31 Gifts for a New Homeowner (That They Will Definitely Love!)

How do you commemorate a housewarming party?

Without question, gift-giving is an unwritten rule to celebrate the event. Your precious gifts will surely make a place inside their new home.

Researching the best gifts for new homeowners can be nerve-wracking. You must be contemplating whether to give something practical or personal. Let me tell you whether your present is for utility or aesthetics. It will undoubtedly find a place within their home.

A housewarming ceremony is a momentous occasion. A loved one will start a new chapter in the new home. Putting a lot of thought into finding gifts can be exhausting. You should narrow down your choices and give them what you feel they need or want.

Why should we give housewarming gifts?

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Gifts are tangible items used to commemorate the event itself. Housewarming parties, on the other hand, are occasions that mark the beginning of new memories. Housewarming Gifts for the new homeowner helps them:

  • Feel comfortable in their new neighborhood.
  • Ease their adjustment living in their new home.
  • Commemorate and treasure this life-changing event with loved ones.
  • Fill the new space with precious memories.

Tips on how to pick the perfect gifts for a new homeowner

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You don’t want the new homeowner to forget about your gift, and you don’t want to bring the worst one either. So we’ve put together three useful tips for giving a friend the perfect housewarming gift.

  1. Be in the theme. Is there a theme for the housewarming party? If that’s the case, you’ll need to give something that’s both practical and appropriate for the theme.
  2. Choose something they’ll use all year round. You want to offer someone something they’ll use and love for years when they move into their new place.
  3. Wrap it up delicately. This is one of those occasions when you want to put additional effort into what you’re giving someone so that they understand how much you care about them. Write their name in marker on the exterior of the box and close it tightly!

The most thoughtful housewarming gifts for a new homeowner

Owners could be overwhelmed at first when moving into a brand-new home. Your thoughtful gift might help them in some ways aside from building memories.

Whether the gift is practical, luxurious, or for aesthetics, it will have a place inside the home. Listed here are the suggested gift ideas for new homeowners.

Home Fresheners

1. Air Purifier

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Air purifier devices are essentially a new and rising trend. This is due to the air pollution problems. The smart capability of the latest air purifiers lets you keep a tab on the air quality, temperature, and humidity. Purifiers are the best option for improving air quality after moving into a new house.

2. Air freshener

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An air freshener is essential to make the house smell nice and clean. A natural air freshener makes a naturally soothing smell around the house. Buying a gift set or a pack is the best move as it offers many scents.

3. Scented candles

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The fragrance that scented candles produce sets the mood of the dwelling place. Essential oils are released from the candle as they melt. Lighting these candles could also be a fantastic way to unwind and feel at home.

4. Diffuser

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A diffuser serves as an automatic air freshener as it immerses home dwellers in a scent of choice.  You can also control the intensity to the desired level. Perfect for refreshing a newly built dream house.

Dining and Kitchen Essentials

6. Cookbooks

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Cookbooks are essential in kitchens, new or not. It is best for cooking starters and the proper preparation of everyone’s favorite meals. One would surely appreciate this great gift of yours.

7. Coffee maker machine

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Perfect present for the newly moved. This machine lets them enjoy a good cup of coffee every day. You cannot go wrong choosing this item as it is essential in every kitchen. Prices on Amazon range from $60 up and are certainly a good trade.

8. Toaster oven

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A toaster is one of the most common gifts yet the most practical. It is essentially crucial for breakfast, lunch, and dinner preparation. It makes food easier to prepare, especially for busy people. They also come as a smart device like the Breville Smart Toaster Oven.

9. Teacups collection set

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Teacups and teapots help the mood to set in when drinking your favorite tea. Relaxing while sipping your tea is the best feeling. Porcelain, ceramic, and glass teacup collections are the usual choices for display.

10. Bread maker machine

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A bread-making machine will let everyone enjoy their homemade bread. Bread is a staple in our meals or snacks, which makes this a thoughtful housewarming gift. The price of a standard product is at an affordable range of $60 to $100.

11. Stand mixer

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Bread baking is also an activity you like to do in the kitchen. Gadgets like stand mixers are of great help for baking your confectionaries. This baking instrument is one of the must-have kitchen devices for everyday use.

12. Wine glasses

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It might be luxurious as it sounds, but a set of wine glasses is necessary for celebrations and parties. It is essential to have a bunch of these to experience the luxury of wine drinking. This perfect gift fits a housewarming occasion.

13. Seasonings and spices

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Not only seasonings and spices sets give you more options for ingredients. The beautiful packaging can add to the aesthetics of the kitchen. Affordable and cheap, but it is a practical gift.

14. Electric water kettle

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The electric water kettle can be a lifesaver as it can boil water for your tea in a few minutes. Prices for good quality kettles like AmazonBasics Electric Glass Kettles are about $30. Fair price for a useful device.

15. Microwave oven

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A device like this is essentially a necessity for new kitchens. Microwave ovens are frequently used by people today as foods are pre-cooked and ready to eat. The $80 above price range is not a bad deal for this to be a worthy gift.

Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaning Essentials

16. Stain cleaners

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You might expect some glass items or porcelain gifts at the housewarming party. Consider buying a stain remover set to help the homeowners preserve their glass or porcelain items. They will appreciate that this is a well-thought gift.

17. Dishcloth

all purpose dish cloth
all purpose dish cloth

When looking for a practical gift for new homeowners, choose an all-purpose dishcloth. You may overlook cleaning materials when moving into a new home. This present will surely be helpful in the kitchen at all times.

18. Cleaning Scrub Set

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Buying a set or a pack is advantageous since it includes all the items. Cleaning scrubs are essential for everyday cleaning since owning a house requires responsibility. It will be of great help for cleaning activities in the kitchen.

19. Cleaning solutions

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Do not also forget that cleaning solutions are essential in cleaning responsibilities. Think about adding cleanser sprays or polishers when you give a brush set or a cleaning scrub set. Think about adding cleanser sprays or polishers when you give a brush set or a cleaning scrub set.

20. Cleaning brush sets

31 Gifts for a New Homeowner (That They Will Definitely Love!) 1

Aside from scrubs, it would be best if you also considered buying brush sets. They come in handy when cleaning hard-to-clean surfaces. It might be helpful during clean-ups in the newly built home.

21. Stove Cleaners

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Stove cleaner tool kits come in handy when you mess up in the kitchen. This polisher kit is helpful to keep the new kitchen in your dream house sparkling.

Home Decors

22. Customized wall art

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The usability of your gift may not always matter in creating memories. Customized wall art is for showing precious memories. From pictures to portraits, you can personalize the wall art. This gift will help the owner to treasure their home more.

23. Indoor plants

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Live plants are best at giving the home a natural feel. It is best to choose cactus plants as they are easy to maintain. The interior of the house will have a fresh and lively look using plants as decors.

24. Coffee table books

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This is a perfect book for starting conversations and entertaining guests. Coffee table books are exciting and fun to read as they contain a lot of pictures. They are also commonly used as a display item for the living room and offices.

25. Throw pillows

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Throw pillows might be one of the best comfy gifts. It is comfortable and makes a homey feel whether it is on the bed or sofa. Most people would likely want this as a present.

26. Wall clock

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Sometimes, a good ol’ clock is what the house lacks to be called a good home. Wall clocks come in different designs; you can even customize them. It makes the living space feel homey and complete.

27. Desk organizers

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Every home office or study area needs a classic desk organizer. Different designs and materials are available in stores. Popular choices are marble, wood, or plastic-made desk organizers, as they suit every theme.

28. Wireless portable speaker

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A Bluetooth speaker is a popular entertainment gadget. Portability is the selling point of this device. It can run wirelessly and is rechargeable which is best suited for minimalistic home interiors.

29. Weighted blankets

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Who wouldn’t want a banket? This item is an excellent gift for everyone. Blankets bring warmth and delight, especially in cold weather. You could buy a weighted blanket along with pillows for the best gift combination.

30. Custom Wall Key Holder

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A house is incomplete without the signature key holders. Custom-made key wall holders will give a charming vibe for years to come. You can put the family name or even a quote to remember the big milestone.

31. Personal Care

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Self-care is also an important aspect that you must take highly. Body wash and shampoo packages are not lousy gift ideas. These personal items are essential to be in the bathroom as a stock.


What is the best housewarming gift for housewarming events?

In terms of usability, everyday household items are the best gift you can offer. But, personalized gifts are also valuable. Offering a custom-made family painting is a priceless gift.

What to get someone who bought a new house?

Essential household kits or smart devices are the quintessential items you can buy as a present. Being new movers, they will most likely prioritize important things or furniture. Having smart devices will also be of great help. It makes the new homeowners quickly adjust to their new living space.

What are the most common housewarming gifts?

Home décor, kitchen items, pillows, and blankets are a frequent sight in gift offerings.  Customized gifts are also on the trend list as many stores now offer customization.

Can I give a gift card as a housewarming present?

Most definitely! Great gifts may now come in the form of a fresh bouquet of flowers, a gift basket, or even store coupons that can be used in purchasing additional home equipments.

Searching for the best housewarming gifts

A thoughtful gift may be the perfect housewarming gift you can offer. It is also important to know the needs and wants of the homeowners.

Narrowing down your choices is beneficial in finding a suitable gift. You should know that people love things with sentimental value. A gift is a voluntary offering. It doesn’t have to be what they need.

Offering a customized or a typical gift set will surely be appreciated. For example, a microfiber cloth may not be a fancy gift. But, its usability is versatile aside from its colorful design options.

People typically love things that hold memories. Examples are customized picture frames with friends and families. Homeowners will always display this kind of gift for display.

The best gift you can offer is typically a household item or home decor. But, you can be creative and opt for customized objects. The price is not important as long as you are willing to give.

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