How to Clean Cast Iron Grill Pan with Our Cast Iron Brush

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It’s easy to clean a cast iron grill, pan, skillet and other cast iron cookware using a cast iron brush. Cast iron grill pans get dirty. Thoroughly cleaning them after use is the only way to expand their lifespan.

Besides expanding its lifetime, cleaning a cast iron grill is essential from a hygiene perspective. No need to reheat and cook over burned on messes, discolor food, and altering the taste of your food from last week’s dinner.

Here’s how to clean your cast iron grill using our cast iron grill brush.

1. Burn off any left-over food on your grill and scrape off as much as possible.
2. Let the iron cool down for around 10 minutes, so you don’t burn yourself or ruin your tools.
3. Pour warm to hot water in the grill pan to loosen the stubborn bits and soak for 10 minutes.
4. Scrape away any leftovers with our cast iron grill brush.
5. Once clean, dry thoroughly.
6. Wipe it with some vegetable oil to retain the seasoning.
7. Store it in a cool and dry place.

The last two steps are crucial to prevent rust. I’ll get to the details of avoiding rust later.

Quick tip: Avoid using scouring pads or soap. It will ruin your cast iron grill’s seasoning.

How to Clean a Cast Iron Dutch Oven

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A cast iron dutch oven is superb for outdoor cooking. One thing people don’t think about is that the seasoning can dry out very fast when used outdoors.

Follow these steps to maintain your Cast Iron Dutch Oven in a good state: 

1. Always clean after use with moist paper towels to get rid of sticky residues
2. You can boil water inside to help soften the stubborn residue however, don’t soak it in water and don’t use soap
3. After boiling and cooling it, use a mesh scrubber or a cast iron brush. Use this technique if the combination of moist and dry paper towels were not enough
4. Dry it with paper towels or dishcloth after it’s scrubbed clean
5. Put some cooking oil on the exterior and inside the Dutch oven
6. Wipe it clean again to make sure the oil is spread thin inside and out but make sure that the oven is not soaking in it 

How to Clean a Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

how to clean lodge cast iron

Lodge Manufacturing Company is a quality cast iron cookware brand. They’re also known to pre-season their cast iron grills and pans.

Remember that you usually need to season most iron cookware first before first use. However, pre-seasoned Lodge cookware is one of the ones that don’t need that.

They recommend using a nylon bristle brush for cleaning their products, and The Crown Choice cast iron brush is specially made for this purpose of cleaning grills, pans, skillets, and more.

Follow these simple steps on how to clean a Lodge cast iron:

1. Simmer a little bit of water in the cast iron pan
2. For Lodge cast iron grills, burn the food off to make it easy to clean
3. Brush your Lodge cookware after the food residue got softer
4. Dry it using paper towels or lint-free cloth or all-purpose dishcloths
5. Wipe a thin layer of oil to maintain the seasoning
6. Store in a cool, dry place

A grill brush is safer to use than scrubbing scourers when cleaning a lodge cast iron. A grill brush will not ruin the cookware’s seasoning even if you use it with a small amount of mild detergent.

How to Clean Le Creuset Cookware

Side note: Read our how to clean Le Creuset full guide if you own a set.

how to clean le creuset with a cast iron grill brush

You decided to invest in a fancy Le Creuset enameled cookware. You might as well learn the best way to take care of it and clean it.

Le Creuset cookware is dishwasher safe. It’s covered in enamel, so you don’t need to season it before and after use.

It also means you can use warm, soapy water on this one and soak it under the solution without risks of harming it.

Enameled cookware is coated with enamel over steel so you won’t see the rust unless the enamel is damaged. It’s not 100% rust-proof, but there is no risk in using it as long as the enamel inside is not cracked or worn off.

Here are a few cleaning tips.

1. Simmer water in the pan to get rid of sticky food residue
2. Let it cool down then clean it with a cast iron grill brush
– A brush will not scratch it like a scourer 
3. You can use soap and baking soda with the brush to make the cleaning easier 
4. Dry it with a dishcloth. No need to season after drying
5. Hang dry and store in a cool, dry place

Rust: The Nightmare of the Cast Iron Grill Pan Owner

How easy would it be if you could just clean your iron grill with a brush? Luckily, it’s safe to use a brush for Cast Iron grills and pans.

Cast iron grill and pans are nearly indestructible. You can scrub them as much as you want, you will not see one scratch. 

Note that using a brush will not harm or scratch the rest of your cookware either. However, water, in this case, is the enemy. Water is like kryptonite to cast iron pans and grills; it weakens them with time.

Rust makes a grill completely useless. A tiny bit of rust can ruin a grill for life. 

The first and last thing to protect your cast iron grill from is water. Keep your iron cookware dry to avoid rust.

That’s why proper cleaning, seasoning, and dry storage are one of the best ways to maintain your cast iron grill’s pristine condition.     

How to Take Care of Your Cast Iron Cookware

Rule number one is to avoid a lot of exposure to water. Water causes rust – especially iron. Steel is ok. Stainless steel is not an issue.

Rust is a pain to remove in cast iron of any kind. Cleaning rust usually requires double or even triple the usual cleaning time. 

Remember that prevention is always better than remediation. Proper storage should be part of the maintenance for your grill if you want it to last longer.  

After usage, make sure to clean it immediately. Avoid soaking it in water, even if you need to soften the burnt gunk. Soaking iron in water leads it to rust.

Clean your Cast Iron Grill immediately with a cast iron grill brush to get rid of food particles fast. Then dry it with paper towels or an all-purpose cleaning cloth. Air-dry it immediately and season it.

The last step is to store it in a cool and dry place.

cast iron grill brush makes it easy to clean cast iron cookware

There are a few guidelines to keep in mind for this process.

1. The easiest and most effective way to clean your grill is with a cast iron grill brush
2. You only need water and muscle power to use the cast iron grill brush
3. Using dishwashing liquid makes it easier to clean but use it sparingly
– soap can dry out the protective grease in your grill
– you can only use soap on enameled cookware 
4. Never soak your cast iron grill in water. Simmer water instead to soften the left-over food 
5. Season your cast iron grill and pan
6. Always dry your Cast Iron Cookware
7. After drying make sure your cast iron grill is properly oiled
8. You know that it’s adequately oiled – even when it’s dry – when you the cooking surface doesn’t feel sticky  

Why You Need a Cast Iron Grill Cleaning Brush? 

How to Clean Cast Iron Grill Pan with Our Cast Iron Brush 1

The least invasive way to clean your cast iron grill is with a cast iron grill brush. For those who don’t know, it’s a brush made especially for cast iron grill cleaning.

The ideal iron grill brush has firm and durable bristles with an easy to grip handle.

Few things to keep in mind with our brush.

  • No wire bristles. Will not scratch.
  • NOT for outdoor gas and charcoal grills.
  • Do NOT use on scalding surfaces as the nylon bristles will melt.

If you want your cast iron grill to last, try our best cast iron grill brush. Try the one from The Crown Choice.

We have a full selection of special household cleaning brushes that you can use at home.

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