How to Clean Camelbak Eddy

3 camelbak eddy bite valve bottles

How to Clean Camelbak Eddy or Chute Plastic Bottles

Camelbak Eddy’s spill-proof and reusable water bottles need more attention when you clean it. 

Regular water bottle cleaner and cleaning techniques won’t do since this specific brand and design is unique. They have a patented technology called a Big Bite™ Valve which you might’ve seen Tony Stark use in Iron Man 2.

It’s easy to clean a regular sports bottle compared to a Camelbak Eddy.

How to Clean Sports Bottle

regular blue sports bottle

Sports bottles are usually dishwasher safe but handwashing is the fastest and easiest way to clean it.

Step 1: Remove the cap of any regular sports bottle
Step 2: Clean the cap with a water bottle cleaner brush
Step 3: Brush the inside and outside of the bottle with a water bottle cleaner brush
Step 4: Air dry

That’s it.

How to Clean Camelbak Eddy – Big Bite™ Valve

The trick for this is to remove the bite valve first then everything will open up for you.

Dishwasher safe steps

Step 1: unscrew the cap
Step 2: remove the bite valve and the straw
Step 3: place the bottle on the top rack and the pieces in the utensil area of the dishwasher
Step 4: use warm water and mild soap
Step 5: run the dishwasher in the regular settings you use to clean dishes
Step 6: leave the dryer setting on
Step 7: air-dry your Eddy

Handwash Camelbak Eddy

Handwashing is easy, quick and you won’t waste too much water for one sports bottle. Here’s the fastest way to clean your Eddy.

Step 1: remove cap
Step 2: pull the bite valve and the straw
Step 3: wash with warm soapy water
Step 4: scrub your eddy faster by using a non-scratch dishcloth or a water bottle brush  

Note: The Camelbak Eddy has variations like stainless steel, glass, and BPA-free plastic. Best to use a water bottle cleaner brush that’s also BPA free and non-toxic.

Step 5: rinse, wipe and air dry 

How to Put Camelbak Eddy Sports Water Bottles Back Together Again

At this point, you only have the bite valve, straw and cap to put back together.

Step 1: align the bite valve into the stem collar
Step 2: push the bite valve snugly in the stem collar
Step 3: put the straw back in and make sure the notches are all inside 
Step 4: fill with water
Step 5: Enjoy your spill-proof Camelbak Eddy again

Now you can use your Camelbak Eddy for your next run or game.

How to Clean Camelbak Eddy Kids Bottle

camelbak eddy kids sports bottles

The Eddy kids bottle has the same bite valve technology but it’s a little bit harder to pull out. It’s to protect little kids from choking hazards. 

Here’s the proper way to clean an Eddy kids bottle.

Step 1: remove cap
Step 2: remove the straw first this time
Step 3: find the pull tab under the cap and pull it in one motion to release the bite valve
Step 4: use warm soapy water to handwash it

– use a non-toxic and BPA free water bottle cleaner brush to clean the bottle, cap, straw and bite valve

Step 5: wipe and air dry

Now your kid is ready to use his durable, spill-free Eddy on his or her next soccer game. 

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