes the product safe for pets and children.

A clean scent is achieved easily in seconds as the volatile essential oils do their magic. Neutralize garbage with gentle sprays. Cover up the odors of your fabric and upholstery.

Simple to use

It is relatively simple to use as no necessary precautions are needed. Instructions must be easy to follow. The ergonomic design must be easy to grab and use.

The product comes in a standard plastic bottle of spray. You can also see the atomizer on the top of the bottle, which pressurizes the liquid inside. The liquid turns into a mist when sprayed.


Being promoted as hypoallergenic is an edge. More people would be encouraged to buy because it doesn’t harm hypersensitive people. A naturally made formula attracts health-conscious people.

Only a few air care products are considered hypoallergenic. According to the labels, the essential oil is safe for the skin. We must expect that no side effects will happen.


More expensive than regular air fresheners

Despite being expensive, natural products have a longer-lasting effect. They might be pricey, but the cost is worth considering. You can get these items for a discount from coupons or sale events. Buying a pack also saves some money. Your purchase from the store is worth the money.

Not as popular as big brands

Popularity doesn’t always equate to effectiveness. Thanks to the internet, you can easily access unpopular things. Online shopping is more secure nowadays. Do not worry about fake products. Just buy from verified stores for products that are not readily available.

Purchasing items online can be a hassle. Because during transportation there is a chance that goods will be damaged.

Packaging style

The packaging needs to be sturdy enough to handle pressure and stress. During the transportation of goods, external forces can damage the parcel. Some of the customer disappointments were about the damaged product.

Changing the quality of plastic or how TCC products are made or packaged must be studied. Still, most of the products from TCC bought online are in good condition. Some factors could also play like accidents. Such cases are literally out of the control of the company or people.


What is the best product to get rid of smoke smell?

Getting off the odor without causing trouble is the priority. Chemical products can quickly do the work. But natural sprays are as effective.

Natural scents have an edge in terms of safety and fragrance. Natural essential oils emit a non-toxic scent while eliminating odors. More importantly, consider the pros and cons between them. Deciding the best depends on your needs.

For example, the TCC smoke odor eliminator significantly outweighs the negatives. In contrast, while the Zep smoke odor eliminator delivers good results, it has a lot of issues.

Does smoke Odor Eliminator work?

It depends on the degree of saturation of the odor and smoke. Smoke odor eliminators work best if the smoke is sparse. Such products are inapplicable for thick smoke or saturated odor absorbed on surfaces.

To stop the odor from returning, you must terminate the source. This method makes it easier for the spray to do the job. The odor eliminator works by attracting the smoke particles and making them evaporate.

What causes an unpleasant smell?

Unpleasant odors are usually from degrading organic matter. It can also be emitted due to burning or from chemical reactions.

You should not inhale such odors as they can be toxic. The best thing you could do is deodorize rooms. Enclosed spaces like your room are also prone to undesirable smells. Open the windows for natural airflow.

Finding the Right Smoke Odor Eliminator

Room Spray - Natural Essential Oil Spray for Living Room, Dorm Rooms


Room Spray - Natural Essential Oil Spray for Living Room, Dorm Rooms

Vanilla – 127 Servings IN STOCK ready to ship
      4.3 of 5 838 REVIEWS
  • ✔ BEST ROOM SPRAY: Freshen and deodorize bedroom, living room, dorm rooms.
  • LEMON ZEST ESSENTIAL OILS: Hypoallergenic. Made with the best essential oils.
  • AROMATHERAPY FOR ROOMS: For all living areas. Invigorating lemon scent.


Money Back Guarantee

Free ground shipping View Label / Ingredients

Best Zep Smoke Odor Eliminator Alternatives 1

Freshen up the air around you and make yourself comfortable. Choose the right product according to your needs. Take a look at the ratings given by customers. Reviews could reflect the product’s actual utility.

Immediately check out the best solution you can purchase. Availability is not a problem. You can effortlessly get items nowadays through shipping. Yet, how do you know what to look for?

An effective product doesn’t cover up the odor. Excellent products have safe and long-lasting effects. What matters is the complete elimination of odors.

Chemically synthesized products like Zep smoke odor eliminator tend to be flammable as they are reactive. The key to preventing the risk of a fire is by using naturally made solutions.

When choosing a smoke odor eliminator, consider its usability, effectiveness, endurance, fragrance, and hazards.

The Crown Choice Smoke Odor Eliminator is a safe alternative you can trust. Its benefits easily outweigh the drawbacks. It is non-flammable, long-lasting, has a natural fragrance, and is hazard-free for animals and humans.

Prices are irrelevant when choosing a viable and safe product. Using the right product to get off the annoying smells must be a great feeling. Overall, a comfortable atmosphere makes you physically and mentally healthy.

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